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Lindsay Lohan Has Marlon Brando Skillz & Let's Us Know That After GOOD Review For The Canyons!

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lindsay lohan good review the canyons

We know what some of you are thinking–

"Uh, so there is still talent somewhere deep inside Lindsay Lohan?? You mean, her inneresting performance as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick could have just been a fluke? As well as I Know Who Killed Me and Herbie Fully Loaded and Georgia Rule?!"

Sure sounds like it because gurlfriend has scored herself a rave review for The Canyons!

Not only that, but she was compared to the legendary Marlon Brando, which is pretty much the absolute best compliment LiLo has ever received. Like ever!

Variety's chief film critic, Scott Foundas, put out his review of the film and while the other stars fared fine, LiLo is finally a scene-stealer once again. He wrote:

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Taylor Swift's "Red" Tour: Perez Reviews!

Check out what Perez thinks above!

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Game Of Thrones Creator LOVES Leonardo DiCaprio in Gatsby! Will We See Him In Westeros?

leonardo dicaprio game of thrones creator george r r martin great gatsby review

Will Leonardo DiCaprio ever guest star on Game Of Thrones? If creator George R. R. Martin ever got his way, he would.

George reviewed the new Great Gatsby, and fell in love with Leo like never before! He wrote:

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Perez Reviews: Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour!

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Check out what we HONESTLY thought of Rih's Diamonds World Tour (above)!

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Kim Kardashian Dissed For Trying To Act In Tyler Perry’s Temptation

kim kardashian temptation bad reviews

It’s never nice to slam a momma-to-be.

But luckily Kim Kardashian probably has a pretty thick skin, and she’ll need it!

Kim was already hassled for even being CAST in Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, but now she’s getting even more hassle for not quite pulling off the role.

But she knows so much about marriage! We kid, we kid!!

Critics have already laid into the reality TV star for her attempt at playing Ava, a marriage counselor.

Jenni Miller of Hollywood.com commented on the starlet:

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Bridesmaid Director Cordially Comes To Melissa McCarthy's Defense Against Awful Critic! Quote Of The Day!

paul feig qotd

- Bridesmaid director Paul Feig, in response to Rex Reed's review of Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief, via Twitter

[Image via WENN.]

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Melissa McCarthy Slammed As “Tractor-Sized” By Disgustingly Insulting Movie Critic!

melissa mccarthy obese slams movie critic

We are so NOT cool with this!

Melissa McCarthy is a queen - a HIGHlarious, talented, delightful, charming, adorbz QUEEN!

But some movie critic decided to go far beyond being offensive when he reviewed her new flick, Identity Thief.

Rex Reed of the New York Observer woke up on the freaking stupid wrong side of the bed when he described the actress in the article as:

“[C]acophonous, tractor-sized Melissa McCarthy.”

And no, it doesn’t end there as he continued with the petty insults by further describing her as:

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