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Miley Cyrus Won't Be Tweeting An Apology For Twerking, Humping Or Nude Wrecking Ball Riding!

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miley cyrus not apologizing for anything

You hear that, wrecking ball creators? Miley Cyrus isn't sorry for putting her bare bottom on your ball!

She regrets nothing!

And she isn't sorry for any of her other recent antics including her many twerkfests, foam finger humping, and tongue fun!

Although some people might look back on their younger years with a leeettle embarrassment about the totes awks things they did, Mileybird is sure she won't be doing that because she knows exactly what she IS doing!

In her MTV documentary, Miley: The Movement, she admits:

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Miley Cyrus Has Something Even "Naughtier" Than Her VMAs Performance In Store For Fans!

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miley cyrus rubbing sledgehammer

And it wasn't her full on nekkidness in her Wrecking Ball video??

It sounds like we haven't yet reached the height of Miley Cyrus' shock value because she recently revealed her raunchy good times VMAs performance with Robin Thicke is nothing to act so shocked over because it's only going to get crazier!

While chatting with Alan Carr while on Chatty Man, Mileybird revealed the scandalicious deets:

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Vanessa Hudgens Is An On-Screen Good Girl Gone Permanently Bad!

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tumblr m97rt0gzq11qdzg2co1 r1 500

Better get used to Vanessa Hudgens all grown up!!!

In case her raunchy spin in Spring Breakers wasn't enough of an indication, Vanessa is wayyy past her Disney days and she has no plans of turning back.

YUP! Sorry teeny-boppers, but it looks like you'll be a bit too young to see V-Hudge as a pregnant teen in the upcoming Gimme Shelter or a prostitute in Frozen Ground.

But why is the sweet, free-spirited Vanessa addicted to deeper, darker risque roles??!

The starlet explained:

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Miley Cyrus' Raunchy Rubbing On Robin Thicke At The VMAs Got His Wifey's Approval!

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miley cyrus raunchiness ok with paula patton

Talk about an understanding wife!

While most of the viewers of the VMAs were feeling a bit scarred and traumatized after Miley Cyrus' gyrating and humping during her performance with Robin Thicke, there is actually one person out there who wasn't getting queasy!

And get this…it was Robin's wife, Paula Patton!

Even though there have apparently been rumors floating around that she was upset with Mileybird's lewdness on stage with the married man, it seems all is cool between the threesome - the platonic threesome.

Paula reportedly knew what was in store for fans because of all the rehearsals and felt like the live performance stuck to the plan. Well, maybe she should have informed Robin of just how durty it was gonna get!

But we're guessing these two will be just fine. C'mon, they survived the nekkid ladiez in the Blurred Lines video!

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Rihanna Gets Raunchy With Her Bod & Brings Her P*ssy Talk To Instagram!

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rihanna raunchy pic message instagram

Leave it to Rihanna to get down and durty!

And girlfriend did just that with her latest Instagram post.

The luvah of all things revealing posted a raunchy pic of herself (above) on the social networking site and posted an even raunchier message with it!

She wrote:

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Brooke Candy Just Wants Your STACKS Of Cash! Listen To Her Newest Song HERE!

If you wanna get with Brooke Candy, you better have some SERIOUS CASH!

By now, you probably know that we fell in LOVE with the naughty rapper at first listen, and in her latest song, STACK, there's no shortage of her trademark, raunchy rhymes!

Ch-ch-check out the awesome track (above)!

In her song, Mizz Candy warns the boys that if they're planning on getting with her, they better have the Benjamins to back it up!

And is it just us, or do we hear a little NeNe Leakes at the beginning of the song?? Must have something to do with her cashin' those Trump checks! LOLz!!

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Selena Gomez Wants To Shatter Her Disney Good Girl Image With Raunchy Spring Breakers Role!

selena gomez craved raunchy spring breakers role

Where oh where has our sweet, innocent little Selenita gone?!

While Selena Gomez and the rest of the Spring Breakers crew recently premiered the flick at SXSW, soon everyone will see the Disney starlet like they’ve never seen her before!

It seems like Selena was just waiting for the perfect chance to break out of that innocent image and will be baring almost all in the flick, set to premiere this month!

On her transition from child acting to more adult roles, Selenita stated:

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