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Gillian Anderson Was A Promiscuous High School Teenager!

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Gillian Anderson does NOT seem like a party girl these days.

But that wasn't always the case, especially during her high school years. She's the first to admit that she was pretty reckless!

Here's what she said:

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Nelly Furtado's A Gorgeous Latin Grammy Mamacita!

Nelly Furtado was looking sinfully gorgeous at the Latin Grammys on Thursday night.

The Promiscuous singer walked the green carpet at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas wearing a shimmery Pavoni dress and Brian Atwood pumps that matched the venue perfectly.

To top off her sparkling look, Nelly went for a vintage 50s 'do.

Nelly may not make too many red carpet appearances, but when she does, she definitely knows how to shine!

[Image via WENN.]

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Adam Levine Talks About SeXXXin' The Ladies!!

adam levine sex

It's no secret. Adam Levine oozes sexuality!

And with a voice like that, he's a panty-droppin' poet!! Ha!

But the Maroon 5 frontman insists his bedding prowess comes from a place of pure love.

In the recent issue of Details, Adam reveals:

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So You Can Think You Can Dance Judge Slapped With INSANE Lawsuit By Former Manager! Described As "Desperate, Cocaine-Fueled Nymphomaniac!"


Okay, whoa! WHAT?!

So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy has been slapped with a $1 million lawsuit by her former manager, Michael Sanchez, for breach of written and oral contract for the four years he repped her, and is not only seeking unpaid commissions and damages, but goes on to label her in court documents as a "desperate, cocaine-fueled nymphomaniac!"

Oh, and that's only the TIP of the batshiz crazy iceberg.

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Fun Fact: Sparrows Are Huge Sluts

Filed under: Science!Birds

slut of the sky

And you thought the girls on Jerry Springer were nasty…

Using paternity tests and studying the birds mating behavior scientists revealed that sparrows are the the most promiscuous (skanky) bird species ever studied.

Our source says:

"We found that nearly every clutch of eggs was the product of more than one father, and that within broods it was extremely common for any two siblings to have different fathers."

Most sparrows lay five eggs at a time. And out of those five babies THREE TO ALL FIVE eggs will have a DIFFERENT BABY DADDY! Who raised these sparrows?

One scientist said:

"We were not surprised to find some level of promiscuity. But we were quite stunned at just how extreme the rate was."

Respect yourselves sparrows!

[Image via wildlifemusings.]

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London's Natural History Museum Is Getting Wild

Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueWildlife

Animal sex exhibit

For those in the London area still struggling to find the perfect date for Valentine's Day, maybe consider showing your loved one some wild sex at the Natural History Museum!

It's not as dirty as it sounds, we're talking about animal sex!

And it's not as dirty as that sounds either…

"Sexual Nature" at the London Natural History Museum explores the diverse ways in which animals have evolved to procreate, such as a snail's love darts, the detachable penis of the paper nautilus, or the outsized testes of the promiscuous chimp.

Sounds fascinating! We're curious to learn how a detachable penis comes in handy.

The exhibition, which asks visitors "to leave their preconceptions at the door", opens this Friday.

Anyone is welcome on one condition, as Tate Greenhalgh says:

"We ask people to be open-minded when looking at potentially surprising, maybe shocking things that animals do that would be outlawed in human society."

And no giggling when you're greeted by a video projection of bonobo apes having sex — sometimes with a baby clinging on the back, or midway through munching a pineapple.

While we can't promise a few chuckles won't escape, we think this sounds like an exciting and educational exhibit that we hope comes to a museum in the United States in the future.

[Image via WENN.]

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Female Red Squirrels Have Up To 14 Mates A DAY!!

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New studies have revealed that female red squirrels are so promiscuous, they have up to 14 partners A DAY!!

After much research, scientists have discovered that it isn't a hereditary gene in the squirrels, but rather just depends on opportunity. Female squirrels have a very high promiscuity level and male squirrels are usually ready and willing! Seriously!

Researcher Eryn McFarlane says:

"We found the more males in the area interested in participating in the mating chase, the more squirrels she will mate with. There are no strong ties between mating behaviour and genetics in red squirrels. So even if the costs of mating with many males outweighs the benefits, there doesn't seem to be much capacity for them to evolve lower levels of promiscuity."

Unfortunately, while it may seem like a huge perk, there are some negative setbacks. McFarlane adds:

"Having multiple partners means more energy expended on mating, increased exposure to predators as well as increased potential for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Promiscuity also encourages harassment from male squirrels trying to coerce them into having sex."

That's so crazy!! Seems like squirrels are more like humans than we've ever imagined.

[Image via WENN.]

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