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Peyton Manning Takes Most Powerful Athlete Spot From Tiger Woods

Peyton Manning Takes Most Powerful Athlete Spot From Tiger Woods

We must say we saw this coming.

Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual Power 100 rankings of athletes named Colts quarterback Peyton Manning the most powerful athlete, knocking Tiger Woods off of his throne.

Snowboarder Shaun White was awarded second place, while Tiger placed third.

Bloomberg says that "sex scandals tend to hurt earnings and unquestionably damaged Woods' performance. Unless he can regain his game — and the trust of fans and advertisers — his earnings are likely to keep plummeting."

LeBron James was another big loser this year, dropping from second place to 11th — mostly because of his move from Cleveland to Miami.

The lesson here: Don’t have sex with women who aren’t your wife and don’t betray your home town!

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Randy Jackson Thinks J. Lo Is Almost As Good A Singer As Lady GaGa!

Uh-oh. We don't think this is going to go over too well at the judges table when Idol starts back up.

Original American Idol judge Randy Jackson was on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night talking about the upcoming season. The pair started to drift into a conversation about Jennifer Lopez, but instead of praising her judging abilities, Randy went on the defense of Jennifer's singing ability. When asked to rate her on a scale to 1-10, he gave her a 7.

Yeah, we agree with that.

Then, Jimmy asked Randy to compare JLo to some of the other singers of the day like Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Lady GaGa. Of the latter, Randy equated them to be about EQUAL!

Our response to that: WTF??? Are you serious??? We think the last decade has ruined you! You can't possibly believe that GaGa is only a point better than JLo?! What's wrong with you???

Check out the video (above) to hear Randy say it for himself.

Totally disagree with you, dawg!

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Hulu Going Down, Down, Down!

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Netflix killed the video star, Blockbuster.

Now, DVR must be killing the Internet hub, Hulu, because no one is using it anymore!

At one time, Hulu was the #2 most used website to watch video (behind YouTube, of course.) Now, estimates say that the number of viewers on the site have PLUMMETED, ranking it at the #10 among video websites.

So what kind of numbers are we talking? Our sources state that the number of viewers accessing the website plunged 45 percent to 24 million in June!

Yikes! Not good!

Better come up with something quick, Hulu! You're going to need a pretty big gimmick to get back on top! (And it ain't going to be charging visitors to watch videos!)

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