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Everyone Is Going SO Crazy Over Baseball Player's Amazing Catch They Didn't Even Notice He Kicked This Poor Kid In The Face!

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Who says baseball isn't exciting???

Everyone knows when you go to a sporting event that you want to get a seat that gets you as close to the action as possible!

However, this is one of those times where a fan got a little TOO close to the action!

In todays matchup between the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays, third baseman Josh Donaldson made an AMAZING diving catch in the stands that will surely be played nonstop on ESPN tonight!

But while everyone was busy focusing on Josh putting HIS body on the line, nobody seems to notice the poor little boy getting kicked in the head!!

Look closer (below)!

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This Photographer Captured Absolutely Breathtaking Photos Of A Cownose Ray Migration Off The Gulf Of Mexico! Amazing!!!

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Sandra Critelli captured a massive cownose ray migration in the Gulf of Mexico!

Do you ever see something so beautiful in nature that you just want to capture it and share it with the rest of the world??

Because that's EXACTLY what Sandra Critelli did!!

The veteran photographer was on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico when she was suddenly surrounded by THOUSANDS of cownose rays!

But the beautiful rays weren't gathering for any kind of marine takeover — they were simply migrating!

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Science: Dolphins Can Sense Electricity

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Science: Dolphins Can Sense Electricity

WTF?! What can't they do?

In a neat new discovery, researchers have found that one species of dolphin has the ability to sense electricity.

According to Discover Magazine, researchers examined small pits on the dolphin's nose, or vibrissal crypts, and found them to be connected to a number of nerves that reach the dolphin's brain.

Suspecting these crypts to be sense organs, researchers tested Guiana dolphins' reactions to a mild electrical field with and without these crypts covered.

Sharks, rays and platypuses, can also sense electricity but is the first "true mammal" known to be able to detect electrical fields.

[image via NBC]

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Miley Cyrus Tweets Her Dog Sunbathing

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Lila twitter pic

What an adorable picture!

Miley Cyrus took a moment to show off her lil' pup Lila catching a lil' sun on Twitter on Sunday.

She posted the pic and tweeted:

"LILA basking in the sun. Such a cutie!"

We couldn't agree more, Miley!

Thanks for sharing this cute pic!

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[Image via yfrog USA.]

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