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Madonna's Third #SecretProject Trailer Conjures Amazingly Eerie Thoughts — A Must See!

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Just what we need to amp our Halloween spirit, LOL!

Madonna is back with the third trailer for her ever-mysterious #SecretProject collaboration with photographer Steven Klein.

The first two were dark as night, but #3 takes the spOOkfest to a whole new level with The Queen of Pop singing My Country, Tis Of Thee behind jail bars. Uh huh. And this is all before we see shots of the handcuffed lady being dragged down a prison hall and slammed into her cell.

Very V for Vendetta!

You gotta watch this disturbingly amazing trailer for yourself (above)!!!

And fear not, Madgestic Citizens!

September 24 is flashed on the screen at the end, presumably marking the release date of what we've been dying to see ever since we heard rumors of its conception!

At the end of the trailer, she asks if we're with her. OF COURSE we're with you, Madge! Always!!

P.S. CLICK HERE for Trailer 1 and HERE for Trailer 2! xoxo

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Madonna Goes Gangnam Style In NYC With Surprise Concert Cameo By PSY!

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Madonna gave a feisty and super sassy performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Tuesday night! And, unlike the previous evening, she brought out a surprise special guest, much to the delight of the sold out crowd!

South Korean rapper PSY joined the one and only Queen of Pop for a mashup of his smash Gangnam Style with her song Give It To Me. And… it was hella fun and very effective!

Check it out above!

And, as a bonus treat, also check out their duet on M's classic Music… after the jump!

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Elton John's Husband CONFIRMS Truce With Madonna

What a happy Friday!!!

Elton John and Madonna reportedly kissed and made up before she dedicated a song to him during a concert in Nice, France. We believed it because we wanted to believe it, but now it has been confirmed!

While he was on his way out of a West Hollywood bar on Thursday, David Furnish himself told the paparazzi that he and his husband "love her."

Before dropping the L-word, he complimented Madge by saying:

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Nude Madonna Photograph Expected To Sell For $7,500!

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Nude Madonna photo auction

We. Want. This. NOW!

A New York auction house has obtained this GORGEOUS photo of Madonna in all her glory and is giving it away to the highest bidder next month.

The black and white image was taken in 1990 by Steven Meisel, the photographer responsible for the pictures in her 1992 book Sex, and is expected to sell for $7,500!

And yes, we don't condone smoking, but we're pretty sure Madonna didn't get and KEEP a body like that by sucking down cancer sticks. Judith Eurich, a representative from the vendor selling the photograph, told sources:

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Piers Morgan Wants Madonna To Apologize 'On Bended Knee'

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Piers Morgan Madonna apology

For what? We have no idea and apparently she doesn't either, but Piers Morgan still expects an apology from the Queen of Pop!

On Tuesday, the CNN talk show host used his Twitter account to announce that Madonna was banned from his U.S. show. After her bewildered manager uploaded an invitation to appear on his UK show, he proceeded to ban her from that too.

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Madonna Doesn't Want To Act Anymore!

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When it comes to Hollywood, Madge is perfectly ok with being BEHIND the camera!

In an interview, the Queen of Pop revealed that she doesn't care for acting anymore.

She loves directing however, and feels that as an actor, she is someone's else pawn versus her own voice.

And when it comes to her career as a whole, Madge just wants it known that she contributed to the zeitgeist of it all, whether it's film, music, politics and other realms.

Check out the video above to hear Madge's thoughts on film and the future.

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Piers Morgan Just Hasn't Learned To Shut His Yap About Madonna

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Oh look. He's using Madonna for attention again. How quaint sad.

Yesterday, Piers Morgan was a guest on The View. We presume he had a reason for being there besides mouthing off about Madge, but he couldn't help but take the few minutes out to do it anyway.

While talking about the best and worst dress at the Golden Globes, Piers took a dig at Madonna, calling her arms "grotesque" and comparing her to a "caveman."

Maturity and tack have never been his strong suits.

Check out the video (above) to hear what other vile things he says about our beloved Queen of Pop.

How does that saying going about protesting too much? Yeah, that's this guy!

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