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REAL Bunnies May Not Be Ideal For Easter Gifts!

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Bunny rabbits are like the cutest little critters ever, but if you're considering on giving someone a REAL bunny as an Easter gift, you may want to think twice.

According to the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, rabbits need just as much attention as cats and dogs, and because a lot of people may not be up for such a task, the poor bunnies end up in shelters.

The County Animal Care Centers spokeswoman, Evelina Villa said:

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Are WABBITS The Reason Neanderthals Went Extinct?

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Neanderthals are now-extinct. Which is probably a good thing! We doubt they'd be able to drive cars very well with their big feet!

But the question of how they became extinct is still a pivotal question for scientists!

And one researcher thinks he may have found one part of what caused that extinction - rabbits!

Here's what the researcher said:

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El Lay To Ban Selling Cats And Dogs From Breeders At Commercial Stores!

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Cats and dogs and rabbits, oh my! We LUHV El Lay!

The City of Angels will become the largest city in the States to ban the sale of particular species bred by breeders at commercial stores.

Stores will no longer be able to sell cats, dogs, or rabbits unless they come from rescues and shelters.

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What's Killing The Widdle Wrabbits?

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Nine times out of ten if you visit St. Louis’ Villanova neighborhood, you'll find the area covered with cute and furry rabbits.

Recently, the area has had zero rabbits ’round those parts. Not less rabbits, but ZERO rabbits. Some people are finding them, but not in the ideal way.

Here's what a local resident said:

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Run for your lives!!!! Or you can stay and cuddle…LOLz!

Rabbits in Okunoshima are bustling about on the empy streets.

Luckily, these cuties are easily satisfied with lettuce…and not human flesh!

Check out this super aDORable army of bunnies(above) RIGHT NOW!

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Quick Tip Of The Day

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Choose Chocolate and No Bunny Gets Hurt

Easter Sunday is nearly upon us and that means many of us will be receiving Easter baskets!

BUT, leave those live bunnies, chicks, and ducks alone! PETA has a quick tip for the holiday basket season.

While most of us are busy stuffing plastic eggs and scoping out hiding places, animal shelters are bracing for the onslaught of abandoned rabbits after Easter.

The House Rabbit Society reports that every year, thousands of rabbits as well as chicks and ducks are stuffed into Easter baskets and then turned over to animal shelters after the holiday.

Worse, some domesticated rabbits are simply left outside, where they have no chance of surviving.

Rabbits can live up to 10 years and require specialized care. They can't tolerate extreme heat or cold, and they need specific foods and stimulating environments.

They need as much attention as a dog or cat, but they are delicate and can be nervous, so they aren't ideal for young children.

If, after careful consideration, you have decided to bring a rabbit into your home and care for him or her for the next decade, please adopt from your local animal shelter after Easter—and make the bunny in your basket a charming chocolate version instead.

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Quick Tip Of The Day

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Easter is just around the corner and that means bunnies, bunnies, BUNNIES!

But using live bunnies is not the way to go. Check out this tip about businesses using live animals for this holiday season.

PETA QUICK TIP: Bunny Hops, Not Bunny Props This Easter

Like a warm-weather Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny delivers baskets full of treats to children every year. But photographers who use real rabbits as props in Easter photos shouldn't expect anything in their baskets but plastic grass.

Rabbits are easily stressed by unfamiliar surroundings and terrified by loud noises and sudden movements. They often panic when handled, and a frightened rabbit can bite or scratch children. They are also delicate animals whose spines can snap if they kick or if they're dropped or even held improperly. And when Easter is over, these animals are often abandoned at shelters or dumped outside, where they are killed by predators.

Please don't support businesses that use live animals as props. Many national portrait studios have policies against using live animals, such as Sears Portrait Studio and LifeTouch Inc. studios in Target and JCPenney stores. Stuffed animals are a simple, humane alternative, as are Easter bunnies of the costumed variety.

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