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EXCLUSIVE! Colton Haynes Exits Teen Wolf! But The Reason Could Be Shaggier Than You Thought!

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colton haynes teen wolf

What a bummer!!

Hottie McHotts Colton Haynes is leaving his hit MTV series after just two seasons!! But it's not because he wanted to…

Reports already say the Teen Wolf felt majorly slighted when the "heads" of the show only wanted to give him twelve episodes instead of twenty-four.

But sources EXCLUSIVELY tell PerezHilton.com the darker details, saying:

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X Factor Uk Judge Gary Barlow Threatens To Quit Over Judging Scam?!


Oh no!

Even though our baby girl Britney Spears and sassy sweet Demi Lovato are two cherries atop a gynourmous X Factor sundae, it seems the original X Factor over in the UK is more a melting ice-creamy MESS, and is dealing with all sorts of dramz!!

First we hear that Nicole Scherzinger is NOT happy about her judging stint on the show, and NOW we hear head judge Gary Barlow is threatening to QUIT over Sunday night's results show!

Apparently, there are whisperings that judge

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Charlie Sheen Gives Twitter The Bird & Quits!

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charlie sheen quits twitter

The warlock has spoken! Twitter fuels his fun no more!

Yep, a lil' over a year since signing on, Charlie Sheen is bidding farewell to the blue bird… and his 7.7M followers!!

He first tweeted back in March of 2011, during his winning daze. But like the era of tiger's blood, his tweeting time is over.

His final tweet reads:

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Jennifer Lopez Is OUT! Confirms She Is Leaving American Idol Too!

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jennifer lopez quits american idol

Well shiz!

Just a day after Steven Tyler announced he's leaving American Idol, Jennifer Lopez has decided to do the same… for real this time!

She tells Ryan Seacrest:

"I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do. We had an amazing run."

Word on the street is Randy Jackson might do the same, leaving Ryan all alone!!

#PerezForIdol! Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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Steven Tyler QUITS American Idol!

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steven tyler quits american idol


Steven Tyler has quit American Idol!! We repeat: American Idol is Aerosmith-less now.

The rockstar just released this statement:

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'Sexy And I Know It' Toddlers & Tiaras Star Quits After Getting Negative Attention!


Toddlers & Tiaras star Isabella Barrett has QUIT the controversial show!

Her mother Susanna Barrett said the criticism her family took for this was too much for them to handle.

Here's what she said:

"I quit! Isabella received endless attention for all the wrong reasons, and it caused competitiveness between my daughters and arguments with my husband, my family was being destroyed. Now when people see me and my family they think scandal. Who profited from our pain? Not me. I was mentally and physically exhausted."

Wow, we're so glad that this woman has come to her senses and won't be subjecting her daughter to any more pageants!

It took her a long time, but late is better than never!

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Jennifer Lopez Quits American Idol

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jlo quits american idol

Say whaaat!?!

Out of the blue, Jennifer Lopez has decided to leave American Idol!!

We knew there was some indecision there, but we were hoping she was just waiting for a bigger raise. Unfortunately, it's official…

An insider explains:

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