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Guys Dress Friend Up As Justin Bieber In Madrid, Riot Ensues.

Holy shiz. Seriously. This is RIDICULOUS.

Check out this HIGHlarious video (above), featuring three boys who thought it would be funny to dress their friend up as Justin Bieber and parade him around the Madrid premiere of Never Say Never 3D. Unfortunately, as everyone but them would probably expect, the Bieber fever comes close to causing a riot, prompting them to try and escape the mess they've inadvertently caused for themselves!

Ch-ch-check it out!

Yeah, it's INSANE!

But what did they expect?! They were messing with the Bieblievers!

Lesson learned, boys! Don't mess with Bieber Fever, or it will take you out! LOLz!

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Bieber Fever Strikes Liverpool - And Almost Causes A Riot!


Holy shiz! The Bieber Fever epidemic has struck Liverpool, England - and it's finally causing a quarantine situation!

Justin Bieber's presence in the city has reportedly caused thousands of screaming girls to overtake the streets outside of his hotel, and sources close to the pop star have revealed that authorities are so concerned that it could turn into a "possible riot situation" that if he or anyone in his entourage go ANYWHERE near the balcony, they will be arrested on the spot for inciting a riot.

Good lord! As ridiculous as this all is, we have to imagine that it's pretty scary!

Here's hoping that all these adolescent girl hormones calm right on down so he can actually ENJOY his time in Liverpool - and no one gets hurt!


[Image via WENN.]

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Christiane Amanpour Hassled In Egypt

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It's rough out there for a pimp reporter.

If you're a news syndicate who hasn't sent a reporter to Egypt to cover the riots, do yourselves a favor and don't! Things aren't going so well for the ones who've gone thus far.

First of all, there's the awful situation with Anderson Cooper. He's stuck right now in a building in Cairo unable to safely travel the streets.

Now, we've got video of Christiane Amanpour being hassled by a group of men for being American. Put simply, they "hate" her and wanted her to leave immediately.

We got very nervous watching this video. (above) We're just glad she cut when she did. Who knows how bad it could have gotten.

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Serbian Protest Of Gay Pride Parade Turns Into Violent Riot!

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Just disgusting.

A gay pride march in Belgrade, Serbia turned violent on Sunday when 6,000 right-wing, anti-gay rioters descended upon the crowd with Molotov cocktails and stun grenades, ultimately leaving 140 hurt and 200 arrested.

5,600 riot police were on hand to battle the rioters, who screamed "death to homosexuals!" as they tried to break through security cordons, set fire to cars, hurled bricks through windows, resulting in $1.39 million in damages. Police were forced to rely on tear gas to restore peace.

Political analyst Miljenko Dereta explained:

"This was undoubtedly a political message, an attempt to destabilize the country and this government. The rioters had political support."

However, President Boris Tadic was left undeterred by the extremist actions, and maintains:

"Serbia will guarantee human rights for all its citizens, regardless of the differences among them, and no attempts to revoke these freedoms with violence will be allowed."

Democratic Party spokeswoman Jelana Trivan continues:

"These riots obviously have nothing to do with the gay parade or any moral values. These are hooligan gangs which must be punished severely."

Luckily, Belgrade's streets are covered with security cameras, and Senior Justice Ministry official Slobodan Homen claims that many of the rioters have been identified and arrested, and could face up to eight years in prison!


As devastated as we are to learn that this despicable and barbaric behavior occurred due to bigotry and hate, we have to applaud the Serbian government for handling everything with such commitment and integrity!

Your support in such an important cause is truly appreciated!

Equal rights for ALL! It's happening, whether you like it or not!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Earth, Wind, & Fire…And Riots!

Wow! Juggalo fever continues!

Yesterday, Earth, Wind & Fire played the Bohemian Nights gig at NewWestFest in Colorado. The evening was peaceful, mellow music filling the air and the minds of all who came to listen. But when the music stopped, the riots started and the streets of Fort Collins were tore up by folks who were just not feeling the love.

According to local sources, police arrived to find of crowd of 400 people getting nasty and rowdy at a major intersection. Beer bottles were being thrown, private property was being destroyed, three major fights broke out and someone set some shiz on fire! The reports say that several people were injured during the craziness, including two people who were thrown through the window of store front!

It wasn't until the SWAT team arrived and hit their asses with tear gas that the mob finally dispersed!

To get an idea of what we're talking about, check out the video above from when the SWAT team arrived! Crazy!

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NYC Riot At Free Drake/Hanson Concert

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A free concert at NYC's South Street Seaport featuring Drake and Hanson was cancelled on Tuesday due to a riot.

Organizers expected 10,000 concertgoers but 20,000 showed up and began climbing roofs, throwing bottles and chairs and smashing people against the stage.

"People in the front started leaving because they were getting crushed," said witness Tamika Johnson.

The concert was part of the "Sounds Like Paper" series presented by Paper Magazine. After the NYPD dispersed the crowd at 7 p.m., the magazine gave the following statement on their site:

"Wow, the crowd was much larger than we anticipated, and unfortunately the show was canceled. But we will make it up to you guys!"

Two people were arrested on minor charges and six suffered minor injuries.

Watch the commotion in the clip (above).

We're just glad it didn't get any worse!

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The Situation Causes A Seaside Heights Riot!


HA! Only in Seaside Heights!

Now that the cast of Jersey Shore is back filming at the actual Jersey Shore, they're up to their old tricks - but this time around, with a lot more pandimonium!

We're hearing that The Situation caused a little bit of a riot recently - the reality guido was dancing on the balcony of the Aztec Hotel and caused a crowd of 3,000 people to gather on the streets - a crowd that became violent when he removed his shirt!

It escalated into chaos so quickly that the Chief of Police had to personally ask The Situation to cover up!

Holy shiz! 3,000 people gathering for our most beloved Snooki is one thing, but for HIM??

We get that his body is pretty ripped, but doesn't his busted face even out the hawtness factor??

What do U think?? Is The Situation worthy of causing a riot??

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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