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Daniel Tosh Fan Thinks Model Karen Elson Needs To Be Raped



Daniel Tosh joked about rape at his standup last Friday, telling a woman she should get raped by five guys, but to his surprise, not everyone thought it was funny.

Karen Elson joined forces with the women who condemned the joke, but unfortunately her do-good attitude offended others, and things ended up getting cray on Twitter.

Miz Elson tweeted

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Daniel Tosh Angers Audience And Fans After Rape Joke

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Daniel Tosh rape joke controversey

The Laugh Factory seems to be a dangerous place for a lot of comedians that have a tendency to stomp past the line of decency.

Back in 2006, Seinfeld's Michael Richardson went on an infamous racist rant at the club while responding to a heckler. More recently, Dane Cook received backlash from fans and comedians alike after a "vicious, misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant" set, but now it's Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh's turn to feel the heat.

The comedian apparently made some VERY insensitive comments about rape jokes always being funny last Friday and one woman spoke up by saying, "Actually, rape jokes are never funny!"

A Tumblr account, which details the offended woman's experience at the El Lay comedy club, explained:

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