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Know A College Kid? Get Them This Ramen Spork And They'll Love You Forever!

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ramen spork is amazing gift college kids this one

There are a few things that all college students love: Beer, college logo hoodies, and ramen.

Well, maybe not evvvvvery student but certainly enough to make getting them a ramen spork worthwhile!

Yup, someone was genius enough to invent a spork specifically for eating ramen noodles!

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Selena Gomez Reveals Her Snooki-esque Tour Requirements! Pickles, Please!

selena gomez tour demands pickles

Who knew Selena Gomez and Snooki had so much in common?!

We certainly didn't, but apparently the seksi singer and our little Jersey meatball are sisters from another mister!

They DO both have some legendary dance moves!

But more than that, it seems Selenita is just as much a pickle fan as the Jersey Shore guidette.

(That's possible??)

This inneresting little discovery was made when Selena revealed her tour requirements. Sure, they weren't as cray cray as Beyoncé's red toilet paper needs, but they were definitely revealing!

Selena admitted which items top the list of her needs:

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Teen ONLY Eats Ramen Noodles!!!

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Georgi Readman is from the Isle of Wight, U.K. which sounds like a really exotic and fascinating place!

But Georgi's diet is the exact opposite of exotic. In fact, it sounds quite bland!

Readman has been eating ramen noodles since she was five-years-old and she refuses to eat anything else. Readman think she eats about 30 miles of noodles per year!

Here's what the girl said:

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Your Body Can't Handle Top Ramen And Gatorade!

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While Ramen and Gatorade might be top choices for those on a budget, our bodies cannot handle it!

Scientist Stefani Barden teamed up with Dr. Braden Kuo and had two subjects eat processed foods and homemade foods.

The two subjects swalled M2A LED/Camera pills (Mouth to Anus) and one ate Top Ramen, Gatorade, and gummi bears while the other ate homemade ramen and broth, hibiscus drinks, and gummi bears made from juice.

The results?

The homemade foods are easily digestable but the Ramen is STILL visible, even after 2 hours!

As Barden puts it, "Top Ramen is made to survive armaggedon."


Check out the video above and see this interesting study on food!

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