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This Dog Is So Confused! SO Cute!

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Ha! That is one super cute pooch!

This Shiba Inu is so fluffy and fuzzy we'd spend no less than four hours a day just squeezing him and rubbing our face in his fur.

Because that's what good dog owners do!

Sometimes, dog owners like to mess with their pups and see their HIGHlarious reactions. Like when asking a dog the first half of a question.

This pup is all like: "Do I wanna what?? Do I wanna go WHERE?!?!"

He cranes his head so far to the side he's about to snap his own neck!!

Be careful now, Mr. Cutiepooch!

Check out the video (above) of one cute, confused dog!

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Wanda Sykes Threw Rocks At Turtles? Watch Her Explanation on Ellen!

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Wanda Sykes is one seriously funny lady!

She was recently on Ellen talking about her problematic addiction…

To reality TV!!

She said she watched so much of it, it's caused her to question real life.

Like the time she was some "turtles" in the middle of a lake.

After telling herself that they were fake, her friend assured her that those turtles were indeed real.

Wanda still didn't believe it. Reality had made her cynical.

So she picked up a rock… can you guess what she did next??

Check out the video (above) to hear it from Wanda's own mouth!

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Q&A: My Dog Is A Rebel

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Many of us have some problem areas when it comes to our dogs' training — but this woman has got it bad.

TeddyHilton.com reader, Petra, wrote to Dr. Patrick Mahaney and said:

My dog is probably the worst ever!!!!!!! She never goes on any walks. If she HAS to come I have to pull her out the front door. When my son forgets to clean the table she pushes the chair out and eats every last bit of food. She also bites my hand off if i have treats in it by jumping up and grabbing my hand. The last problem is she barks at everything! The worst part is 85 precent of the time she barks at NOTHING!! Please tell me what to do with my dog, Leila.

P.S. Help soon she is influencing my dog Loki who is beginning to pick up her bad habits.

Best Wishes,

Good thing we have Dr. Patrick to respond:

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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jennifer Lu On Catnip

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Dr. Jennifer Lu is back and answering more reader questions!

This time, they asked:

"What is really behind catnip? Why do cats go so crazy for it and what effect does it have on them?"

Dr. Jennifer responded:

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Q & A: Cats Won't Stop Scratching

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Cats can be great pets… when they're not scratching everything in sight.

TeddyHilton.com reader, Janet, wrote in to Dr. Patrick Mahaney, asking:


My boyfriend and I have adopted 2 super sweet kittens and they've been with us for a year now. They're brother and sister and are really friendly and really sweet. The problem is that they scratch at the foot of every closed door in my place wanting to get in.

I leave all the doors open but whenever somebody is in the bathroom, they scratch at the foot of the door, tearing our carpet, door frames and thresholds to bits. We try to train them by spraying them with water (lightly of course) whenever we see them doing this but that only stops them for the moment.

I've bought small rugs to put in every threshold (which doesn't look very nice) to avoid furthur damage but it hasn't stopped our furry friends from attacking the rugs as well. What can I do to stop this behavior? Thank you for your help.

Janet Antepara,
Valencia, Ca.

Dr. Patrick responded:


Thank you for your question, which is actually a common and frustrating scenario for many cat owners. There are a variety of reasons your cats may be scratching on the floor by the doors besides their burning desire to be close to you, their beloved owners.

Cats scratch to mark their territory (both from a visual sense and with pheromones), for exercise, and to remove dead nail tissue (akin to a nail file).

Give your cats an enticing place to scratch in every room of your house where they have scratched at the base of the door. The scratching posts should be vertical and higher than other objects in the room on which they could scratch (like the side of your couch).

You can purchase a commercial sisel rope and/or carpet style encased post or if you are a DIY kind of gal, then make it yourself. Rub fresh or dried catnip on the scratching posts to attract your feline friend and send them into a blissful scratching spree.

Hopefully, by giving your cats enough options for where they should scratch, they will be dissuaded from tearing up the carpets and driving you crazy!

Good luck,

Have any pet questions? Tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook!

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EXCLUSIVE: Skype With Dr. Partrick!!

Filed under: HealthPetsDr. Patrick Mahaney


Teddy Hilton's celebrity vet, the Dr. Partrick Mahaney, wants to answer you pet questions LIVE VIA SKYPE!!

This one-on-one Q & A will be posted to the site for EVERYONE to see what a dedicated pet owner you truly are! Tips and minor celebrity, what could be better?

All you have to do is give your name, your pet's name, and a basic summery of your pet's health conditions.

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EXCLUSIVE! Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney has some advice Teddy reader, Olivia, who asks:

My 1 year old pure bred black lab, Stella, has developed seizures just before her first birthday. She has had 4 in total and is now on phenobarb. I am wondering if the long term medicating for the seizures will shorten her life span? Is there any changes to her diet I should do? She is 75 lbs (but not overweight, she is a very big structured dog), and I feed her 2 cups of dog food a day, and rarely treats or human food.

Patrick's Answer:

Thank you for your interesting question. In having seizures, Stella suffers from an ailment affecting many dogs both young and old. Due to Stella's young age, her seizures are more likely to be caused by iodiopathic epilepsy, as compared to other more severe or life threatening reasons affecting older dogs.

Provided you are following your veterinarian's advice and achieving a blood Phenobarbital level appropriate controls seizures, she should well tolerate this medication for long term. There are some side effects to Phenobarbital, such as sedation, weight gain, increased appetite, and liver inflammation or damage. Use the lowest dose and frequency that controls her seizures and have baseline blood testing performed at least every 6 months to monitor vital organ function. Other medications may be needed to control seizures pending her response. If her seizures fail to be well controlled despite anti-convulsant treatment (including food changes, as below), pursue a consultation with a veterinary neurologist.

As I treat my patients form both a western and eastern (Chinese medicine) perspective, I consider the effects food energy and format (dry vs moist, whole food vs processed, etc). In Chinese medicine, one of the causes of seizures is excessive heat accumulation in the body, which can have origins in food. Go for reduced or grain free diets that are moist instead of dry. Cooling protein sources, such as turkey, duck, goose, rabbit, and fish are less likely to build heat as compared to heating proteins like beef, venison, lamb, and chicken.

A great food to consider is Lucky Dog Cuisine, which is cooked, frozen, preservative, all natural, human grade food. It is tasty, healthy stuff that most dogs absolutely love. Consider the "Turkey 'N Taters" option, which is grain free.

Do U need pet advice? Click HERE to tweet your question for Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

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