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BOOOO! Rick Santorum Calls Puerto Rico A 'Spanish-Speaking Country'

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Rick Santorum made another major gaffe this weekend, calling U.S. territory Puerto Rico a "Spanish-speaking country" on ABC's This Week.


He made the error while trying to explain his original f*cked up comments that Puerto Rico's residents should have to speak English as a condition of being admitted as the U.S.'s 51st state.

The only thing we can do is roll our eyes and shake our heads at this mess.

In other news, Mitt Romney won Puerto Rico's Republican presidential primary on Sunday.

LOL, um, that was a no brainer, right??

[Image via WENN.]

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Puerto Rican Mayor's Christmas Card Was Promoting Museum

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After the crazily insane Christmas card of Jorge Santini and his family smiling while a leopard eats a gazelle, the San Juan mayor says he was trying to promote a wildlife museum.

The photo was taken at the San Juan Wildlife Museum.

Santini says it was designed to promote the realistic natural displays.

But a leopard going to town on a gazelle?

That's a bit graphic.

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Demi Lovato's Fringy Airport Style


Demi Lovato was back in La La Land on Saturday after performing in Puerto Rico last week.

The Skyscraper songstress made her exit from LAX in printed jacket, Nom De Plume fringe skirt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

It also looks like Demi's hair is an even brighter red color than it was last week.

U like???

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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The Blue Lagoon Is Getting Remade…For Lifetime!


Huh? Really?

Apparently, Lifetime has greenlighted a contemporary remake of the '80s Brooke Shields tittay-fest The Blue Lagoon, which, in case you're unfamiliar, tells the story of a boy and girl marooned on an island as children, who ultimately grow up together and start boning a lot.

According to sources, production is hoping for a February start date in Puerto Rico, and casting is already underway!

Hmm…doesn't this story seem a little, ahem, risqué for the network? Seems like Lifetime is better suited for pregnancy pacts and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Oh well!

Maybe we'll tune in - but only if Courtney Stodden gets the female lead!

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Jennifer Lopez Hooked Up With Marc Anthony In Puerto Rico Earlier This Month!

Secret Lovers

They may be divorced, but that doesn't mean they can't casually hook up!

According to sources, Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony spent the night with each other while filming their talent competition Q'Viva! The Chosen in Puerto Rico on November 8th.

Marc picked up the mother of his children at the airport and then, once back at the hotel, an insider says he "never stayed in his hotel room."

Although J. Lo's friends say

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J. Lo Reunites With Marc Anthony!


But don't worry, it was only for business-related purposes once again!

That's right, Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, in Puerto Rico recently, but it was apparently only so they could film and audition talent for their new show, Q'Viva! The Chosen!

As her rep explains:

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PETA Stops "Lab Monkey" Facility From Being Built

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An evil company, Bioculture, wanted to open a monkey-breeding facility in Puerto Rico, but they've been shut down yet again.

The company wants to breed monkeys to sell to labs to be tortured and killed. Terrible!

PETA originally got the construction of their monkey-breeding stopped in 2009 due to zoning and permit issues, but Bioculture appealed the decision on Puerto Rico's superior court.

And the awesome Puerto Rican court has upheld the decision to not let them build their site.

And now the city which they planned to build the facility in has banned the import, export and breeding of test monkeys completely!


You go, PETA!

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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