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NeNe Leakes Is Cashing Million $$$ Trump Checks For The New Season Of RHOA!

nene leakes 1 million for new housewives season

She is most definitely rich, b*tch!

We already told you about the Real Housewives of Atlanta divas signing on for season 6, but you had no idea just what that meant for some of their bank accounts.

Or rather, NeNe Leakes’ bank account!

The original Atlanta lovely is making serious bank with the new season as she signed on for $1 million plus bonuses!

Forget Trump checks, NeNe’s got Bravo checks!

And even though it might seem like an awful lot for a reality TV star, Bravo knows she’s worthy of being the highest paid Housewives star as a source revealed:

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NeNe LeakesNeNe LeakesNeNe LeakesNeNe LeakesNeNe Leakes

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks It's Okay To (And Wants You To) Spend $300 A Day On Food!

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gwyneth paltrow cookbook rich people expensive diet healthy food

At this point, we're not really sure what planet Gwyneth Paltrow is living on, but we're willing to bet that those who are buying her book are not the kind of people that can afford to use any of the information inside what-so-ever! That's because the more we hear about it, the $55 cookbook ($32 without an autograph, but who are we bullshizzing here??) has contents that sound so extravagant and expensive that we're pretty sure the only person who could ever cook from it is Gwyneth Paltrow herself!

It doesn't lie to you, though. It never claims the recipes and tips inside are affordable, and it's true that the recipes are healthy and high quality! You'll just need a second mortgage to afford them! LOLz!

Plus, it bans you from eating

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Chris Brown: Justin Bieber’s Just Misbehaving Because He’s Young & Rich!

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chris brown justin bieber just young and rich

Ahh, celebrity problems!

It’s not easy having the world at your fingertips.

And apparently that’s exactly what has Justin Bieber acting a little cray cray!

Just ask Chris Brown!

Party issues, girl issues and sizzurp issues all have the young and rich combo to blame.

Breezy spoke with The Breakfast Club’s Power 105.1 about being a hot young star who gets a lot of heat for his actions, which is exactly what the Biebs is going through these days.

Even though the Canadian teen dream is at the height of his dramz, Breezy is sure it’ll all end up just fine as he explained:

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Candy Spelling Getting The Boot! Landlord Wants Her EVICTED!!

candy spelling landlord evicted eviction rich condo problems

Candy Spelling has money! Lots of it!

Still, she's about to be evicted from her El Lay condo, according to a new lawsuit! Her landlord wants her OUT, but she refuses to leave!

Candy's been renting the condo while her $47 million penthouse is being constructed, but apparently all is not well between her and the owner! So what's going on? Has she

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Ed Sheeran's Harlem Shake Video Gets A Pass Because He's So Darn Cute

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It's only been about a week, but these Harlem Shake videos are everywhere!

We've seen so many of them that we're starting to roll our eyes if someone even starts to say the word Harlem! LOLz!

This one though — this one is special. It's special because it involved the adorbsies Ed Sheeran, and we'll watch ANYTHING he's in!! The only problem is, he's the only redeeming part of it.

Which is a bummer, because you'd think an edition with special guest Frankie Muniz with Johnjay and Rich would turn out MUCH BETTER.

You'd think the guy would know that the only one allowed to dance at the beginning is the guy in the mask!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above)! How does it rank for U?

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Tom Cruise & Scientology Saved A Life! Says Australian Billionaire Ski Buddy…


And here you thought our favorite action star just saved lives in Mission: Impossible sequels!

When Australian billionaire James Packer was at his lowest — his marriage was failing and his cellphone company was hemorraging millions — it was Scientology and the organization's unofficial celebrity spokesperson who helped drag him thru a rough patch!

James took part in a candid interview Down Under last night, and he spoke about how Tom Cruise helped change his life for the better.

He revealed:

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tom cruise bafta 02 wenn wenn20119707tom cruise bafta 03 wenn wenn20119706tom cruise bafta 05 wenn wenn20119704tom cruise bafta 01 wenn wenn20119773tom cruise bafta 04 wenn wenn20119705

Allen Iverson In Serious Financial Trouble

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Allen Iverson, former NBA star, is doing what so many former athletes have done before him.

No, he's not the new owner of a used car dealership…

He's up to his eyeballs in debt!

Iverson is in a nasty divorce battle and court docs have outlined how bad his situation really is.

Allen rakes in a whopping $62,500 a month! Though he spends about

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