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Céline Dion’s Twins Celebrate First Birthday!

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Céline Dion’s twin sons Nelson and Eddy Angélil celebrated their first birthday with a Disney-themed party at home.

"The boys each had their own cakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse," said a source. AND not only that, but the whole family, including Céline's hubby René Angélil and their oldest son René-Charles, 10½, got a visit from Mickey and Donald to top off their fun day.

It pays to be the kids of Céline Dion!!

Happy birthday, Nelson and Eddy!

[Image via Richard Gauthier.]

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Celine Dion Has The Smartest Babies Ever!

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Her babies may be just four months old, but they are already little baby Einsteins!

According to Celine Dion, her four-month-old twins, Eddy and Nelson, are already bilingual. Speaking both English and French, Celine says, "They wave, they speak French. They've got it all."

She adds that she and husband Rene Angelil "mainly speak French to them," which is how the boys have become such smarty-pants!

Sure Celine may be exaggerating just slightly, but we REALLY do want to believe her! Who knows, maybe she has the talent of breeding the most genius babies ever!

[Image via WENN.]

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Celine Dion Returns To Vegas!

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She's back! And she brought the entire, adorable family with her!

Check out these photos of Celine Dion returning to Las Vegas yesterday, with her entire family - including husband Rene Angelil, and children Rene-Charles, Nelson, and Eddy - in tow (above), as she prepares for her second run at the Colosseum, which starts up on March 15th and lasts 70 shows a year!

So happy to see how happy and healthy the whole gang looks!

And what precious babies!

Congratulations, bb! We couldn't be more thrilled for you!

[Images via WENN.]

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New Pic Of Celine And The Twinsies!

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Soooo precious!!!

The employees of Caesars Palace, where Celine Dion will be performing shows starting March 15, got a pleasant surprise when they received holiday greeting cards adorned with this beautiful picture of Celine and the fam.

In her message, she wrote that she and husband Rene Angelil, along with their son Rene-Charles "are looking to returning to Las Vegas, and with the twins Nelson and Eddy, there's going to be a lot going on around our house!!!!"

We bet!

Keep your energy, bb, because we can't WAIT to see you back on stage on Vegas!

[Image via Caesars Palace / Celine Dion.]

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Celine Dion Names Her Twins!

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celine dion names twins


Celine Dion has named her newborn twin boys Nelson and Eddy Angelil!

She explained that "Nelson" is a tribute to Nelson Mandela, while "Eddy" is named after French songwriter Eddy Marnay, who helped launched her career at the tender age of 13.

Her hubby, Rene Angelil, said:

"When Saturday at 11:11 came, and they showed us the first baby that was crying, we were crying. It was a very emotional moment, and even though we didn't speak to each other, we were both thinking about the time it took. We are very lucky, very privileged and very fortunate to have these boys."

Very cute! We love that the names are special to them.

[Image via WENN.]

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Celine's Hubby Rene Talks The Twins!

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Rest assured, both babies and momma are doing just fine!

Celine Dion's husband Rene Angelil has taped his first interview with the press since his twin boys were born on Saturday and during that time, revealed how happy he is to be a father again!

He revealed how the "struggle" of trying to conceive was a difficult journey for both he and Celine, but when she became pregnant with the twins, they were both thrilled. He explained that the long wait to have more children only made the arrival of his new sons all the sweeter. He said:

"When Saturday at 11:11 came, and they showed us the first baby that was crying, we were crying…It was a very emotional moment and even though we didn't speak to each other, we were both thinking about the time it took. We are very lucky, very privileged and very fortunate to have these boys."

For now, Rene reveals that Celine is resting and will be doing as such for at least the next three months. After that, if she is ready for it, she'll begin rehearsals on her new Las Vegas show.

As much as we'd love to see her name in lights again on the strip, we'd much rather hear she is enjoying her time with these two little ones. She worked so hard to get them, she should enjoy them!

[Image via WENN.]

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Céline Gives Birth To Twinsies!!

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Céline Dion has received the greatest reward!

The singer gave birth to fraternal twin boys via C-section on Saturday morning at a Florida hospital.

One of the boys weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz., and the other weighed 5 lbs., 10 oz.

While the twins are healthy, Céline's rep says that they will spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature.

The rep released a statement:

"Céline, René and their son René-Charles are thrilled. René-Charles has been to the hospital to visit his brothers and is just so excited they are here. Céline is resting now and they plan to discuss what to name the boys when she wakes up."

So exciting! We just hope those little bbs get to their normal weight as soon as possible!

Congratulations to Céline and René!

[Image via WENN.]

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