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Coldplay Becomes Movie Producer

Coldplay producing feature film

As if conquering the music industry after becoming one of the worlds most successful bands wasn't enough, Coldplay is getting in on the film industry as well.

The band is producing a contemporary noir film called Ashes starring Ray Winstone, Jim Sturgess, Lesley Manville, Jodie Whittaker, and Luke Evans.

Not a bad cast at all, but where's Gwyneth Paltrow? C'mon, Chris!

We kid, we kid. With all of her success this past year, we're sure she's booked solid for the next two.

This could be inneresting.

Are U excited to check out Coldplay's first movie?

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Eva Longoria Developing Three TV Projects!

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Although she's in the midst of a divorce, Eva Longoria's UnbeliEVAble Entertainment is unstoppable. The production company is developing projects at ABC and Starz.

Eva, along with Cold Case alum Kathryn Morris, will executive produce Sendera, an hourlong that follows two wealthy familes (one from Mexico, the other from Texas) as they engage in a power struggle.

She is also behind the single-camera comedy Parenting by Committee, which centers around four single best friends who are raising a child together.

For Starz, Eva is working on Aztecs, an eight-hour miniseries about the historic romantic relationship between Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes and his interpreter, Malinalli.

Wowsa! Glad she's staying busy!

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Leo To Pay Homage To JFK

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Nothing but serious work for Jack Dawson Arnie Grape Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo is set to star and producer a new film based on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy called Legacy of Secrecy. Though Leo won't be stepping into the iconic presidential role, he's slated to play play FBI informant Jack Van Laningham, the man that Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello supposedly confessed to about ordering the hit on JFK.

Good angle! There's been so many movies about the subject of JFK's murder, but focusing on Jack instead of John could be very interesting.

We're intrigued! Are U?

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ABC Picks Up Taye Diggs Pilot

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Good for him! It sounds like it might be good.

Private Practice star Taye Diggs has just had a project picked up by his bosses at ABC. Taye has created show based on the "complex world of adoption." The show, called Matched, focuses on the lawyers, doctors and caseworkers who make the process happen and how it takes its toll on their own lives.

No word if Taye plans on starring in the show, but he will be producing.

Perhaps this would be a great time to get his wife into the game!

Idina, you game?

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Taye Diggs Sells Pilot To ABC

Heidi Klum Hosting And Producing Seriously Funny Kids!

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heidi klum hosting and producing unscripted lifetime series

Now that she has parted ways with Victoria's Secret, Heidi Klum has more time to purse her hosting endeavors.

Heidi will host and produce a new unscripted series for Lifetime, titled Seriously Funny Kids, where she will be "interacting with children and bringing out the hilarious and often insightful things they say."

And she is more than thrilled to participate!

Klum said:

“Someone once said never work with children and animals… so I decided to drop the animals and stick with the kids. I have four children under the age of six, and to be honest, sometimes I enjoy them more than adults. They’re uncensored, unpredictable and absolutely hilarious.”

We think a mother of four is perfect for this gig - and no one could be more lovely!

Congrats, honey.

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Jennifer Lopez To Produce A New Latina Comedy

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We have to admit, we're actually kind of excited about this!

Jennifer Lopez will be producing a new comedy series about the life of a Latina nanny through her company, Nuyorican Productions.

The ABC show will focus on three Latina nannies living in Los Angeles and the lives of their extended families.

It's about time we see more Latinas on TV!!

And if that whole American Idol judging gig doesn't work out (which it won't), at least she's got her producing credits!!

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Channing Tatum Continues To Get His Producer On!


Smart move, BB! Be involved in the process, you have more say in the project.

Seki and smart! Just how we like'em!

Channing Tatum is getting involved as a producer and star for a new movie called Ten Year. It's an ensemble drama about a group of high school friends who reunite ten years after graduation. The script is still being written, but there are several specific actors in mind for the parts include Chris Pine, Anna Faris and Channing's wife, Jenna Dewan.

If they land the actors they want, they might have a good flick - even though they just made this movie with Katie Holmes and Adam Brody.

Ah, details!

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