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Rachel Maddow Wishes She'd Get New Hate Mail

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Rachel Maddow has always gotten hate mail. It's been a constant, as she says, "14%" since she because a public figure.

But the weird thing is is that 100% of that hate mail is about how she looks rather than any of her stances or ideas!

She has a very good sense of humor about it, which we love. Ellen thinks that she shouldn't pay attention to it, but we say as long as she's getting some entertainment out of it, read up!

We just wish there would be a day when she wouldn't get hate mail at all, and wouldn't have to read it for any reason!

Check out Rachel talking about in the clip above!

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Rachel Maddow Fears Marriage Will Actually Threaten Gay Culture

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Rachel Maddow Gay Culture

The MSNBC host isn't in any rush to get married. In fact, she's worried about it for gay culture!

Rachel Maddow, never one to beat around the bush, recently revealed:

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Conservative Rocker Sues MSNBC For Defamation

Bradlee Dean, heavy-metal rocker/conservative radio host and preacher, is suing MSNBC and Rachel Maddow for defamation.

According to Dean, Maddow twisted his comments on Muslim Sharia law and homosexuality in, what he believes, an effort to undermine Michele Bachmann's candidacy for the Republican presidential ticket.

A while back, Dean openly spoke on Muslim Sharia law's call for the execution of homosexuals. He then said in that sense they are more moral than most American Christians.

Here's his entire quote:

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Rachel Maddow Wants Other Gay News Anchors To Come Out Of The Closet!

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Whether she was referring to him or not, we think she still makes an excellent point!

Although most have made the assumption at this point that Anderson Cooper is gay, the new anchor has never officially come out of the closet, and fellow presenter Rachel Maddow recently spoke out about similar people in their position, claiming that they have a responsibility to publicly acknowledge their sexual preference!

She's quoted saying:

"I'm sure other people in the business have considered reasons why they're doing what they're doing, but I do think that if you're gay you have a responsibility to come out."

However, she later took to her blog to clarify her statement, and explain that she was not SPECIFICALLY referring to Cooper!

She explains:

"I wasn't asked about Anderson Cooper, I didn't say anything about him, he literally was never discussed during the interview at all — even implicitly. I don't tend to be shy when I criticize — you wouldn't have to read between the lines if that's what I was trying to do. I did not in my interview with The Guardian say anything about or to Mr. Cooper, nor would I. Although criticism of Mr. Cooper was intimated by The Guardian and picked up everywhere — I did not make that criticism in the interview, nor did I imply it, nor is it what I believe. I also believe that coming out makes for a happier life, but that's not a matter of ethics, that's just corny advice."

Fair enough, and agreed on all counts!

Given everything that's happened in the past year or so, we frankly can't understand why anyone who actually is gay and in a position to help others would want to keep their preference private, but we suppose everyone has to do what they think is right for them.

We WILL however, keep our fingers crossed and hope that some will come around soon!

Be PROUD of who are you, and don't let anyone else make you question that!

[Images via WENN.]

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The Out 100!


This must be such a honor for him!

As we posted, Ricky Martin has landed on the cover of Out Magazine's Out 100 as Entertainer of the Year, alongside the five other honorees, which include:

Johnny Weir, Diva of the Year
Julianne Moore, Artist of the Year
Rachel Maddow, Newsmaker of the Year
Nate Berkus, Stylemaker of the Year

Wonderful! They've all been so instrumental this year, and made such huge breakthroughs on behalf of the LGBT community!

Ricky Martin opened up to the magazine in an absolutely wonderful interview, and says about his appearance at the HRC dinner:

“Something as simple as standing at that dinner and saying, ‘I’m gay,’ creates so may emotions I’ve never felt before. I didn’t do it earlier because of fear, and bottom line it was all in my head. I was seduced by fear and I was sabotaging most of my life—my music, my relationships with my friends, with my family, with everybody. That’s something I need to share because I know that a lot of people are going through what I went through, no matter what their age, and fear cannot control us.”

How inspiring! And so true!

We cannot commend him enough for taking such a giant step - we know how frightening it must have been for him, but his bravery has helped, and will continue to help, so many others!

CLICK HERE to check out the others featured in the Out 100, and check out some of the GORGEOUS photos taken by Jason Schmidt (below)!

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More Deets On Keith Olbermann's Return To MSNBC!

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He may be acting a little rash and stubborn, but you can't deny that he makes some pretty strong points!

Although he was suspended for breaking company rules and making monetary contributions to political candidates and their campaigns, Keith Olbermann will soon be back on MSNBC, but he is NOT happy about what went down, and expects a few things from the network in order for him to return!

An insider explains:

"Keith is furious about the way this has all been handled and insisted that MSNBC bosses apologize to him before he would agree to return. Keith sees himself as the star of MSNBC, the person who put them on the map and discovered fellow network anchors Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. To be treated like this by the network he helped shape, he considers disgusting. In addition to an apology, Keith is demanding that the rules be changed. Keith thinks it's unfair that FOX News anchors can make contributions and support candidates and he can't. It's his money that he has earned, he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with it. What sort of country do we live in where an actor can trash a hotel room with an escort and drugs and Keith can't donate money to people running for office he believes in? It makes no sense. If they think they can slap Keith's wrist and have him to return a few days later like nothing happened, they are wrong. They picked the wrong guy. Keith clearly won this battle. Not only has he got the bosses to say sorry, but he's also got the company to review its ethic rules. You watch — his rating on Tuesday when he returns will be bigger than ever, giving him even more power at MSNBC."

Wow! That's pretty ballsy, even for him!

We're glad he'll be back, but we think it probably would be better if both parties just quietly moved forward!

The rules were still broken, and he should be respectful of his part in that and grateful that he didn't get in more trouble!

What do U think?? Is Keith's behavior justified??

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Who Is This Hottie??

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Yup, that's MSNBC's Rachel Maddow!

While we think she's still a total hottie, who knew lezbolicious Rachel was so…blonde in high school!

We love it!

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