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R.I.P. Wonder Woman!

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Wow! This one seemed like a shoe-in!

After receiving mixed reviews during test-screenings, the much-anticipated, David E. Kelley produced Wonder Woman pilot has reportedly NOT been picked up by NBC!

Apparently, the fan backlash regarding the changes made to the iconic superhero's costume didn't help matters, either.

Other pilots that didn't make the cut include Mann's World starring Don Johnson, the western Reconstruction, and the police drama 17th Precinct!

Too bad! Unfortunately, not every show can make it onto the air, though!

What do U think?? Are U bummed that Wonder Woman got canned?

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Shakira Inspires Hope By Visiting Haiti

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We LOVE her.

Shakira recently visited Port au Prince in Haiti with the Bare Foot Foundation to help support the reconstruction of a public school in the city.

In times of extreme hardship you have to hold on to the small moments that bring happiness — Shakira helped provide some of those moments during her trip.

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Another Lauryn Hill Show PANNED By Critics!


It's so difficult to hear about so many disappointed fans, especially after they've been looking forward to this comeback for SO long!

Lauryn Hill gave another performance this past Saturday in Toronto - as part of her recent North American Tour - and unfortunately, it sounds as though its audience was once again baffled by her displays of what's being described as "arrogance" and "self-indulgence!"

While one critic revealed that she didn't keep her audience waiting nearly as late as she did as some recent shows - she began her performance only an hour late - and that she appeared "healthy, energetic, clear-eyed" as well as "flashing that brilliant smile, laughing and saying 'How you been?' and 'Long time no see,'" the singer had re-worked so many of her classics that they were unrecognizable, and ultimately ostracized her fans!

They explain:

Much loved tunes like “Lost Ones,” “Ex-Factor” and “When It Hurts So Bad” were so unrecognizable it didn’t feel like I’d listened to that record at least once a week for the last 13 years.

Between the screaming guitars and new basslines, the frenetic pace of the songs and your reconstructed phrasing, the tunes melded indistinctly into one another. As you said, you wrote these songs a when you were much younger. Perhaps the meanings have changed for you, but don’t you think you could’ve let us know you’d also adopted an alternative rock outlook?

It wouldn’t have been so bad if the DJ that preceded you onstage had not amped the attendees with reggae and hip-hop instead of, say, more suitable Coldplay and Rage Against the Machine.

I get that artists should be allowed to evolve.

However, they usually do that by making new music, hopefully garnering new listeners if the old ones don’t embrace it.

We’re too polite to boo you, like they did in Atlanta, but didn’t you notice after awhile that no one was grooving, how the cheers and applause had dwindled and that only a few camera phones were lit up? Could you see the perplexed looks?

Even ever-evolving Prince has never disrespected his fans with a nostalgia tour devoid of nostalgia.

I hope this tour is a way to prove to yourself or your record label that you can still draw a crowd; that it’s the prelude to an album of brand new songs — sonically constructed however you wish — that document those life-altering sacrifices.

Because the alternative, that this was a meaningless exercise or simple money grab, would be even more disappointing, a trick that fewer of us will fall for next time.


It sounds as though they weren't just disappointed by her new sound, but they were OFFENDED, and almost felt cheated by it - which we can personally understand!

Keep in mind that although this tour is about you, bb, it's also about your FANS, who have patiently waited for your return for a long time!

We're thrilled that your sound has evolved, but by showcasing that evolution in classic songs for an audience of expectant fans is almost kind of an "Eff You" to them!

It may not be how you meant it, but that's how it comes off!

We still have faith in you, bb! But you might want to re-think your next show!


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T Swizzle Gives Back To Her Flood-Stricken Hometown!

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She truly is just wonderful!

Our beloved cutie pie Taylor Swift has reportedly donated $100,000 to her hometown - Hendersonville, TN - to help aid victims in the area who are recovering from the recent floodings!

Town spokesperson Dave LeMarbre says:

"It's overwhelming. We didn't expect that. We appreciate Taylor's donation as well as all the others who have stepped up."

Her contribution will be used to build a new playground in the town!


How unbelievably compassionate!

We're sure that money is appreciated more than you could ever realize, bb!


[Image via WENN.]

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