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Lindsay Lohan's Rep Speaks Out After Quitting!

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steve honig lindsay lohan resignation rep quits

You can't say he didn't try!

We may not have seen it coming, but honestly… after all the shizstorms Steve Honig weathered as Lindsay Lohan's rep, we're surprised he made it this long upon further review.

Many believe Steve's decision to resign was the result of too much father Michael, but he HIGHLARIOUSLY quips:

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Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Is Over It & Calls It Quits!

Lindsay Lohan Steve Honig Publicist Quit

Well, here’s one thing we actually can’t say we saw coming… at least, not just yet!

It seems Lindsay Lohan’s publicist, Steve Honig, has had ENOUGH of her shiz and has officially dropped her as a client!

Reportedly, Steve quit as LiLo’s publicist on Wednesday night, though he would not go into detail as to why!

When we asked Honig why he stepped out on Lindsay, he simply replied:

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One Direction's Zayn Malik: Best Interview Ever!

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If you thought One Direction’s potty party interview was nothing short of AH-Mazing, then just wait until you hear this one!

DJ Rush from Ottawa's Hot 89.9 show had a radio interview set up with 1D’s Zayn Malik… but things didn’t quite go as planned!

After a publicist ran down a list of questions the DJ couldn’t ask Zayn, he then came up with some of his own!

Check out the clip of the call (above) in all of its HIGHlarity!

LOLz! Quite possibly the best One Direction interview thus far!!

However, it seems 1D’s team was quick to clear things up — it’s not that the questions were “out of bounds,” it’s just that the boys were getting sick of the same q’s over and over!

Hmm… that’s understandable!

Now, if only every question could be as original as the ones from the backstage bathroom interview with Radio 1’s cheeky Matt Edmondson! Ha!

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Correction! Amanda Bynes Still Has A Publicist; Spinning Instructor Wishes Her Well

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Earlier we had heard that Amanda Bynes was dropped by all three of her reps — manager, agent and publicist. However, a source a has come forward to correct the reports and insists the retired actress still has a publicist — who apparently isn't that good at the job.

And it turns out that Bynes wasn't dropped by her manager, Dave Feldman — she FIRED him! An insider explained:

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Amanda Bynes Dropped By Manager, Agent AND Publicist After MULTIPLE Attempts To Help Her!

It's official..

Amanda Bynes is definitely done with the entertainment business — whether she really wanted to be or not — because her manager, agent AND publicist have all dropped her as a client.

Sources say the former actress hasn't spoken to them in a month to begin with, so it sounds like she really didn't want their help anyway.

People close to Bynes confirm she is

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Nicole Richie & Friends Get Crowded In Cabo!

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Nicole Richie Golf Cart

There's nothing like a crazy weekend in Cabo to cap off the summer!

Looks like Nicole Richie did just that this Labor Day weekend, when she flew to Mexico for celeb publicist Meredith O'Sullivan's wedding!

Check out Nicole and her girls (above) cramming into a golf cart!

LOLz! Looks… comfy??? But loads of fun, nonetheless!

We hope the ladiez had a great time at the wedding and on their Mexican resort getaway!!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Lindsay Lohan Trashed Elizabeth Taylor's Historic Cleopatra Trailer??

Lindsay Lohan Trashed Liz Taylor Trailer

Oh LiLo… whatever are we going to do with you??

With her most recent string of events, it seems like trouble always has its way of finding Lindsay Lohan!

Even though Lindsay is reportedly planning on moving to NYC, her troubles in El Lay are FAR from over… and they are sure to follow her all the way east!

While LiLo wrapped filming on Liz & Dick back in July, the owner of Elizabeth Taylor’s original dressing room trailer is now claiming that LiLo left it TORN apart after using it!

Lindsay supposedly had access to the trailer while filming was going on and it was filled with some personal items that once belonged to Elizabeth herself!

Not only that, but the dressing room served as a

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