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This Dad's Attempts To Punish His Sons Fails Miserably! Watch The Hilarious Video HERE!

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This dad just couldn't keep a straight face while punishing his two sons!

Seriously, how could you possibly stay mad at a couple of adorable faces like that?!?!

Who cares that they just covered themselves and the entire living room with paint, causing a nightmarish mess that would even give Mr. Clean a panic attack!!

OK, so that last part is actually pretty bad! But one dad still found himself struggling to keep a straight face while scolding his mischievous boys!

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The View FIGHTS Over Punishing Kids Through Social Media

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Different strokes for different hosts.

The View had a semi-intense discussion on whether or not it was ethical for a parent to publicly punish their child on Facebook as one mother did to her daughter.

Whoopi Goldberg didn't have a problem with it at least, and seemed to think it was just fine.

Watch the video (above) and tell us what U think.

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Student Gets Expelled For Saying F**K On Twitter!

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What. The. F**KKKK??

Apparently, freedom of speech is not on the curriculum at this Indiana high school!

The principal expelled a senior — three months before graduation — just cause he tweeted the eff-word…. from his bedroom… at 2 a.m.

How the f**k is that within the school's jurisdiction? Um… it's NOT!

Here's the seriously stupid tweet that got him expelled:

"One of my tweets was, F**K is one of those F**K words you can F**K put anywhere in a F**K sentence and it still F**K make sense.”

OMG! That statement is WAY too dumb to be offensive to anyone!

Watch the video (up top) to get the whole f**king story.

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Horrible Parent Of The Week: Grandmother And Stepmother Allegedly Forced 9 Y/O Girl To Run To Death

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Grandmother And Stepmother, Allegedly Forced 9 Y/O Girl To Run To Death


Authorities say 9-year-old Savannah Hardin was forced to run until she DIED! That's right, she only was aloud to stop until she passed out, started seizing, and died.

The 9-year-old girl's horrible stepmom and grandmother "forced her" to run for THREE HOURS before that finally happened.

The autopsy report showed the girl was extremely dehydrated and had a very low sodium level. A state pathologist ruled it a homicide.

It isn't clear if Savannah was forced to run cause of verbal commands, or physical coercion. However, we DO know the girl's sweet old granny, 46-year-old Joyce Hardin Garrard, and her dear stepmom, 27-year-old Jessica Mae Hardin are accused of murder. The women are currently behind bars in Georgia (where they have the death penalty).

Wanna know the "totally reasonable" reason why Savannah was being forced to run?

Authorities say it was punishment for lying to her grandma about eating candy.


Since being jailed, Savannah's stepmother gave birth to a baby. Our thoughts are with that poor newborn, and her late sister.

R.I.P Savannah!!

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7 Teens Charged For The Brutal Beating In This Viral Video

Filed under: Legal Matters

That was quick!

WARNING: Don't watch the (above) violent if you're squeamish! It contains inappropriate language and is violence as hell!

Seven teens – six boys and a girl – have been charged in connection with the brutal beating that went viral on YouTube earlier this week.

Police in charge of the investigation say,

“We were able to make arrests on that very quickly, but (the latest incident) the same exact thing. They did it on purpose, they taped it on purpose and then they put it up on YouTube."

Before we all celebrate you should know video's victim is not as innocent as we thought!!

Cops say that this beat-down was pay back "for an earlier incident, in which 20 people attacked two teens." Seriously, dude?

If go after someone 20-to-2 you're gonna have to watch your back for a looong time! Violence doesn't end anything, that's why it is NEVER the answer.

Still, the bullies from this attack were dumb enough to post their crime to YouTube, so they're the ones going to be punished.

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Hateful Tennessee School Bans Any Mention Of Homosexuality!


The whole nation should be ashamed of Rossville Christian Academy!

This anti-love "Christian" school enforced a policy that punishes children and staff who mention homosexuality. Yeah, just talks about it!!

The policy goes as follows:

A staff member or student who promotes, engages in, or identifies himself/herself with such activity through any word or action shall be in violation of this policy. Should the administration determine a violation of this policy, the person involved will be subject to disciplinary action with the possibility of permanent dismissal. Any applicant who is not in compliance with this policy will not be admitted.

But thankfully, parents are not taking the policy sitting down.

One parent believes the policy is targeting one particular student and is worried about her daughter.

My initial reaction is that it was specifically aimed at one person, and I felt very sad about that. If my daughter spoke about someone who was gay is she going to be expelled for that or is she going to be put in detention?

OMG! That is SO cruel! It's bad enough that some students tease other kids for being gay - but for the administration to be bullying a student is just horrible!

University of Memphis law professor Steve Mulroy states that since there are no laws preventing anti-gay discrimination, the policy can stick.

The school's website states it "exists to challenge a diverse student body through high academic standards, seeking to instill and inspire Christian virtues in a safe and nurturing environment."

Unless you're gay. Sad. Very sad.

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Dork Punishes Teen Stepdaugher With Renaissance Style Sword Duel

Apparently having a renaissance faire enthusiasts for a stepfather isn't enough punishment!

This 16-year-old maidien went to a party by without permission — the kind of insolence shan't be tolerated!

So, like any good parents (circa 1400 A.D) the Lord of the house challenged her to a duel!!

Yep! The teen wench was forced to dress in armor and fight her stepfather with a wooden sword. Two hours into the embarrassing ordeal the girl collapsed from exhaustion.

We hope no one from the yearbook committee was watching!

Both her stepfather and her mother who watched the whole thing, could be charged with child abuse.

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