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Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quits!

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This is a very bad sign of what's to come.

For many, many years, Stan Rosenfield has dutifully stood by Charlie Sheen's side as his publicist and friend. However, recent events have finally pushed Stan to his limit and he has announced that he will no longer act as Charlie's representation. He issued a statement formally announcing his decision, explaining:

"I worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I'm unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned."

Yeah, we don't think anyone can really hold this against him, except for maybe Charlie.

So, let's see: You've alienated your father, your TV show has folded and now you have no publicist to handle your affairs.

The only constant in your life right now seems to be your downward spiral steadily getting deeper and deeper into the abyss ! At least there's that!

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Nicolas Cage Changes Mind, Returns To New Film


Make up your mind, man!!!

Earlier we reported that Nicolas Cage had dropped out of his upcoming film Trespass to go on a Bahamian vacation.

But now, sources are saying he's BACK ON.

And not only that, but he's also back on as the role of the husband, opposite Nicole Kidman, AFTER acting like a diva and demanding he change his role to the lead of the kidnappers!!

Is he crazy? Smoking more shrooms with his cat??

Luckily, the cast and crew can breathe a sigh of relief as they now don't have to stand in the unemployment line!

Get it together, Nic!

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What did she think she was signing up for?

Rachel Uchitel quit Celebrity Rehab after the first day of filming at the Pasadena Recovery Center, and fled to a hotel!

A source reveals:

"After a very intense day of filming, Rachel just couldn't handle being at the Pasadena Recovery Center where Celebrity Rehab is filmed, and she decided to leave. Producers arrived at the hotel the following morning, and calm prevailed. Rachel simply needed some time away from the intense pressure and scrutiny that she is dealing with.

She agreed to go back to Celebrity Rehab 4. Rachel has never had to face these issues before, and talking about it pushed her over the edge, and her instinct was to run. Producers made her realize that if she continues to run away from her issues, she will never be able to live a healthy life. Her issues go beyond Tiger, but he was the catalyst that pushed her over the edge."

Rachel is supposedly suffering from an alcohol problem and an addiction to pills.

How long until she runs away again?

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Who Else Is Leaving Grey's Anatomy?


The list of departed cast members on Grey's Anataomy may soon grow as sources say that McDreamy is looking to check out of Seattle Grace.

Patrick Dempsey's contract with the long-running show is up next season and it is rumored that he may not want to sign on for anymore.

But he's not the only one!

The same source suggests that Ellen Pompeo is thinking the same thing!

How the hell are they supposed to have Grey's Anatomy without "Grey?" Yeah sure, there is that little sister or whoever, but the show was built on Meredith and McDreamy.

Maybe Katherine Heigl had the right idea?

Nah, she's just a bitch.

We say, make next season the last, make it a good one and then let the show flatline.


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Is Crystal Bowersox Bowing Out of American Idol???

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We don't know what's going on over there at the American Idol studios, but something is in the water!

First there was Ryan Seacrest's bizarre meltdown during this week's live show and now there are reports that Crystal Bowersox has been threatening to leave.

Sources say that the popular front-runner (and perhaps one of the only contestants who actually deserves to be there) has become completely overwhelmed with the show's hectic schedule and strenuous demands.

Even Ryan Seacrest confirmed that he just recently found an emotional and homesick Crystal having a breakdown in the parking lot after she asked to quit the show and go back home to her family in Ohio.

Luckily, the pint-sized host was there to talk her down from the ledge. He told the hippie songstress:

"The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house. You can buy your mom a house."

Apparently that was what she needed to hear because last we checked, she was still a member of the remaining seven contestants.

We're glad she's still in the competition!

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