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Peter Andre Wants Another Baby! But This Time With New Beau Emily MacDonagh!

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Peter Andre's marriage to Katie Price may have ended in 2009, but that ain't stopping him from wanting more children!!

According to reports, the Mysterious Girl singer wants another kid, but this time, he wants his new super YOUNG 23-year-old girlfriend, Emily MacDonagh to have it.

When the artist was asked if he wanted another baby, he said:

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Katie Price Launches A Magazine Dedicated To Herself

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But are you really surprised?

Jordan aka Katie Price is taking a cue from Oprah and launching her own self-titled magazine.

Katie debuts next month and will include features like a sneak peek into her and daughter Princess Tiaamii' wardrobe, beauty picks, setting the record straight on tabloid rumors and giving friends a Jordan makeover.

The price for Katie's mag? £3.99 or roughly $6.50.

Make that money girl!

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It Never Ends! More From Katie Price On Daughter's Injury!


The drama NEVER ends, does it?!

Well, at least this time she's taking the high road!

Katie Price has taken to her official website to continue the war of words against her ex-husband, Peter Andre, specifically regarding the legal drama surrounding her daughter Princess Tiaamii's minor burn!

Thankfully, it sounds as though the matter has finally been resolved!

She explains:

Princess and the Police

I am naturally delighted that the police have concluded their investigation into the minor burn that Princess sustained while she was in Klosters. The police have informed me that, having looked into this, that they are satisfied that the account provided of how the injury was sustained and the nature of that injury was accurate. It follows that they consider there are no child protection issues.

I am so relieved at the police findings – even though I knew that Princess had received no injury that warranted anything more than the most basic of treatment and that this injury was sustained in a fluke accident having the police investigate and seeing headlines about child abuse and my ex-husband being ‘horrified’ at what he called a ‘bad’ burn have caused a terrific strain. Dan Wootton of the News of the World claimed that Princess had been ‘badly burnt’ and that ‘it is far more serious than Jordan has publicly indicated’ (Mr. Wootton also tweeted that Princess burn was “NOT minor, despite what she said”) and my family has been traumatised, not least my wonderful mother whose care Princess was in. Much as I would like to think that those that shamefully put this minor accident into the public domain and suggested I lied about the nature of the injury will apologise I am a realist.

Although I am naturally disappointed with the way my ex-husband has behaved in relation to this incident I want to make clear that I consider him to be a good father to Princess and Junior. I hope he believes the same of me and that Princess and Junior can now be allowed to grow up out of the public domain and without being the centre of such allegations.

Well, that's that, we suppose!

We're just thankful that the poor little girl wasn't hurt any worse and that Price took the time to write some kind words about Peter!

Hopefully this is the first step in a more amicable relationship - at least when it comes to parenting their children!


[Images via WENN.]

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Jordan And Peter Andre Are At It Again!

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Oh for goodness sake!

It never ends with these two, does it?!

Recently, a story was published in the Sunday Mirror that suggested that called Katie Price's parenting skills into question because her daughter, Princess Tiaamii, had been badly burned by a hair straightening iron!

This, of course, has spurred a nasty war of words between the former glamour model and her ex-husband, Peter Andre, and both are pointing the finger of blame at each other for the incident!

To be perfectly honest, we thrilled that little Princess is okay, but we think that her parents should be more concerned about the emotional scars that they're inflicting on her by using her as a means to lash out at each other in the press!

So sad.

Check out both parties' statements…AFTER THE JUMP!

What do U think? Team Jordan or Team Pete??

[Images via WENN.]

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Katie Price Promises To Keep Her Kids Out Of The Spotlight

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Well, this is a first for her!

Jordan Katie Price has declared on Twitter that she no longer wants her children to appear in the public eye.

Despite appearing with her children in magazine shoots and several reality shows, Katie now says the children will not be on her new reality show. She wrote:

start filming for my new reality show this week junior and princess won't be in any of my shows or any photo shoots again x

I want to withdraw them from the public eye as I want them to have as normal a childhood as possible and want them to choose what they want

One follower replied to Katie's tweet, saying, "It's a bit late for that, isn't it!" in which she responded, "its not to[o] late nothings to late."

A spokesperson for Katie even released a statement confirming that she will keep her children out of the spotlight:

I believe Junior and Princess are now of an age where they are starting to become aware of the attention they are subject to and it is beginning to impact on them.

If their lives remain in the public eye they could become the subject of unnecessary interest and attention of many other pupils, their families, strangers and so on.

I don't want that. Its not healthy for them. I want them to live normal and ordinary lives as privately as possible, to enjoy their childhood without unnecessary and unwelcome attention, as far away as can be from public fuss and interest. There are too, of course, security implications.

Therefore I cannot justify to myself putting my children into the public domain to make my photo-shoots and TV programmes more attractive and more valuable when it is starting to impact on their ability to grow up normally. I have to put my children first and I hope people will accept this decision on that basis."

Interestingly, Katie only mentioned her two children with Peter Andre, Junior and Princess Tiaamii, and failed to confirm whether or not she would keep her her first son, Harvey, whose father is soccer player Dwight Yorke, out of the public eye as well.

That doesn't seem fair to Harvey!

This just smells like another publicity stunt to us. We wouldn't put it past Katie!

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[Image via WENN.]

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Jordan Wants To Infest You & Your Kids Closet!

kpequestrian_e.jpg kpequestrian2_e.jpg

Katie Price has been hard at work expanding her fashion empire.

The former glamour model has launched not one but two new clothing ranges.

First up is her KP Equestrian collection, which lets you "put some glamour and sparkle into your riding". Her words, not ours.

After tainting your riding wear, the big tittayed fame whore goes after your babies with her KP Baby line.

And keeping in true Katie fashion, she pimps out her kids in both her equestrian and baby lines.

We expect Peter Andre to blast his ex-wife for doing this within hours!

Also, if you're looking to stock up your own wardrobe with stretched out t-shirts with a slight orange tinge to them, Katie is also selling her own clothes on eBay. To sweeten the deal, partial sales will go toward a charity.

Any takers?

[Images courtesy of KP Equestrian.]

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Jordan Wants To Pimp Out Her Daughter, Peter Gets Angry


This poor little girl!

First her parents publicly fight over cutting her hair and now this!

Katie Price Jordan and ex-hubby Peter Andre are fighting for the masses again over the former glamour model's need to pimp out their daughter Princess Tiaamii in a new kids makeup line that his ex has in the works. The line will featture both Princess Tiaamii's name and face.

Pete's friend blabs: "Peter's concerns are genuine. He really doesn't think it is right to see a child wearing make-up. He's hoping that it's some sort of joke - or that she sees sense and doesn't ahead with it."

This is Katie Price we're talking about here, of course she'll go ahead with it! Especially since the over exposed big tittayed mother was told by the manager of her perfume brand that "There will be a lot of PR from this because it can be quite controversial."

We bet that was music to her ears!

The kiddie makeup kit is said to include edible lipstick, blusher, mascara and nail varnishes.

Mascara for kids? Really? That's just a disaster waiting to happen!

[Image via Mark Douglas/WENN.]

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