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Jimmy Fallon Can Read The Minds Of Animals!

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Jimmy Fallon is a man of many, many talents!

But he has one special trait that even we didn't know about!

He can read minds!

Not just the minds of humans, though. He can read animals' minds, too!

How cool is that?

And apparently animals don't think very highly of their human counterparts!

Who would've thunk it?

Watch Jay Leno's very possible future replacement read minds directly (above) !!!

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Fan Pet Of The Day

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Today's adorbz Fan Pet of the Day is Brody!!

What a cute little fuzzball!

TeddyHilton.com reader Jamie sent us pics of the cutie and said:

"This is Brody, and he is known for his problem with static cling. He is a 7-month-old Yorkie Poo who has had a pretty rough start. During his first month at home, Brody was rushed to the vet hospital twice (once for low blood sugar and the other for a concussion - he bumped his head on a table as he was trying to get onto the couch). During both visits the doctors told us that the problem may be more severe, and because they did not know what was wrong with him at first, we had to sign a DNR (do not resuscitate) just in case things took a turn for the worse. After two overnight visits, both of which I didn't sleep a wink and stayed up all night calling the vet to check on him, Brody is now back at home and healthier than ever (there is no brain abnormality or a problem with his liver like he was originally diagnosed with). He is an extremely energetic puppy, and due to his love of fleece blankets, he runs into problems with static pretty often. After not knowing whether he was ever going to come back home (twice) he now brings an immense amount of joy to our lives everyday. This picture always makes me laugh and hopefully it can make others laugh as well."

We're so glad that he's okay after those health scares!

And he totally looks like a little static clingy fuzzball and we love it!!

Think UR pet should be The Fan Pet Of The Day? Email us a pic to teddyhiltonphotos@gmail.com!!!

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CUTENESS: Day In The Life Of Monkey The Dog

Filed under: AdoptionDogRescue


There is no better way to celebrate the holiday than sharing cuteness like this with U!!

This adorbulous video was suggested to us by Perezious Teddy Hilton reader Olivia. It's about Monkey the rescue dog!!

Olivia especially loves this video cause "The dog in the video reminds me of my little munchkin we rescued from Compton, we named him Easy E."

Are they separated at birth? Check out the pic of Easy E below and U decide!

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EXCLUSIVE: How To Help Animals Online

Filed under: Exclusives!PETAAnimal RightsAnimal Cruelty

Did you know you can save animals without even getting up from your chair??

Being an activist can be souper easy! The animals rights group was nice enough to make this video exclusively to show Teddy Hilton's perezious readers how to help animals online!!

To get you started you can CLICK HERE for a list of animal rights petitions. Every time your sign you're being a voice for animals that don't have one. See, the interwebs makes makeing a difference is SO EASY!

Follow PETA on Twitter and “like” PETA on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information on urgent cruelty cases and campaigns that need your support.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Best Way To Deal With Doggie Poo


It's the crappiest part of being a pet owner! But Teddy Hilton's veterinarian expert, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, has found the best product for picking up after his dog!!

It's called the Bags On Board Leash Handle Despiser and it looks incrediabllz!

The leash has the bags in the handle - so you'll never forget the bags again. (cause we know our readers aren't the type of pet owner that forget the bags on purpose.)

AND, once the bag is full of doggie doo, the handle has a place to attach the bag so you don't have to hold it anymore!

Wanna see how it works? Check out Dr. Patrick's shout out to this fab product.

OR click HERE to tweet the celeb vet your questions!

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

One of our most… innneresting questions ever!

Perezcious reader Bethany asks Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney:

"My 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Lady has ate poop since she was a pup and I have done everything to stop her.

I have given her special food, taken her to the vets and dog trainers but nothing has worked. She is on a strict diet because she is slightly overweight. Is there fat in feces? What can I do to stop her? She eats my other 2 dog's feces more than her own. It's almost like she truly enjoys it. I have a fenced in backyard with a dog-door because I am away during the day, that is why she is able to eat so much. Thank you."

Dr. Mahaney's Answer:

Yuck! Coprophagia (eating feces) is never a good habit for a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier), or any dog, to partake.

Your JRT may crave feces due to a physiologic or behavior cause. A health problem should be ruled out before we merely explore the behavior side of the issue. If your JRT is on a strict diet, then perhaps she is missing nutrients and trying to replace them by eating your other dog's feces.

May low fat or low calorie dog foods don't provide enough non-processed (i.e. not as they are formed in nature) nutrients and lead to animals eating things in their environment they should not, which is called dietary indiscretion and can make a pet very sick. Have you given your JRT a probiotic supplement? Your veterinarian should be able to prescribe one appropriate for your JRT. How about adding steamed, pureed vegetables to your dog's food? Cauliflower, spinach, and broccoli all relatively low calorie and provide fiber, real nutrients, and moisture which can help deter a dog from dietary indiscretion.

If she is left alone and given the opportunity to eat bowel movements due to lack of supervision, then she is going to need a lifestyle change in attempt to change her behavior. If you or a family member cannot look after her, then arrange for her to go to a daycare when she can be supervised consistently.

Good luck!!

Click HERE to tweet your question of Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

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CUTENESS: Starring Kitty

Filed under: Cat


This ADORBULOUS cat belongs to perezcious reader Corey.

Corey says the pussy's name is Piper and she likes to stare ALOT!!

What does she watch, you ask? Check out the video to see!

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