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Kanye West Gets Called A 'Walking Contradiction' In New Interview! See His Defense HERE!!!

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Kanye West walking contradiction

Oh my, when will he ever learn?

Kanye West had a very lengthy interview this morning and in it he talked about lots of different things, like how Kim Kardashian is today's next Marilyn Monroe (not Kate Upton), and how Bound 2
was supposed to be as cheesy as a parody video!

But that's not all! One of the interviewers happened to be radio DJ Charlamagne Tha God, who is known for his outspoken ways, and he was NOT about to cater to Yeezus' ego.

Right off the bat, Charlamagne told him that he thought Yeezus was "wack" and proceeded to ask him about his deals with major corporations, like Nike.

Ya know, because he goes around talking bad about them yet he JUST signed a deal with Adidas?

Charlamagne said:

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Kanye West's Call To Arms: Boycott Louis Vuitton!!

Kanye West takes his beef with Louis Vuitton to the public and requests a boycott of the brand!

Yeezus fans have a new set of commandments to follow these days!

We already knew that Kanye West isn't the "Louis Vuitton Don" he used to be, but now he’s officially Grinch-ing it and trying to steal their sales for the holidays — by boycott!

While interviewing with 92.3 NOW radio recently to promote his tour, Yeezy turned to one of his fave topics and talked about meeting resistance in the fashion world!

One example of this happened when he tried to set up a meeting with LV and was apparently told:

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Kanye West Asked Harmless Question About Fashion And COMPLETELY Loses His Shiz On Sway!! Listen To The Shouting Showdown HERE!

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Kanye West gets into a shouting match over the radio when asked about fashion!!! Listen HERE!

OK, we know that fashion can sometimes be a touchy subject for Kanye West and often prompts a casual rant or two.

But Yeezus' reaction to a harmless question from Sway Calloway while chatting on Shade 45 this morning was FAR beyond any rant we've heard from him to date!!

The rapper was basically asked why he hasn't been able to achieve the world-domination he's aiming for in the fashion world quite yet, and 'Ye IMMEDIATELY cuts Sway off and doesn't stop yelling for a good three minutes.

Here's just a brief glimpse of a few things he shouted:

"You ain't got the answer SWAY….You ain't spent $13 million of your own money trying to "empower"… I have been doing this longer than you… You ain't been doing the EDUCATION…"

Sounds like some SERIOUS pent-up anger to us!!

And in the end, Yeezy basically admits to not having enough money to throw down on his fashion empire. Huh??

Listen to the NSFW argument get turnt up REAL fast …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Jennifer Hudson Stopped In Her Tracks To Attend To Her Fans!

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109072pcn jhudson17(1)

Gurlfriend had a busy schedule, but she made time for the many people that mattered in her life!

The fans of course!

Jennifer Hudson stopped to sign autographs for her fans outside of Sirius Radio in the Big Apple on Wednesday!

The former American Idol contestant shared with her fans the fun times she had at the station, she posted:

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Jennifer Hudson stops for her fans in NYCJennifer Hudson stops for her fans in NYCJennifer Hudson stops for her fans in NYCJennifer Hudson stops for her fans in NYCJennifer Hudson stops for her fans in NYC

Taylor Swift Will Forever Choose Country Over Pop!

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If country and pop music got together and had a superstar baby, it would totes be Taylor Swift!


But even though Swifty has been much more prominent in the pop side of things lately, there's no doubt in her mind that she'd choose country radio over everything else.

The country princess revealed:

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Taylor Swift will forever be a country girlTaylor Swift will forever be a country girlTaylor Swift will forever be a country girlTaylor Swift will forever be a country girlTaylor Swift will forever be a country girl

Taylor Swift Covers Eminem's Lose Yourself! Listen Here!

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Move over Thomas Edison, because Taylor Swift may have just invented the greatest invention ever: country rap!

While she was recently on The Danger Show on Froggy Radio in Pittsburgh, Taylor did not miss her chance to blow perform Eminem's Lose Yourself!

And while this opportunity probably will come once in a lifetime (we're not sure if TayTay will cover Marshall Mathers again), Tay knocked it out of the park! Our score? 8 out of 8 Miles!

UPDATE: This AH-Mazing rap rendition is actually vintage Swifty as it was done in 2006 when she was only 16 years old! As if it could be any more awesome, Tay was just a youngin' and already killin' it!

Ch-ch-check out the rapturous rap…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Miley Cyrus Gives A Totally Naked Performance Of Wrecking Ball On BBC 1! Check It Out HERE!

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One thing Miley Cyrus' detractors can't take away from her - gurl can sing!

While at BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge on Tuesday morning, Miley showed off her pipes with an acoustic performance of Wrecking Ball!

Just Miley, a guitar, and a piano! Sounds almost as naked as the music video!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to hear Miley wreck the studio with nothing but her raw voice and pure emotion!

[Image via Joern Haufe/WENN.]

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