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Original Angel Cheryl Ladd Loves The New Angels!

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Cheryl Ladd Talks New Charlies Angels

Cheryl Ladd, what a classy broad!

Though critics and audiences might be feeling luke-warm with the new Charlie's Angels, if there's anyone to truly judge their performance, it's one of the originals.

Cheryl recently gave her support to the girls, dishing:

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Rose McGowan Returns To TV, Guest Stars On Law & Order: SVU

rose mcgowan returns to tv

Last we heard from Rose McGowan, a man who had been harassing her, Louis Santo III, was placed behind bars.

Then again, Rose hasn't been so innocent herself…or at least she wasn't on last night's episode of Law & Order: SVU.

In her first TV role since Charmed Nip/Tuck, Rose played "sultry manipulator" Cassandra Davina on SVU. She guest-starred as "a con-artist playing the victim to her allegedly jealous ex-boyfriend."

Looks like we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Rose soon in remakes/reboots of Arnold Schwarzenegger action flicks Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja.

Did U catch Rose McGowan's SVU appearance? Do U think it's time for her to make a major comeback?

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Scream 4 Opening Deaths REVEALED!



See which actresses will be meeting their maker in the opening sequence of Scream 4AFTER THE JUMP!

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It's Here! The Just-Released And OFFICIAL Trailer For Scream 4!

We won't know until it's out, but this looks as though it's going to exceed are already-high expectations!

Check out the brand new, just released official trailer for Scream 4 (above), set to hit theaters in April, and once again starring our beloved Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox!

HIGHlarious characters, sharp, smart dialogue, some really genuine-looking scares - it's all we could have asked for, and more!

And dare we say that we actually are sort of looking forward to Hayden Panettiere's character? That scene where she's naming off all of the horror remakes looks AMAZING!

We wonder if she's getting the notorious Drew Barrymore test!

Not a good sign, bb! Nobody ever does well on that one!


What do U think?? Are U excited for Scream 4??

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Kevin Smith Tweets About Clerks 3 And Other Potential Sequels

kevin smith talks potential sequels via twitter

Yesterday, we reported on a new deal by The Weinstein Company and Miramax where they'll be sequelizing a bunch of their hit/classic films.

Given his track record with both companies, it's no surprise that Kevin Smith chose to share his thoughts on the possibility of Clerks III and other Jay and Silent Bob sequels.

Here's what he had to say about it on his Twitter:

"…I sold the movie [Clerks] to them in 1994. But I guess if someone was going to exploit the library for sequels, remakes, tv, I'd rather it be the devil I know. Nice to know there's a home for Clerks III if I ever wanted to make it, but hope it doesn't become a home for a Clerks-anything if I'm not involved."

More from Kevin:

"Either way, I doubt my shit is even something they wanna re-do/remake. They own Clerks, Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. But then it's further complicated by the Jay & Silent Bob of it all. They don't own Jay & Silent Bob; I do. They own Strike Back, but they can't make any flick that'd include Jay & Silent Bob (even a Strike Back sequel) without my permission/license.

The only flick they own free & clear of me with no ties whatsoever, is Jersey Girl. And from personal experience, there's little to no interest in a sequel or remake, unless it opens with JLo's dead Mom busting out of her earthen grave, trampling her only begotten daughter's copy of a Necronomicon as she eats her brains. If they wanna do THAT Jersey Girl sequel, I'm totally in. But honestly, all those flicks are theirs to do with as they will. I can't (and won't) complain. At least the Guardians of Ga'Harvey are still in place, looking out for the dopey little (f)art flicks I made so long ago."

LOLs! This is HIGHlarious, Kevin!

We'd LOVE to see THAT Jersey Girl sequel! Sounds amazing!

Would U like to see Kevin Smith's movies get the sequel treatment?

…Snooch to the nooch.

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Jack Bauer Becomes J.R. Ewing?!


Television is taking a turn for the remakes, looking to resurrect another classic television show for a new generation. Sources are claiming that remake of Dallas is in the works, with none other than Kiefer Sutherland being considered for the lead!

But he won't be playing JR EWing, don't worry. No, that coveted role can only go to one man - the one who originated it! Sources reveal that Larry Hagman, now 79, would be reprising his role as the scheming oil tycoon, and other original cast members, like Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, have also been approached to return for the remake.

As for the younger blood, we hear Jennifer Love Desperate and Lost actor Josh Holloway are being considered as stars. (Oh, how excited Jennifer must be!)

We think it would be very hard to capture the magic of the original, but worse ideas have been tried!

Would U tune in for a remake of the show?

[Image via WENN.]

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Werewolves, Werewolves Everywhere! We Hope These Two Don't Stink.


Looks like we’ve got Taylor Lautner’s abs to thank for these upcoming werewolf movie remakes.

In June 2009, Dimension films announced plans to remake John Landis’ 1981 cult classic An American Werewolf in London. We were skeptical at the time, and we’re even more so now.

Over a year after the announcement, they’re finally in talks with screenwriter Fernley Phillips to write the script. Phillips wrote Jim Carrey’s VERY questionably watchable The Number 23. News like this makes it hard for us to remain overly optimistic.

Another werewolf remake in the works is Paramount’s Teen Wolf, based on the 1985 comedy starring Michael J. Fox.

We’re nervous about this remake, because if it goes well, they might try to remake the absurd 1987 sequel, Teen Wolf Too, which starred Jason Bateman. Sorry for reminding the world about this Jason, but don’t worry…we’re all still stoked for the Arrested Development movie!

What werewolf movie do you think they’ll remake next?

[Image via AP Images.]

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