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Moby Loves Undercover Animal Rights Investigators!

Moby is such a talented musician and a huge animal lover!!

While at the Humane Society of the United States' 2013 Genesis Awards he gave an interview about animal rights and undercover investigators.

Well, he also talks about Crossroads, a vegan restaurant that is so good, even meat eaters would wanna go there and hang out til closing time!

After talking about some of his favorite cruelty free restaurants, he started talking about how much he respects undercover animal rights workers.

They're the secret whistleblowers who put their jobs and even bodies on the line to get the footage that will land cruel, awful people in jail.

Since Moby has been a vegan for an incrediballz 25 years, he's clearly got a lot of love for animals!!

Check out the video (above) to hear Moby talk about how much he respects animal rights activists.

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Nicki Minaj Gives GREAT Advice To Women! Read Her Elle HIGHlights HERE!

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nicki minaj women command respect gif

Her waffle-craving Minajesty has spoken!

And therein the April 2013 issue of Elle, feisty Nicki Minaj delivers the law on the golden respect-commanding truth.

Specifically applicable to women, we find the wisdom beneficial to ANYONE needing a confidence boost.

She tells the mag:

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MIT Baseball Captain Comes Out!!

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Sean Karson

This is so great!

The sports world needs to know, it's okay to be gay!

Sean Karson, co-captain of MIT's baseball team, recently came out to his teammates.

He has received nothing but support!!

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LeBron Helps Fan Celebrate After Amazeballs Half-Court Shot!!

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What the what!!!

This shot is UNBELIEBABLE!! You have to see it to understand exactly what we mean — because describing it as a half court hook shot for $75k does NOT do it justice!

And guess what?? That's not even the best part of the video! Stick around after the shot to see LeBron James himself pay his own special kind of respect to a man who can do that!!


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John Edwards & Rielle Hunter Bone So Loudly Their Neighbors Are Pissed!

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Scandals be damned!

John Edwards & Rielle Hunter have NOT lost their spark! LOLz!

Apparently the scandalous couple can't be satisfied with a whisper, and have to get their boink on as LOUD as possible!! The neighbors are super pissed about it!!

Here's what the source said:

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Rihanna’s Demand To Chris Brown: It’s Karrueche Or Me!

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Rihanna Chris Brown Karrueche Tran Ultimatum

The game is over!

Chris Brown is finally being called out for dating both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran.

We’re sure it was fun for him while it lasted.

But now, Rihanna is setting down an ultimatum and wants Breezy to make one of them his Only Girl In The World.

We know who we would choose!

RiRi apparently had an epiphany after her revealing Twitter message pointing out that he might be hooking up with Karrueche once again. A source revealed:

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Verizon Wants To Watch You Watch TV (And Whatever Else You Do)!


How do you feel about Verizon gettin' voyeur on all of your asses??

This is especially scary if you like watching TV in the nude — which we know that 80% of you do! LOLz!

Verizon has just put in a patent for a new DVR that WATCHES and LISTENS to what you're doing while you're watching TV, just to bring you customized ads. It uses a built-in camera, and the DVR would check that state of the people watching, and make changes to advertising based on that. So if you have 100 cats, prepare to watch a lot of Meow Mix ads.


Seriously though, this is so creepy. Specifically it's going to look for people singing, fighting, or cuddling (in the latter's case it would then show an ad for a contraceptive). This sounds awful.

Here's what Verizon said about it:

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