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Community Creator Dan Harmon Apologizes For Sexually Harassing Former Writer & Even Explains How His 'Creepy Behavior' Manifested!

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May we present to you: a seemingly authentic sexual harassment apology.

In an episode of his Harmontown podcast, Dan Harmon came out with a very candid admission of sexually harassing a former writer on his sitcom Community.

The in-depth apology came weeks after Megan Ganz called the producer out on Twitter for half-assedly confessing to abusive behavior. During the intense exchange, Harmon expressed regret for treating Ganz like "garbage" — a sentiment she appreciated, but felt didn't make up for years of being mistreated.

Now, it sounds like Harmon is really trying to set things right. Taking the advice of other female colleagues, the Rick and Morty creator completely owned up to and apologized for his "creepy behavior" towards Ganz.

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Harmon opened his confession around the 18:40 mark, noting he was "attracted to a writer I had power over" and "knew enough to know that these feelings were bad news." Unsure of how to deal with these feelings, Harmon said he "did the cowardly, easiest, laziest thing you can do" and "didn't deal with them" — but repressing his attraction for Ganz only heightened his "flirty" intensity towards her.

It only got worse when Harmon tried to become a mentor for Ganz. Harmon said he lied to himself and his girlfriend about his feelings for his mentee — to rebuff complaints about his behavior, he claimed those complaining were being "sexist or jealous."

Even after Ganz repeatedly told Harmon that his behavior was making her uncomfortable, both on a personal and professional level, the producer refused to listen. He broke up with his girlfriend and even told Ganz, "I love you." She rejected him.

That's when Harmon turned his humiliation into even darker behavior, actions he says vincidcates Ganz's use of the word "trauma." He explained:

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Rick & Morty Co-Creator Slams His Own Network For 'Tragically Tacky' Game Of Thrones Insult!

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Season seven has been Game Of Thrones' most watched ever — but also possibly its most panned.

Longtime fans have criticized the shorter season for inconsistent character moments, rushed plotlines, and logic problems.

It's been said the show is losing its edge as writers, no longer able to lean on the books, aren't sure where to go (even though season six is the show's most acclaimed, and they were flying blind there, too).

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On Sunday night, even another cable network took a swipe at the show. After hit show Rick and Morty, Adult Swim used one of its classic interstitial jokes — just the white lettering on black background — to savagely say R.I.P. to the show:

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McDonald's May Actually Bring Back Their Szechuan McNugget Sauce — & It's All Thanks To Rick and Morty!

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mcdonald's may bring back Szechuan McNugget sauce

Brace yourselves, we're about to get nostalgic!

It appears as though McDonald's is considering bringing back the Szechuan McNugget Sauce they distributed back in the '90s as a promotion for the Disney animated flick Mulan. And it appears as though we have the TV show Rick and Morty to thank for this news!

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On April Fool's Day, Adult Swim treated Rick and Morty fans to a new episode after going on hiatus back in 2015. The episode features a Szechuan McNugget Sauce-obsessed Rick, who goes on a rant about bringing back the beloved sauce. Specifically, the character noted:

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Number One Show You Need To Start Watching Rick And Morty Renewed For Season 3!

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Have you seen Rick And Morty yet? If not, you're missing out on one of the smartest, funniest shows on TV!

The terrific toon — which combines the sci-fi adventure of Back To The Future and Doctor Who with the pop culture madness of co-creator Dan Harmon's previous show Community — just began its second season, but we can already tell its future is bright!

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That's because Adult Swim has already announced it's getting a Season 3!

The clever show is rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to strong word of mouth. Not only did the Season 2 premiere have 154% more viewers than the Season 1 premiere, but the second episode jumped 27% from that!

We're excited to see how successful the show gets!

[Image via Adult Swim.]

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2014 Was A Great Year For Television… But One For Endings Too! Here Are The TV Shows We Had To Say Goodbye To!

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2014 was such a good year for TV!

We got great first seasons from shows like True Detective, Broad City, Fargo, and Rick & Morty that we almost forgot about all of the shows that didn't fare so well.

While some shows finished up their runs, like How I Met Your Mother and Nikita, most of the series that we had to say goodbye to this year were canceled before their time.

More than 50 shows were cut in 2014, and that's only counting the networks!

So, to make things a little bit easier on you, we decided to keep the list to just the shows that were canceled after running for more than a single season.

So what're you waiting for?!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "15 TV Shows We Had To Say Goodbye To In 2014!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "15 TV Shows We Had To Say Goodbye To In 2014!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "15 TV Shows We Had To Say Goodbye To In 2014!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "15 TV Shows We Had To Say Goodbye To In 2014!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "15 TV Shows We Had To Say Goodbye To In 2014!"

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