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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Speaks At Bible Study: Says He's A Lover Of People, But Sticks To Hateful Beliefs!

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duck dynasty phil robertson says hes a lover

Well, we're not sure the people he's spoken out against would agree!

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has been in some hot water ever since his homophobic and racist comments came out last week.

And while he's had chances to dig himself out of that hole, he really hasn't chosen to take that path. Instead, Phil is holding his ground, but claiming it isn't hateful ground!

While speaking with a Bible study group over the weekend, Phil said:

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Duck DynastyDuck DynastyDuck DynastyDuck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty: Everything We Know About The A&E Scandal So Far!

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duck dynasty homophobia racism

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Gets Slammed By GLAAD For Homophobic Remarks!!

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's Homophobia Hole Gets Deeper With The Help Of Race Remarks

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson SUSPENDED By A&E After Homophobic GQ Remarks!

Sarah Palin Defends Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson After Homophobic Comments! See What She Said HERE!

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Finds Support From Internet Activists In Spite Of Homophobic & Racist Remarks!

Phil Robertson Spread HATE Years Before Duck Dynasty! See His Shocking Anti-Gay Sermon HERE!

Duck Dynasty Family Refusing To Do Show Without Phil, After Racist & Homophobic Comments!

Duck Dynasty On The Ropes, PETA Calls For Its Cancellation

[Image via AP Images.]

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Did Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson Get Naked To Distract Us From Phil? Find Out HERE!

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korie robertson duck dynasty duck naked doodle ae

With the world up in arms over Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson's racist/homophobic comments, the entire cast has suddenly found itself under unprecedented scrutiny!

Which means skeletons are being dragged out of closets!

Just yesterday, for instance, we uncovered one of Phil's hate-filled sermons from over three years ago!

And today? There are naked pictures floating around of Duck Dyansty's resident hottie, Korie Robertson.

But are they legit? Is that really Phil's daughter-in-law giving the full frontal?

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Phil Robertson Spread HATE Years Before Duck Dynasty! See His Shocking Anti-Gay Sermon HERE!

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duck dynasty phil robertson 2010 hateful sermons intolerant antigay pennsylvania video ae suspension watch here

This is just so horrible!

If you were appalled by Phil Robertson's homophobic and racist remarks in the recent GQ interview, then this sermon will really bake your noodle!

The Duck Dynasty patriarch has apparently been preaching hate for YEARS!!!

We stumbled across this 2010 sermon from Pennsylvania's Berean Bible Church and we were SHOCKED by the cruel words that came out of Phil's mouth!!!

He makes multiple disparaging remarks about the LGBT community, calling gay people "insolent, arrogant God-haters" and heartless, senseless, sinners!

See his entire outrageous sermon for yourself…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Justin Bieber Calls Out Fan For Racism Despite Fan's Non-Racist Comment About His Bad Behavior!

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justin bieber underage drinking club


Justin Bieber is apparently still a boy growing up, and it seems he needs to learn a thing or two about racism.

Bieberoni made an awfully big judgement on Instagram after a fan posted a comment about him heading down a bad road. And that judgement was that the fan was racist!

The Biebs posted this comment on Instagram, along with the commenter's screen name, which will surely result in more than a few messages from Beliebers:

justin bieber calls fan racist comment

And he then responded with his own reaction:

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Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin Bieber

Twilight Called Out As Racist By Parody Producers! See Their Legal Claim HERE!

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twilight racist

The makers of Twilight do NOT like being made fun of- but if you believe a new legal claim, they also don't think very highly of women or Native Americans!

When some parody producers tried to release a spoof of the Twilight series, Lionsgate slapped them with a cease-and-desist order. Well, the makers of Twiharder are through joking around.

They fired back with a legal claim that they are well within their rights to parody the franchise- because it's racist!

In addition to the "questionable" treatment of domestic abuse, teen pregnancy, and drug use, producers also allege the film treats American Indians- the werewolves of the movies - as feral savages!

They also contend that the relationship between

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville Lost Work Over What Some Say Were Racist Remarks!

brandi glanville fired gig over racist comment

Perhaps Brandi Glanville should finally start watching what she says??

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills loose cannon has never been one to hold back, but now her wild style of speaking may have gotten her into some serious trouble!

After spewing out what some claim was a racist remark against castmate Joyce Giraud, Brandi is now being hit where it hurts…her bank account!

It seems her comment in reference to black people not swimming wasn't something that went over as easy with the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida as she claims it would with her black friends.

Company President John Fontana said:

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Brandi GlanvilleBrandi GlanvilleBrandi GlanvilleBrandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville