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Miley Cyrus & Her Unicorn Slippers Take To The Friendly Skies

Miley Cyrus wears funky pajamas and unicorn slippers to fly on a private jet!

This is the most covered up we've seen her in like, forever!

Miley Cyrus stopped twerking long enough to board a private jet in Teterboro, NJ Tuesday night.

Much to our surprise, the Wrecking Ball singer was fully clothed in alien print pajamas and her favorite unicorn Bunny Slippers.

Miley also carried a heart-shaped Chanel purse as she gabbed away on her cell phone.

After the wild weekend she had, it's nice to see she gave her lady bits a much needed night off.

[Image via Splash News.]

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Nicki Minaj Booty Twerks On Top Of A Car, In Front Of A Plane! Fill In The Blank!


Nicki Minaj makes transportation look seksi in her recently posted Instagram of her twerking her booty on a car in front of a jet!

Although she may be put on the no fly list, her booty is definitely on the super fly list! Nicki even captioned the photo, saying this:

"#TwerkLife it never ends. Drop off to the G4. Miami here we come."

It's like she's trying to recreate Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, but instead of having John Candy, she's featuring her eye candy!

After being told at TSA to __________________________, Nicki made sure that she _______________________ during the flight!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Charlie Sheen Hunts For The Loch Ness Monster!

Charlie Sheen

This would seem like a joke if it involved anyone other than Charlie Sheen.

But because it IS about the MaSheen, we immediately believe everything about this story.

Charlie apparently fueled up his private jet last week and flew to Scotland on a whim, deciding at the last minute to go on a quest to find the Loch Ness Monster!

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Justin Bieber Monkeys Around In Florida & Delays Private Jet For 8 Hours Due To Missing Pet?!

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justin bieber monkey retrieval florida

Ai yi yi yi!

The dramz with Justin Bieber and his pets is never-ending, and once again…here we go!

Remember that monkey from Germany? You know, Mally? Well, somehow he got to Florida!

Perhaps to hunt down the Biebs for his bad behavior, but however it happened and for whatever reason it seems the teen dream was also determined to reunite with his former friend.

Unfortunately, as it goes with the Biebs, dramz followed and in a BIG way.

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Amanda Bynes REJECTED From Private Jet For No I.D., Tries To Use GOOGLE Instead!

amanda bynes private jet freak out google

In today's installment of Amanda Bynes news…

Not only is the retired actress fresh off another mean spirited Twitter-based rant directed at InTouch magazine (and us!) about pictures they claim to have showing the former child star partying hAArd, NOW we hear she recently displayed some DIVA behavior while attempting to board a private jet in New Jersey!

You may recall Amanda does NOT have her driver's license because it was suspended during all her hit and run dramz, thus when the jet's pilot was checking the passengers' IDs and found that Amanda did NOT have one, he refused to allow her on the plane…

And according to sources, girl flipped out, screamed "I'm Amanda Bynes!" and tried to use GOOGLE as a substitute for identification verification!

The pilot apparently called his parent company to see if he could make an exception for the pierced-cheek cherub, but because TSA regulations require all plane passengers to carry ID, his hands were tied.

Celebs may be exempt from MANY of the rules regular peeps have to live by, but we always can count on the TSA to treat everyone like sheep equals, LOLz!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Chris Brown's EMERGENCY Landing: The Private Jet Scare That Could Have Ended In Disaster!

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chris brown emergency landing

Ack! We would have been TERRIFIED!

Chris Brown could have faced extreme catastrophe Monday when the private jet he was flying in began filling with SMOKE!

That's right, folks. His plan to attend the Met Gala LITERALLY went up in smoke!

Breezy boarded the Gulfstream 3 jet in Burbank, CA to make his way to Teterboro, NJ. Unfortunately, about 7 or 8 minutes in, the jet began filling smoke, as one source reveals:

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Kanye West Rescues Kim Kardashian From Family Vacay Nightmare For French Kisses!

kanye west kim kardashian jet paris pregnant


Kanye West sure knows how to treat his woman right!

The rapper ordered a private jet to whisk his soon-to-be babymama, Kim Kardashian, away from her stressful Grecian family vacay for a romantic Parisian babymoon.

A source dished:

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