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Kia Motors, Virgin America, Red Bull, and MORE Sponsors Pull Away From Los Angeles Clippers Due To Donald Sterling's Racist Remarks!

Kia, Virgin America, Red Bull, and more sponsors continue to cut their ties with the Los Angeles Clippers!

Earlier today, CarMax and State Farm made the HUGE announcement that they would be cutting their ties to the Los Angeles Clippers due to owner Donald Sterling's racist comments!

Well it appears a few more companies have decided to follow suit as the franchise's sponsors are starting to drop like flies!

Kia Motors, Virgin America, and Red Bull are some of the latest sponsors to distance themselves from the Clippers amidst the controversy surrounding their owner!

Just like Chris Paul had a partnership with

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City Councilman Ed Burke Plans To Ban Energy Drinks In Chicago!

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This was gonna happen sooner or later!

Chicago's City Councilman Ed Burke is concerned with the health risks energy drinks pose to people, so in hopes to save his community, he proposed a ban on the sale of the overly caffeinated drinks, which include 5-hour Energy, Monster, Red Bull and others.

Burke's projected law reads:

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Energy And Sports Drinks Are DESTROYING Your Teeth!

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energy drinks rot teeth

Which do you love more — feeling alert and focused or your pearly white teeth? If you chose the latter, then you probably want to stop drinking energy and sports drinks!

A new study has found that the beverages loaded with electrolytes sugar and crazy high acidity levels are actively (and irreversibly) tearing the protective enamel off our teeth after just 5 days of regularly drinking them!

The study tested the effects of nine energy drinks and 13 sports drinks on teeth to discover the results that would make any dentist shriek. And in case you're wondering, energy drinks (like your precious Red Bull) were the WORST offenders because they caused twice as much damage to teeth as sports drinks.

What's crazy is that these beverages are marketed to America's youth as if they will deliver a blast of energy that will help them overcome any obstacle or help their performance on the football field. In reality, kids are simply "bathing their teeth with acid" when they guzzle them down.

Some of you may be thinking, "Who needs enamel on their teeth, anyway?" If you want your teeth protected from cavities and decay, U do!

You know what other beverage is really refreshing and can even help wake us up in the morning? Water!

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Billionaire Who Created Red Bull Dies

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It's a sad, sad day for tired people.

Chaleo Yoovidhya, the Thai billionaire co-founder of Red Bull, died Saturday in Bangkok at the age of 80.

He was ranked the 205th richest man in the world with a net worth of $5 billion. He died as the third richest man in Thailand.

He helped to create the energy drink's prototype back in the 1960s and called it Krathing Daeng, or Red Bull in English.

It has since become one of the most popular energy drinks on the market today.

He leaves behind his wife and five children.


Thank you for helping us discover the beauty of vodka and Red Bull, good sir. We will be forever grateful.

Let's all pour one out for our homie.

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Pediatricians Recommend Keeping Kids Away From Energy Drinks

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Energy Drink logos

Kids already have ENOUGH energy, why would they need an energy drink?!

The American Academy of Pediatrics has written in the June issue of Pediatrics that kids SHOULD NOT be sucking down energy drinks.

Obvious reasons include too much caffeine (more than 100 milligrams per drink sometimes), which is not only addictive, but can increase heart rate, blood pressure, speech, anxiety levels and lead to insomnia.

Dr. Cynthia Pegler, an adolescent medical specialist in New York City, said:

"Too much caffeine is not good for anybody and can lead to sleep problems, and if a child is also on a stimulant medicine to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you are now getting an extra whammy. This is not a good combination."

Makes sense to us! She recommends getting your kid hooked on water at an early age instead of relying on sugary sports drinks like Gatorade too, explaining:

"For most kids who do sports, water was the drink to encourage instead of all these other sugary drinks."

Beyond energy drinks, the Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend sports drinks either. Although they are not overloaded with caffeine, they contain unnecessary sugars, which lead to obesity and cavities. The report explained:

"Most sports drinks have calories and sugar which can lead to weight gain and dental erosion. They have a limited use for specific kids and teen athletes involved in prolonged vigorous sports or other activities."

We don't recall needing an energy drink to get us through the day as kids, so we don't see why any kids would need them now.

Are your kids too tired to get through the school day? Doctors suggest that consuming energy drinks is merely "a band-aid for an underlying problem that needs evaluation."

Totally agree! We'll leave parenting up to parents, but the danger of children unnecessarily consuming energy drinks is definitely something EVERY person raising a child should be aware of.

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