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Not Quite Like Ylvis! Hear What The Fox Actually Says!

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By now you should be pretty aware of Ylvis.

If not… is this your first time on the internet? LOLz!

Norwegian YouTube sensation Ylvis has been blowing up after their song The Fox hit the web.

The catchy chorus of "what the fox say?" followed by hilarious made up noises is a great way to wonder aloud: what sound do foxes actually make??

Well if you were wondering like us, we've got an answer for you!!

We found video proof of a real fox making actual fox noises and it's not AT ALL what we expected!!

Check out the video (above) to hear what the fox really says!!

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Khloe Kardashian Finds Evidence That Lamar Odom Cheated On Her With FIVE Women!

khloe kardashian hires someone to tail lamar odom finds evidence that he cheated on her

A while ago, Khloe Kardashian had a sneaking suspicion that Lamar Odom might have been unfaithful, so she hired a private investigator to do a little digging, and we're guessing she wasn't to happy with what she found.

The reality starlet's suspicions were unfortunately confirmed, as sources are now saying she has evidence that he cheated on her with five different women, including two of his alleged mistresses, Polina Polonsky and Jennifer Richardson.

Apparently, the proof shows that Lamar's cheating ways go back to about 12 months ago, and it could be HUGE considering they have

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Aaron Hernandez Murder Investigation: Bubble Gum May Link Him To Scene Of The Crime!

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aaron hernandez prosecutors believe gum links him to scene of the crime

It looks like prosectors believe they have a HUGE piece of evidence that can prove Aaron Hernandez was behind Odin Lloyd's murder!

Surprisingly, it's not a gun or a confession letter saying "It was me!" that links him to the scene of the crime, but a

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Paula Deen's Sons Have Undeniable Proof She Isn't A Racist! She Bought Them Hank Aaron PJs!

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Paula Deen bought sons Hank Aaron PJs so obviously she's not racist.

Oh man, why didn't they come forward before all of this snowballed into racist allegation madness??

Paula Deen's sons are super super super positive that Paula is NOT a racist, and they have proof! When he was younger, Jamie says that Paula bought him HANK AARON pajamas! BOOM! PROOF!


We're serious! That's their proof, along with the story that they gave him the pajamas before he had his tonsils removed — and told him about the challenges Hank faced "because of his color." They even told him that people deserved to be judged on their merits, not race. Which is TOTALLY something you can easily relate to getting your tonsils out or whatever!

We're not saying he's lying about the pajamas — he probably DID have them — we're just saying that the story along with it sounds not true and totally made up! Ha!

Listen to their heartwarming story about their non-racist mother who "of course" used the n-word before, and wanted black employees to pretend to be slaves for a wedding! AFTER THE JUMP!

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Justin Bieber Finally Off The Hook! Video PROVES He Wasn't Behind The Speedy Wheel!

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justin bieber happy gif

At least, he's off the hook for this debacle!

Law enforcement went to Justin Bieber's cozy Calabasas home to check out security footage from Memorial Day — the same day Keyshawn Johnson and other neighbors were infuriated by the speeding done with Biebs' car throughout the neighborhood.

But just like Tyler, The Creator said, the video footage proves it was Tyler behind the ferocious Ferrari wheel and NOT the little prince!

Justin simply follows behind on his motorcycle, with Keyshawn showing up about 30 seconds later. And therein lies the confusion!!

Guess the eyewitness who said it was Biebs driving was lying, huh?

Though the case will still be sent over to the D.A. for review, a source finds it highly unlikely that criminal charges will be filed against anyone.

Congratz, Biebs!! Now, as for that spitting mess, that one might be a leetle harder to get out of! Keep your legal team on point!!

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justin bieber 02 3(2)justin bieber 02 5(2)justin bieber 02 4(2)justin bieber 02 2(2)justin bieber 02(2)

Miley Cyrus Tweets Then DELETES Denial Of Nick Jonas Lunch Date!

miley cyrus nick jonas cheating liam hemsworth twitter delete lunch date

Verrryyy curious indeed!

After rumors raged insinuating Miley Cyrus was hooking up with ex-lover Nick Jonas because they were spotted together on a lunch date, we were relieved to know that the pair's encounter seemed PURLEY professional, and that sex was definitely NOT a factor.

In what we're assuming was an attempt to respond to the initial cheating rumors, Miley tweeted:

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Adam Brody And Leighton Meester Are DEFINITELY A Couple! See The Photographic Proof HERE!

adam leighton official

Man oh man.

There can officially be no more doubt, you guys.

This is REAL LIFE…and Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are IN LOVE a couple!

Okay, okay. So it's Adam Brody and Leighton Meester!

But it's SO MUCH BETTER to pretend we're all still in Josh Schwartz world, right?!

Rumors of the O.C. and Gossip Girl fanfiction-turned-reality have been all over the interwebz for weeks now, and we even saw a hint of the pair as they attempted to flee the scene of a one night stand early on in February, but now, we have ACTUAL photographic documentation of the best couple ever acting ADORABLE as they

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