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Kate Middleton’s Impending Baby Ramps Up Security Because Today Is the Due Date?!

kate middleton royal baby due date today

We were duped! LOLz!

While there was never an official due date publicly given for when Kate Middleton would have her and Prince William’s baby, it appears that secretly people knew it was today!

Sources have said that the St. Mary’s Hospital staff were told that TODAY is the big day, not July 13th.

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Royal Baby Watch: Moms Are Waiting To Name Their Babies After Him Or Her!

moms are waiting to name babies after the royal baby

Not only is Queen Elizabeth being put out by the royal baby taking so long to leave Kate Middleton’s belly, but so are some patriotic moms!

Even though lots of newborns have entered the world recently, some moms are leaving their kids nameless until they find out what the Duchess and Prince William name their child!

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Queen Elizabeth’s Beauty Sleep Could Stall The Royal Baby Announcement

queen elizabeth sleeping might delay the royal baby announcement

Shh! Don’t disturb her!

Queen Elizabeth has already expressed that she wants this royal baby to hurry the heck up because she’s got a vacation to go on, but she might be the one person who holds all of this up!

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Queen Elizabeth's Abrupt Cricket Exit May Mean Kate Middleton's In Labor!

queen elizabeth abruptly leaves cricket game sparks rumors kate middleton has gone into labor


This could be it!

Queen Elizabeth was making the rounds at Lords, watching some cricket on Thursday when suddenly she rushed away.

She was 15 minutes late to meet the players, then left quickly, which was unexpected.

Some people say she wasn’t happy with the English team’s play, but others say it’s because Kate Middleton has gone into labor!!

We sincerely hope it’s the latter because how bad would you feel if the Queen was that disappointed with your cricket skillz?! LOLz!

There will be an official announcement made once the Duchess is admitted to a hospital, so when that happens we'll let you know!

[Image via WENN.]

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Queen Elizabeth Can’t Be Troubled With The Royal Baby Because She’ll Be On Holiday!

queen elizabeth is leaving on vacation hopes royal baby arrives soon

Vacations are very serious business!

Especially when you’re as busy as Queen Elizabeth!

Her Majesty was visiting Cumbria on Wednesday, when a little girl asked her if she wanted Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby to be a boy or girl. You can hear her answer (below), but the funniest part was that she wants the baby to hurry up.

Why is that funny, you ask?

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Queen Elizabeth's Horse WINS The Gold Cup!!!

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Queen Elizabeth is a winner!

Or at least her horse is!

The royal lady's horse named Estimate brought the Queen the top prize in Thursday's Royal Ascot Gold Cup, and the Queen was absolutely thrilled!!!

Here's what a source said:

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Kate Middleton Will Give Birth At Same Hospital Wing Where Prince William Was Born!

kate middleton to give birth at same hospital prince william was born

Kate Middleton continues to keep a tight lid on any details of her royal baby bump!

But as we were scouring the internet to get our fix of baby news, we noticed something very interesting on where she's planning on welcoming the new addition to the royal family!

The Duchess is reportedly planning on giving birth at

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