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Nick Cannon Announces His Home Phone Number Over The Radio!

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Dude - WTF are you thinking?! LOLz!

Nick Cannon was on air this morning on New York's 92.3 NOW radio station, and out of the blue, decided to give out he and wife Mariah Carey's ACTUAL HOME PHONE NUMBER so his fans could call him while he's at home on paternity leave!

Check out the full audio clip HERE…but go ahead to the 4.45 mark to get the digits!

The best part, however, comes after - when he calls to prove it's actually his and MARIAH PICKS UP! Good lord, does she sound PISSED!

Oh man. We hope the fury that she must be feeling won't send her into labor!

Or maybe it's for the best! Ha! Those babies have been up in her a loooong ass time!

Best of luck, guys! And next time you want to chat with fans, Nick, you might want to give them your PERSONAL cell phone number!

[Image via WENN.]

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Chris Brown Gets Down On Friday, Friday!

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You've made it, Rebecca Black! You're on Chris Brown's radar! Ha!

While doing an interview for a local radio station, Chris was introduced to the opus known as Friday for the very first time.

Like the rest of us, he totally digs it! He even sings along!

Check out the video (above) to see Chris jam out!

Oh, and if you want to check out the rest of the interview, tune into this station tomorrow…which is Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday after that!

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Oh, The Irony! Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan ADVICE!

Yeah. This actually happened.

Check out this audio clip of Charlie Sheen giving Lindsay Lohan ADVICE via The Dan Patrick Show regarding the actress' latest legal troubles (above)!

All we have to say is that he actually thinks that the bull shiz he spewed out doesn't apply just as much to him as it does to her, then he's crazier than we thought he was.



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GaGa's Born This Way Arrives This FRIDAY!

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It's here, Monsters! Well…almost!

Radio stations are announcing that Lady GaGa's brand new single, Born This Way, will debut on the airwaves this coming Friday, ahead of her Grammy performance on Sunday!

In fact, one station in Pennsylvania will be playing the new GaGa song once an hour on Friday, at the top of every hour that day!

Ch-ch-check out the promotional poster (above)!

This is it! The last stretch before the big day!

This week cannot go by fast enough! So SO EXCITED!

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Glenn Beck Dropped From New York Talk Radio

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His audience just isn't in the Big Apple, we guess.

Sources have confirmed that New York radio station WOR has decided to drop Glenn Beck's radio show due to poor ratings. The WOR program director said they were "surprised" that Beck didn't bring in as many listeners as they had hoped, but are pleased to announce they are replacing him with Mike Gallagher, another radio talk show giant.

The director feels that Mike will do better than Glenn as a native New Yorker who will concentrate on more local issues.

Uh-huh. That's fine, but we don't think that's the reason people weren't tuning in to Glenn.

Do U?

[Image via WENN.]

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Lil' Kim Impersonates Nicki Minaj On Radio Station


Lil' Kim doesn't play around! When she's mad, she stays mad!

Not only does she impersonate Nicki Minaj's voice on Hot 97's radio station with Angie Martinez, but then she offers to share a track with her for $7 million.


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DJ On Canadian Radio Station Smokes Salvia Live On Air

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Whoa! This is cray cray.

Ever since Miley's bongtroversial video was released - which showed her smoking the legal drug, salvia - a Canadian radio station decided to test the herb and see how dangerous the drug really is.

Ryder of Ryder and Brandy's "The Big Show" on Wired 96.3 took a hit of the legal drug live on air and had a pretty intense trip, lasting about 10 minutes. The DJ said he wanted to show how potent the drug really is and wants parents to sign a petition to make the drug illegal.

We have to admit, it was a little scary at how fast and how easy it was for Ryder to start hallucinating. Scary stuff.

What do U think? Should salvia be made illegal?

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