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The Contestant Categories On X Factor Are ALL-NEW! Find Out Which Judges Got What HERE!


Needless to say, we were NOT expecting this kind of switch-up!

But it's a season of CHANGE this year on The X Factor, so we're gonna embrace it!

As we all know, the reality competition divides its contestants by age and gender and assigns them to a specific group, each under the watchful mentorship of a judge on the panel!

Last year, Simon Cowell took the female solo singers ages 12 to 29, L.A. Reid the male, Paula Abdul the groups, and Nicole Scherzinger the over 30s, which had us pretty curious to see which categories new team members Demi Lovato and Britney Spears would land!

However, according to sources with the show, the group categories have been completely re-formatted, and now ALL categories are based solely on age!

So HERE is the new run-down, folks:

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Katy Perry Offered $20M To Judge American Idol! But Did She Take It??

katy perry american idol judge 20m offer

Cuz in the past, Katy Perry said she wasn't interested in judging for American Idol right now. But $20M is a lot of money for only a year!

So did they sweeten the offer up enough to make her lollipop eyes sparkle??

…the answer is

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Is Sharon Osbourne Leaving America's Got Talent For American IDOL?!

Afraid NOT!

Well, at least we think she's isn't! We don't really know if she's being serious or joking!

AGH! This is all SO confusing!

After an ambiguous Twitter update suggesting that she would be departing from America's Got Talent after this season, Sharon Osbourne has remained frustratingly mum on the subject, leaving many to wonder what exactly is going on with the judge and if she'll seriously be gone for good!

During a recent press junket for the reality competition, she continued to evade the question entirely by

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Sorry, American Idol! Britney Spears Would Have Judged For You…If X Factor Hadn't Snagged Her First!


We bet Nigel Lythgoe is kicking himself BIG TIME right now!

Despite some seriously complex, extended contract negotiations before officially joining The X Factor this season, Britney Spears has come forward to reveal that she would have happily done American Idol if she hadn't been offered the other reality competition first!

She reveals:

"I would have loved that."

But hold up! That doesn't mean she's not happy to be where she is!

Of course not! Brit-Brit adds:

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Idol Producer Nigel Lythgoe Wants Judges For One-Year Terms!

Nigel Lythgoe Idol Switch

Are you sure we aren’t just having a déjà vu with this whole American Idol judging switch up?

Haven’t we been here before? Is there ANY reality competition nowadays that keeps their cast members…?? LOLz.

Well, if you are wondering when Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler's replacements are going to be announced, it won’t be ANYTIME soon!!

Whomp, whomp.

Idol exec. producer Nigel Lythgoe recently said how the "spotlight of the press" isn’t helping the situation and that the show has their work cut out for them!

As far as prospective seat fillers? Nigel stated:

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Uh-Oh! American Idol Is Looking To DOWNSIZE For Its New Season!


Well, this certainly doesn't calm any nerves that folks may have now that Jennifer Lopez AND Steven Tyler have called it quits!

Remember how we reported that American Idol producers have been looking to 'revamp' the series for its upcoming 12th season?

Well, apparently, that means massive cuts to budget, staff, AND salaries when the reality competition returns this fall!

According to reports

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Hold Up! Jennifer Lopez May NOT Be Leaving American Idol!


She's just waiting to see how much money she can get until her tour wraps!

That's right, despite American Idol producers scrambling to find a new panel of judges for a revamped 12th season

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