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If Rob Lowe Prosecuted Casey Anthony, The Prison System Would Be +1!

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Rob Lowe is in the middle of a little revival right now, with his amazing roles on both Parks & Rec, and Californication.

Having said that, we have no idea why he'd go anywhere near a made for TV movie about the Casey Anthony trial called Prosecuting Casey Anthony for the LifeTime channel. It seems counterproductive!

Rob is playing lead prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who is confident that he will get a conviction out of the Florida jury. That's not what happened, though, so even though you know the ending, they're banking on the journey.

Who knows, maybe it'll be fab?? Either way, the real life story is sad enough as it is!

Do U think Casey will TiVo it from hiding??

[Image via WENN.]

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Woman Arrested After Fake Newtown Victim Charity Scam! Disgusting!

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Noah Pozner Fake Charity

Nouel Alba has been arrested for lying to federal investigators, but that may be just the tip of the iceberg of her crimes.

Prosecutors say Alba solicited donations to the "Funeral Fund" of Noah Pozner, one of the victims of Newtown, Connecticut's Sandy Hook school shooting.

The problem is, Alba has absolutely no relation to the late Noah and as far as anyone in his family knows, no plans to help them with funeral or any other costs!

Of course, Alba denies ever posing as Noah's aunt or asking for any money, but is it true?

Using a tragedy victim's name to scam money from kindhearted people? How deplorable can you get!!

Alba faces up to five years in federal prison for her crimes, in addition to a maximum fine of $250,000.

Good riddance!

[Image via The Washington Post.]

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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide: Prankster DJs Face Possible Charges!

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Bet Ashton Kutcher's glad he never did a prank like this!

Australian DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian are facing possible charges in the aftermath of Jacintha Saldanha's tragic suicide.

Her life was just honored by thousands of mourners in India, with the memory of the nurse — who endured ridicule after putting the pranksters through — living strongly in those who loved her most.

But her memory also lives on through prosecutors who are currently

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Lindsay Lohan's Prosecutors Claiming She's A "Habitual" Liar?!

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But if Lindsay Lohan's prosecutors get their way, then the world will be deprived of Lilo's online strip club web chat hosting!!!!


You know… that's if she even takes the job! HA!

Wednesday morning, Lindsay's probation for her jewelry theft case was revoked and a hearing was set to determine whether or not the chaotic cutie really DID violate her probation…

And now we hear the prosecution in the case is out for BLOOD! Well, jail at least.

In fact, the LA City Attorney's office apparently believe they will easily be able to stick Lindz behind bars by proving she is a habitual liar!

One inside source explains:

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Lindsay Lohan's Prosecutors Want Her JAILED Up ASAP!

Lindsay Lohan going to jail

Jealous The Wanted fans rejoice!

In a few weeks the only correspondence Lindsay Lohan will have with Max George is through letters from the slammer!

New reports indicate MORE proof that Lindz is destined to spend some serious time behind bars!

According to sources the El Lay City Attorney has already filled papers asking he court to revoke Lilo's probation and send her directly to jail — without passing Go or collecting $200!

Sounds like her city prosecutors PISSED the starlet lied to the cops about the hit-and-run and want to see her get the full punishment for her action.

Of course, the recently filed papers ares just a technicality.

Lindsay's fate is 100 percent in the judge's hands.

We'll hear what her honor has to say Wednesday morning during her arraignment her three misdemeanor counts of lying to cops, obstruction, and reckless driving.

Good luck Lilo! You're gonna need it!

[Image via WENN.]

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Stephen Baldwin's $350,000 Mugshot!!

Stephen Baldwin Arrested For Tax Evasion

Stephen Baldwin may have been arrested, but day-um he looks good!

The Slapshot 2: Breaking The Ice star, who allegedly owes over $350,000 in back taxes, is looking awfully smoldering for a man who could face four years in prison!

He's so money, and the Rockland County District Attorney's office didn't even know it!

Well, we don't care how handsome you are, or if you were in Bio-Dome!

In a month where the only political debate that matters is whether we need to increase taxes to keep from going over a fiscal cliff, we can't have anyone cheating the system!

Everyone has to pay their fair share, no matter how many films they have starred in, such as The Flintsones in Viva Rock Vegas.

[Image via Rockland County.]

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Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Gets Drug Charges Dropped!

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Jon Bon Jovi Daughter Drug Charges Dropped

Jon Bon Jovi's daughter is going free!

Well, not completely free- after her overdose, she still has a tough rehab period to get through- but all charges for drug and paraphernalia possession against Stephanie Rose Bongiovi and her friend Ian Grant have been dropped!

So why is the rocker's daughter getting off so easily? Is the prosecutor a fan of Wanted: Dead Or Alive?

Well, of course he is! Who isn't? But the charges are actually being dropped because of a special loophole in New York's drug enforcement law. District Attorney Ian McNamara says:

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