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Lindsay Lohan Furious About Rehab Sentence - Because Her Birthday Plans Are Now RUINED!

lindsay ruined birthday

It's just LOVELY to see Lindsay Lohan so clearly grateful that she once again managed to escape jail time in lieu of a much cushier, undeserved 90-day sentence in lock down rehab!

Oh, excuse us!

That was just an incredibly unrealistic fever dream!

Back to reality: Lindsay Lohan is obviously NOT the least bit appreciative of her miraculous good fortune, and instead is whining to the few people who still listen to her nonsense that she won't be able to properly celebrate her 27th birthday in July…because she'll be in treatment by then!

As we all know

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Charlie Sheen Legally Banned From Seeing Children Until He Undergoes Psychiatric Evaluation

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Good! We think that this is definitely in everyone's best interest.

According to Brooke Mueller's custody agreement with Charlie Sheen, the troubled actor must undergo a full psychological evaluation with a licensed psychiatrist in order to see his twin sons again.

A source explains:

"Charlie must submit to a mental health evaluation with a licensed professional before he can see Bob and Max. Charlie won't see the boys until he sees a psychiatrist, that is someone neutral, that hasn't previously treated him. Charlie knows what he has to do to see the boys. If he wants to see them, he will do it. Charlie agreed to these terms in the custody agreement. He has to adhere to the terms. The fact is though that before Charlie's problems began in the last several months, he had had little or no contact with Bob and Max in the previous 16 months."

Sadly, that has yet to happen, and we doubt it will for quite some time, if ever.

We're just thankful that Brooke put these terms into place in order to ensure that her kids remain safe.

Such a shame that his relationship with his children isn't an important enough incentive for him to want and get his life in order.

Here's hoping there's a miracle and he comes to his senses.

[Image via WENN.]

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Wyoming Bill Requires Couples Go Through Counseling Before Marriage Or Divorce!

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Wow! We're not sure how constitutional this is, but a part of us thinks it isn't a terrible idea!

Rep. Ed Buchanan, of Wyoming, is reportedly attempting to pass a bill that will require that couples attempting to get married or divorced to go through counseling together - and have to pay for it themselves!

According to the bill, if they don't want to go through that, then they would legally have to wait a year to get a marriage license or a divorce decree!

Buchanan explains:

"Perhaps a year is too long to wait. I wanted to open up the discussion. All it is is education. It's education regarding the most common stressors in a relationship."

The state currently holds the nation's third-highest divorce rate, and is one of the top reasons for children to end up in poverty.

According to Buchanan, Wyoming already requires divorcing couples to take co-parent counseling before the split, but he wants the bill to pass so they can also learn how to deal with each other once the divorce is finalized.

The bill also has the option for a judge to wave the counseling requirement in divorce cases, if one of the parties is a victim of domestic violence.

Wow! You have to admit, it's an inneresting idea - and they certainly seem to have taken a lot into consideration to ensure that nobody's rights are being violated!

What do U think?? Is the bill a good idea or should couples be allowed to marry and divorce as they please??

[Image via AP Images.]

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A Bra For Brit Brit!


Uh-oh! The leash is being tightened!

Sources are claiming that Jamie Spears, who still has legal control over our beloved Brit Brit's life, is none too pleased with some mild signs that the pop star may be going off the deep end again, so he's nipping that shiz right in the bud before it escalates!

First order of action: girlfriend must wear a bra whenever she leaves the house, and her security guards must enforce it if she says otherwise!


It sounds pretty ridiculous, but we suppose as a parent, it must not be fun to see your daughter running around with her nips out!

What do U think?? Is Jamie overreacting or is Brit Brit starting to act a little crazy??

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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