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De-Stress Your Mornings…By Simplifying!!!

Mornings tend to be stressful, especially for mommies.

But with a little preparation beforehand, mornings can actually run quite smoothly!

One of our favorite blogger explains how!

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Stressed Out Cat Gets Much Needed Massage!

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Your Reaction?

Cancel all his appointments, this cat needs some "me" time!

After a hard day's work of being ridiculously aDORable, licking himself and purring, this cat wants a nice, soothing and stress relieving massage.

Wrapped in a blanket, the kitty lets the machine work its magic!

Check out the absolutely TOO cute video (above) to see this cat get some R&R!

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Kate Moss Opens Up About Her Lifestyle & Terry Richardson

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Kate Moss is the brand new spokeswoman for Mango, and she's a fabulous one at that!

But the busy 38 year old mom has to take some time to herself, right??

So how does the super model/newlywed/mother/business woman/Johnny Depp ex do that??

According to

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Escaping Nicotine Cravings While Trying To Quit Smoking

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Craig Nabat

Trying to quit smoking is tough! Especially the first ten days!

A FitPerez reader looking to ditch their nicotine habit wrote smoking counselor Craig Nabat for advice on beating cravings during the process, asking:

"I am a long time smoker and I currently attempted to quit (AGAIN, LOL). I am actually beginning my 3rd smoke free day today. My problem is that after today is usually when I start smoking again, almost EVERYTIME. Usually the first 3 days smoke free are the hardest but its usually a breeze for me and day 4-5 are usually when i break…WHY is this?!?!? I am feeling great but I am very nervous about the next 2 days…any advice/tips? Thanks so much for your time!"

According to Craig:

Congratulations on making it to your 3rd day of no smoking. Look at quitting smoking as a ten day process. Three days to get through the crucial detoxification period where your mind and body are coming off nicotine. It takes another 7 days to rid the body of all the toxins from cigarettes. After 10 days have passed you are only dealing with the psychological aspects of the addiction. Unfortunately, the psychological aspects can last for life, but they do substantially diminish overtime. You can compare the ongoing experience to how a person gets over a lost love.

Over the next few days force yourself to exercise, get a massage, and take 10 deep breaths if an urge for smoking comes along, all smoking urges pass within 3 minutes. Also, if you can refrain from caffeine and alcohol during this time, it would be helpful. Drink water as much as possible for the next 10 days. The pain and anguish of quitting is short compared to being a lifelong smoker. You can do it!

For more tips to quit smoking, feel free to tweet Craig questions @freedomlaser or write to tips@fitperez.com!

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Massages Ease Chronic Back Pain In The Short Term

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Back Massage Pain Relief

What a wonderful excuse to get massages once a week! Well, not wonderful, it would be a better situation if you weren't experiencing chronic back pain.

But if you are, at least a massage is a great add-on.

It turns out in a new study that those who get weekly massages used less pain medication and spent less time in bed than those who didn't.

In the new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 401 people were randomly assigned to usual care or one of two kinds of massage therapy: either so-called structural massage, or relaxation massage (also called Swedish massage).

After 10 weeks the massage group had improved considerably compared to the other patients.

For instance, about 30 percent of those getting massages had used painkillers in the past week, compared to 40 percent of those getting usual care. And twice as many in the usual care group — seven percent — had stayed in bed at least one day in the past month.

The problem is that after half a year, the benefits vanished. Maybe people were getting used to the treatments, or perhaps they should switch up massage styles, but in the short-term the 10% drop in meds sounds worth it to us.

Still, it's great to have options, and there could be worse choices!

[Image via AP Images.]

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