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Is Britney's Hold It Against Me A Rip-Off?

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Check out the video (above) of The Bellamy Brothers performing their song If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me.

The Bellamys are claiming that Britney Spears ripped off their song with her new hit single Hold It Against Me.

Here's what David Bellamy had to say about it:

"Howard and I have no personal beef with Britney. She's a talented gal. But professionally, well, in all honesty, we feel completely ripped off. Where's the originality?"

At this time, they do not plan to pursue legal action against Brit Brit, but they've made it clear that they're unhappy.

If we're accusing people of being unoriginal, then maybe we should point out that the line "if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me" was a double entendre said by Groucho Marx before The Bellamy Brothers released their song.

Do U think Hold It Against Me rips off The Bellamy Brothers and/or Groucho Marx?

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The CW Invests In Glee Rip Off!

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cw plans musical dramady like glee

Sources have confirmed that the CW network, known for its devotion to teen dramadies, is looking to develop it's own musical hour- long show. They've enlisted the help of the crew behind the flick Bandslam and Camp to get the ball rolling and are describing the project, titled Acting Out, as "Glee meets Bad Santa."

All we got out of that sentence was bad!

The show reportedly revolves around the "relationships of counselors and staff of a down-on-its-luck summer camp whose new owner is a young curmudgeon in the vein of Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa."

In all honesty, people are going to see this show for what it is at first sight- a ripoff of Ryan Murphy's sing-a-long brain child. What he's done, you can't replicate, Plus, its so clearly obvious that people are only interested in the idea because of the dollar $ign$!

Perhaps think about refocusing your energies elsewhere. Maybe One Tree Hill could use a boost in its 38th season!

[Image via WENN.]

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David Guetta Recycles His Own Song For RiRi!

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Hmmm - sound familiar?

That's because the song (above) was basically recycled by David Guetta and presented to Rihanna for her song/endorsement deal with Doritos, now known as Who's That Chick!

So much for being so excited to work with her!


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Did Quiznos Acid Trip Commercial Steal Their Concept?

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If they were going to rip off a horrible acid trip gone terribly wrong featuring manic, nightmarish kittens, then they could have at least taken it all the way like this one!

Check out (above) this Crusha commercial from 2008, featuring some of the very similar, tripped out cats that we saw in the new Quiznos commercial that we posted yesterday!

Lame! And not nearly as funny now!

P.S. WTF is Crusha?

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DASH Drama In Miami


Wherever the Kardashian's go, drama will follow.

Not only will their DASH store in Miami take money from little kids, they'll also rip off designers for free shiz!

Miami based designer David Jon Acosta of clothing line Gold Saturn tells us the manager at DASH fell in love with his collection, but then a few days later things got weird.

David reveals:

I got an e-mail saying that she wanted a few samples in a size small, so that she could show customers and get feedback. I thought it was odd because usually buyers don't request certain sizes for samples (red flag). The Buyer requested that I send her 6 total samples to both the Miami Beach and Calabasas locations.

Shortly after the package arrived to the stores, I get a text message from my friend (Dash employee), saying "I didn't want to mention this, but the buyer has been known to request samples for her own wardrobe. She wasn't really interested in your line, she just wanted free clothes. She takes advantage of her position and it's no cool." I was shocked. Apparently, she wasn't really interested in ordering my pieces for the store, she just wanted some free swag.

I contacted the buyer shortly after to follow-up, and to request the samples be returned, however she has yet to respond. However, several girls have spotted her around town sporting Gold Saturn tees and dresses… not cool!


And apparently this isn't the first manager to do it! David also reveals the reason the Lily disappeared from the show Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami is because she did the exact same thing!!!

Wonder if they'll turn this into an episode? Probably not. Can't make the store look bad, right?

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Frankentittays Tries To Ride On Xtina's Coattails!


The Real Heidi Doll is clearly trying to steal our girl Christina Aguilera's thunder with her conveniently titled new demo, Bionic (Energetic, Enthusiastic, Adventurous)!!

Yeah. Except too bad it sucks. Hard!

We have no shame admitting that although they're never good, some of Frankentittays' tunes are passable, mindless pop. This, however, is just painful.

Take it out back and put it out of its misery!!

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Chace Crawford Wants To Be Hardcore!

Apparently Chace Crawford wants us all to know he can only play Nate Archibald in everything he does has range!

Check out the trailer for his shiteous looking new flick, Twelve.

He apparently plays the prettiest, most tortured drug dealer to ever prance around the upper east side!

Fiddy Cent, Emma Roberts, and one of the Culkin kids also star in this 'look at how edgy we are' Gossip Girl knock-off.


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