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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Robert Pattinson To Quit Smoking?


This is kind of strange. We had no idea that Leonard DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson were even pals, let alone acquaintances. We might take this with a grain of salt…

Apparently Leo has persuaded Rob to quit smoking, with the help of e-cigarettes.

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

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The very first step to quit smoking is making the decision you want to quit. Never kid yourself to think that cutting down the amount of cigarettes daily is going to lead you to stopping for good, this type of behavior just prolongs your nicotine addiction.

- Professional smoking conqueror, Craig Nabat

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Illinois Senate Committee Approves Cigarette Tax Hike!

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Illinois Smoking

Go Illinois!

Smoking is bad for you, and as of the past decade: it's also bad for your wallet.

Illinois is taking the later and REALLY making sure that's the case!

An Illinois Senate committee has just approved a raise in cigarette taxes by

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Acupuncture And Hypnosis May Help You Quit Smoking

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Acupuncture and hypnosis has loooong been associated with quitting smoking.

But are they old wives' tales or legit?

Researchers found that the answer is

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Dealing With Second Hand Smoke After Quitting

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Craig nabat

One thing that people don't realize is how terrible second hand smoke is when you're not a smoker. And guess what? Even smokers that quit are finally able to notice it too!

The thing is, smokers don't usually know that this happens:

Quit smoking 6 months ago but literally cant stand second hand smoke - is this supposed to happen?

Here's Craig Nabat's response, one of the leading sources on quitting smoking:

I understand how you feel. I’m like that now too, it kind of makes you angry when you smell it. Smokers don’t realize they are actually forcing non-smokers to smoke, if they are smoking around them. Now that you are not smoking, your own sense of smell has come back. Smokers are not usually aware of how truly foul the smell is to others of their smoke cloud that surrounds them.

This is a good thing that you can’t stand the smell now, if more people were offended by second-hand smoke, it would definitely cause more smokers to quit. Second-hand smoke is actually more dangerous than the smoke that is inhaled; most smokers are unaware of this. So many of our clients who come into Freedom Laser Therapy to quit smoking declare that they feel like a social outcast for smoking, and it is one of the main reasons driving them to quit.

We're all super glad you quit, first and foremost!

And it's interesting that this happens — and we wonder what it would be like if all smokers knew this. Would people still do it?

Probably, but we'd like to think it'd they'd be few and far between!

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The Best Way To Quit Smoking At An Older Age

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Craig nabat

Mrs. Smith, an older FitPerez reader, is considering quitting her nicotine habit at her kids urging, but admits she is scared to quit after smoking for so many years. To calm her nerves and get the facts, she wrote smoking counselor Craig Nabat for advice, asking:

Im 60 years old and want to quit - well my kids want me to quit - I am scared that talking about smoking is going to cause me to fall over dead from a heart attack - any thoughts on this?

According to Craig:

Hello Mrs. Smith,

I understand how you feel. To even think about quitting smoking after doing it for so many years can truly be scary. Your kids want you around for many years, so seeing you smoke is terrifying for them I’m sure. Though, in order for you to permanently quit it must be your decision.

You are actually the type of person who I’d encourage to attempt quit smoking through laser therapy. To quickly explain the procedure benefits, the pain free low-level laser treatment helps to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. When your body and mind are not craving nicotine to the same extent, it becomes easier to deal with the psychological aspects of quitting. It is still important to have the desire to quit smoking. If you email me your city and state at craig@freedomlasertherapy.com I’ll try to locate a local laser therapy clinic for you. You may also want to consider taking Chantix, if we cannot locate a laser clinic for you.


For more tips to quit smoking, feel free to tweet Craig questions @freedomlaser or write to tips@fitperez.com!

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10 States That SHOULD Quit Smoking

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Smoking states

In the past several years, thanks to increased awareness and stricter public smoking laws, cigarette smoking has been on the decline. In fact, less than 20% of adults over the age of 18 smoked in 2010!

However, some people still aren't taking the hint thanks to their state's lack of interest in promoting healthy breathing.

Based on smoking (and quit) rates, smoking bans and restrictions, cigarette taxes and sales, and deaths attributable to smoking, here are the 10 states most addicted to smoking:

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