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New GaGa! Listen To Judas HERE!!!

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Judas has arrived!!!

And he sounds like a smash hit!!!

Listen to Lady GaGa's new single, produced by RedOne, above!!!

LOVE it!!!!!!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE buy Judas on iTunes now!


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Born This Way Producer Talks GaGa's Second Single, Judas!

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Again, another fantastic song on its way with an inspired message!

Fernando Garibay, who co-produced Lady GaGa's smash single, Born This Way, recently spoke out about the singer's upcoming track, Judas, and claims that although it's more traditionally the singer's style than its predecessor, it has a powerful statement in its lyrics!

He explains:

"'Judas' is produced by RedOne and GaGa, obviously, and it's a statement about - again I can't speak for her - but what I gather is it's about sometimes not choosing the right choice. But you can't deny that the choice is not a part of you and who you are. 'Judas' is a dance song, definitely. I think 'Judas' is in the traditional RedOne/GaGa vein. It's great because it's a serious message, it's a little playful, but still serious, but still somehow you wind up dancing to it. That's what's great about her music. You know, like, my favorite songs of all time, dance songs - 'Billie Jean' is a story you wouldn't think of singing but then you wind up dancing and singing the lyrics. I think that's the holy grail of music for me, which is dance."


It certainly sounds as though this song hits a very sincere and familiar chord, to which many can relate, that expands upon her theme with the lead single!


We cannot wait for this to hit the airwaves! It's going to be EPIC!

What do U think?? Are U excited for Judas??

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RedOne Talks Working With Lady GaGa

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Since we're all so excited for Lady GaGa's Born This Way, her frequent collaborator RedOne gives some deets on how they do so well in the studio together.

He said:

“The only thing we do is we get into the studio and suddenly magic happens. We never over-think, or we just do what we do. That’s how it all started. With ‘Just Dance,' we did it in one hour. There was no over-thinking. Even though I remember when we did ‘Poker Face,’ people said musically it brought something new to the music and you won’t be able to top it, we went into the studio and we did ‘Bad Romance’ on a bus.

That explains how we do it, so I can’t tell you anything about what’s coming but that’s what we do. We just get in and do music we love and feel it, and thank God it comes out good.”

And we can't wait to hear the magic for ourselves!


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RedOne Talks J. Lo Collaboration

redone working with jennifer lopez on new album

Looks like you're in pretty good hands with your next album, J. Lo!

While she continues to judge American Idol, Jennifer Lopez is also moving forward with her new album Love?, and she's working with Lady GaGa collaborating-producer RedOne.

Here's what RedOne had to say about working with J. Lo:

"Musically, I'm trying to combine all the elements that makes her who she is. We connected, and it was easy to work together."

More from RedOne:

"She's in another headspace. She's very positive and content. She knows what she wants to do."

So far, it looks like RedOne and J. Lo have recorded almost eight tracks together.

We're excited to hear what you two have come up with! We're sure we'll be impressed!

Do U think RedOne will help J. Lo release a phenomenal album?

[Images via WENN.]

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GaGa's Manager & RedOne Rave About Born This Way!

gagas manager and redone rave about her upcoming album

GaGa's crew are all types of pumped for her upcoming album Born This Way, and we are too!

Here's what her manager, Troy Carter, had to say about the new album:

"We're just starting to play music for the label. We're very excited about it. We're starting to play a little for people and getting a feel for it, and she's done an incredible job, a really incredible job."

More from Carter about the album:

"Well, you know what, it's not where I go from a business standpoint, it's more about where she goes creatively because, truth be told, we built the business around her creative infrastructure and that business that was built is unique to Lady Gaga. We haven't announced a date … nope … it's coming soon."

Here's what frequent collaborator/producer RedOne had to say about it:

"I think it's more of her freedom album. It's like freedom, this album … it's her album!"

More from RedOne:

"To be honest with you, I think that this album that she's making is too precious to talk about. When it comes out you'll hear and you'll make your choice. I think you're gonna love it. But I think it's too precious for me to talk about it. It's crazy."

We couldn't be more excited to see what GaGa has in store for us!

Are U pumped for GaGa's new album?

[Image via WENN.]

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Nicole Scherziner Drops Solo Song - And It's Really REALLY Good!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

FINALLY!!!! She has a solo song that is as good as she is!!!

If only she had released this when she tried to come out with her solo album a few years ago!

Lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has just dropped her new single, Poison, and it is sooooooo good!

Produced by hitmaker RedOne, the song is just what Nicole needed - a big pop song with some rock edge that is not too far from what she did in the past and won't alienate any old fans, which she may have done with her slightly more urban previous solo material.

Poison is instantly addictive and we predict it will be a huge worldwide smash for Scherzinger!

Check it out (above)!

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Music Producer RedOne Says GaGa's New Album Is "Too Precious To Talk About!"

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He says a whole lot of NOTHING, but we're still psyched!

Producer/Songwriter RedOne, who frequently collaborates with Lady GaGa, opened up - sort of - about her upcoming album, Born This Way, and literally is too impressed to describe it properly!

He says:

"I think it's more of her freedom album. It's like freedom this album … it's her album! To be honest with you, I think that this album that she's making is too precious to talk about. When it comes out you'll hear and you'll make your choice. I think you're gonna love it. But I think it's too precious for me to talk about it. It's crazy. I said with everything I do I want to shock people. Honestly, it's like whatever I do, I always want to shock people sonically, lyrically with the writer, anything that's gonna get the reaction. And so when it comes to her album, I mean honestly, I really think it's too precious, it's too good to talk about. I don't want to talk about it at all. I just want to save it. I'll let her talk about it. It's her. It's her presenting Gaga. I'm the producer, but she's the artist. Whatever happens later is going to happen. I can't say I'm doing this or I'm doing that. It's a surprise. I want to leave it like that."

Holy shiz!

This is some serious business! We can't even imagine what her new stuff must sound like!

We're SO EXCITED! We predict that this one will be EPIC!

What do U think?? Are U excited for Born This Way??

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