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Leo Refuses To Promote Titanic 3D!


Aw! Don't be such a stinker!

Although, honestly, we don't blame the guy.

As you all know by now, 20th Century Fox is re-releasing the 1997 film Titanic in 3D and yeah, obvsies, it will most likely dominate at the box office even 15 years later.

But the film's star Leonardo DiCaprio is gonna sit this one out as he's unwilling to participate in promoting the film.

And the reason why?

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Kris Humphries Using Annulment To Gain More Publicity


Seems like Kris Humphries is doing whatever he can to stay in the public eye.

Despite Kim Kardashian originally asking Humphries for an annulment, the basketball player refused to go along with it.

Instead he decided not to sign any divorce papers at first and then hired a legal team to help him move along with the separation.

But now,

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Book Publishers Want Nothing To Do With Casey Anthony

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casey anthony to pay florida 97k

Can you blame them?

An NBC news reporter is trying to get an interview with Casey Anthony but she's reportedly only agreed if she can get a book deal.

However, book publishers want NOTHING to do with her and are refusing to give a cent of their money to give her a deal.

Three of the biggest book publishers have come right out and refused, saying there's absolutely no way they would agree to sign her.

Simon and Schuster says:

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The Legal Woes Continue For The White House Gate Crashers!


Seriously? These two are unbelievable!

Not that we'd expect anything less from them! Yuck!

White House gate crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi have once again found themselves in trouble with the law, after canceling a scheduled wine tour to a woman named Kerri Chick, and then failing to refund her the $655.00 she paid, despite them having already cashed her check!

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Lindsay Shuts Down Matt Lauer Minutes Before Interview

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Linds Shuts Down Lauer

Matt Lauer is a busy dude, so when he flies all the way out to El Lay from NYC, you'd think you'd know why he was coming and what you've agreed to before he gets here!

He came out to interview Lindsay Lohan, made it all the way into her house, set up, and they were both going through make up when Lindsay was reminded that it might be a lengthy interview — which then she promptly refused to do.

See, Lindsay though it was only going to be a 15 minute interview. But

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Apple Not Happy With AP For Trying To Update Jobs Obit

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Steve Jobs Obit Dramz

While we understand the need to have things like this at the ready, we've gotta side with Apple on this one.

Everyone, including us, was eager to hear what Steve Jobs was going to announce next for the Apple line of products and operating systems.

Well, almost everyone. The folks over at AP somehow decided that it was the proper time to start calling around to major sources for new quotes to go on Steve's newly updated obituary — before it was even known if he'd be making the keynote speech because he'd been on medical leave.

Awesomely enough, he was there. While he looked thinner than usual, he was in good spirits and looked to be in good health as well.

When Apple caught wind of AP doing this, they were not happy at all. They even went so far as to contact the same sources as AP and ask them not to give any quotes or help AP in any way!

The good thing is that most of them had refused anyway, regardless of being asked.

Like we said — we get that AP has a job to do, but it seems like the wrong time. Especially right before a major event with everyone watching.

Do U think it was okay for them to do this??

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Flo Rida Denied!

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Flo Rida Rejected From Hudson Terrace

How hard is it to keep your ID on you, regardless of your fame?

Or, better yet, to not rely on that fame and use it as an all access pass??

To this, we say bravo to the security team at the Hudson Terrace in NYC:

"A source outside the club tells us the rapper arrived with a crew of about 15 around 1 a.m., and when most of the group refused to show ID to the bouncers, they were turned away at the door. "Don't you know who I am?" the insider tells us Flo hissed, before taking the hint and retreating with his crew."

They might know who you are, Flo, but they don't know who your crew is.

Easy solution: carry your IDs, relax your egos!

There, problem solved. That'll be a million dollars please. Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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