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WAY Too Young Rapper In Raunchy Music Video

What were his parents thinking?

Watch (above) a disturbing video where a 6-year-old raps about making booties pop, and all sorts of other sexual innuendo laced material all while scantily clad women dance provocatively around him.

Do his parents know about this?

If they do and they think it's OK - they are in serious need of a time out!!!

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View Hosts Clash On Sexual Harassment

Filed under: TV NewsWhoopi Goldberg

Can you believe the ladies of The View are disagreeing?? LOL.

So, with the Herman Cain drama that's been going on, the host got on the hot topic of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Whoopi seems to think that if you have a problem with raunchy jokes, you can simply walk away from the problem by saying something to the effect of "I gtg, I got my period."

The other ladies — mainly Joy and Sherri — completely disagree. They say when women (or people) walk away or tell HR they get a bad reputation.

What do U think?

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Elizabeth Hurley Continues To Make An Impression On Gossip Girl

Filed under: Chace CrawfordGossip Girl


Starting with some claw marks on the sexy back of Chace Crawford.

We're only two episodes into the new season of Gossip Girl and already there is SO MUCH going on: Blair is pregnant, there are two (three?) possible fathers, a scandalous book about the Upper East Side has got Dan in a lot of trouble and Elizabeth Hurley keeps having sex with Chace Crawford.

No, seriously, that's all she's done so far. She comes onscreen and then BAM - she's having sex with Nate Archibald. Course, given the option of doing anything else and boinking Chace we know what we would choose too, but still, isn't she interested in a little character development? Give her sultry self some context?

No? Fine! Then let's just enjoy the steeeeamy outcome!

Check out some stills from last's night episode of Gossip Girl, featuring Liz and Chace doing the deed in a stairwell. Bom chicka wah wah!

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Sean William Scott Talks Dirty Deets On American Reunion!

Sean William Scott Shirtless Abs American Reunion Talk Details

With the original Pie cast reuniting for American Reunion film, we're all ready for the top notch raunch we loved about the first movie.

But we CAN expect those same kinds of laugh, right?

We know the cast is older now, but you guys haven't gone limp on us, riiight?

According to Sean William Scott, hellll no!

The actor talks dirty:

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Mandy Moore's Gotten Naughty!

Filed under: Film FlickersMandy Moore

My oh my! Mandy Moore!

We didn't know you had raunchy in you!

Get out this trailer for Mandy's new movie, Swinging With The Finkels. (above)

It's about a couple who becomes swingers. SPOILER ALERT - There's a scene with Mandy and a vibrator and Jerry Stiller in this thing.

Consider yourself warned.

We just have on question: Where the hell are we in this picture? England? America? There's so many accents flying around, it's like the damn UN!

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Two And Half Men Get NAKED For Publicity!

two and a half men get naked in new ad

Hopefully the Anger Management folks don't try for a similar campaign. We do NOT need to see Charlie Sheen naked…even if it's only implied. Ha!

Check out the newly released raunchy ad (above) for the return of Two and a Half Men, featuring Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones wearing Zero and a Half articles of clothing…or so it seems.

Our interest is piqued! Although…WHAT is Jon Cryer frowning about? What have you got going on down there, Ashton? LOLz.

What do U think of the new Two and a Half Men ad campaign? Does it make U want to tune in for the show?

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Reese Hops On The Bridesmaids Bandwagon!


And so it begins!

Hot on the heels of the HIGHlarious Bridesmaids' success, Reese Witherspoon has signed on to produce and appear in the DreamWorks-produced Who Invited Her? which will reportedly focus on a woman who crashes a bachelor party vacation!

Excellent! Sounds kind of like a reversed Wedding Crashers!

We're loving that women-centric raunchy comedies are becoming in! It's about time!

Can't wait to see Reese let her hair down!

What do U think? Will U check out Who Invited Her??

[Image via WENN.]

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