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Robert Wagner To Play A Murder Suspect on NCIS

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Oh, the irony.

Robert Wagner, who was the last person to see Natalie Wood alive 30 years ago, is now playing a murder suspect on the CBS show NCIS.

Even though the LAPD says that Wagner is not a suspect in Natalie Wood's death, he is still somewhat of a target in the investigation, which was mysteriously reopened by officials last week.

Wagner's role on the show will be a father of a Special Agent, who gets suspected of murdering a woman found in his car's trunk. His character has no recollection of what happened.

Hmm, isn't it funny that all of this is coming to light just now??

Ha. We bet he never thought this would come up when he agreed to do the role.

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Could Natalie Wood Really Have Been Saved? New Witness Tells Police: YES!

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When Natalie Wood went into the water on November 29, 1981, the world lost an incomparable actress and gained one of the most talked about unsolved mysteries of all time.

However, with the case being reopened, shocking new details are emerging about the star and her "accident," including never-before-heard testimoney from the Coast Guard captain who pulled Natalie out of the water after he drowned.

Roger Smith was the Supervising Rescue Boat Captain on Catalina Island that night and at the time of her death, he was never brought in my police for questioning. This time around, the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department did reach out to Smith about his role in the events of that evening and Smith revealed a shocking secret: Natalie could have been saved.

According to Smith, he got the call to race out to the Splendour, the yacht Natalie was traveling on, around 5:00 am. This call came several HOURS after she had one missing from the boat. In his testimony, Smith wrote that if he had been contacted sooner, Wood could still be alive today.

In his declaration, he wrote:

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Natalie Wood Mysterious Death: More Details From The Captain & A New Witness Who Heard Natalie Screaming!

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In case you might not have heard, the case surrounding Natalie Wood's death has been reopened, in hopes of shedding some new light on what could have happened the fateful night the starlet drowned.

The captain of the yacht she was cruising on has made it BIG on this venture, talking to every news source imaginable to share his side of the story. The events of that night are shrouded in so much mystery that it is hard to know what facts to take heart, but still, Captn. Dennis Davern seems fairly convinced that her death was in fact a murder.

From his perspective, it seems like Captn. Davern is placing the blame on Wood's then husband Robert Wagner, claiming that the actor was drunk and fighting with fellow passenger Christopher Walken at the time of Natalie's death. In a new interview, Captn. Davern recalls the star smashing a bottle of wine in a fit of anger and screaming at Walken "Do you want to f*ck my wife" in the moments before Natalie "fell." He also has told the police who reopened the case that Robert and Natalie were spotted fighting on deck shortly after that and recalled:

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Robert Wagner Remembers The Night Of Natalie Wood's Death In His Memoir

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Los Angeles County sheriff’s detective Lt. John Corina held a press conference today to speak on the departments new investigation into the death of famed Hollywood actress Natalie Wood. Shrouded in mystery, new details have emerged to give the police reason to reopen the case. However, Lt Corina specified that there are no suspects being considered as of yet, including Robert Wagner.

It has long been debated whether or not Robert had a hand in his then wife's death. So many things about the night are unknown that it is hard to be sure if blame should be cast on anyone. But for those who are not familiar with the story, Robert refers people to his memoir, in which he talks about the fateful night Natalie was taken from the world.

In his book, "Pieces of My Heart,” published in 2008, Robert explains that he was in a very tense mood over an argument he was having with Natalie and Christopher Walken, who was traveling with them. He mentions Natalie arguing with him when he wanted to bring their yacht closer to shore, and then later, “quite a bit of wine,” being enjoyed by all.

Robert recalls he got “pissed off” when Walken began advocating the “total pursuit of a career,” urging that Natalie agree with him. However, by this time, Natalie had left the two men at dinner to retire to the main cabin at the back of the ship. That is when the men's argument got heated and Robert slammed a wine bottle so hard it broke.

Robert then adds:

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El Lay Police Say Robert Wagner Is NOT A Suspect In Natalie Wood Death Case

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robert wagner not a suspect in wood case

We've gotta admit, we're a little bit surprised to hear this.

To recap, yesterday the Los Angels County Sheriff's Department announced that they are reopening Natalie Wood's 1981 death case.

As we said before, Natalie drowned while boating off Santa Catalina Island, and it was deemed an accident at the time.

Today, the captain of the boat came forward and claimed that Natalie's then-husband Robert Wagner is responsible for her death…and Natalie's sister Lana said she believed it!

NOW, the El Lay Sheriff's Department has released a statement saying

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Natalie Wood's Sister Believes The Boat Captain!

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Another twist in the tale!

The case of Natalie Wood's mysterious death has been reopened, giving her sister the long-awaited moment to reveal that she never believed Robert Wagner's version of the story.

Lana Wood explains that she believes, even 30 years later, that Robert lied about what happened to Natalie that fateful day. According to Lana, Natalie would have never tried to secure a dinghy on the ship, because she was severely afraid of water. She even had issues going into a swimming pool!

Lana is hoping that by reopening this case, the truth will finally be revealed about her sister and she's more than willing to speak to the Sheriff's detectives about the nature of Natalie's relationship with Robert.

This is bound to get ugly - and fast!

[Image via WENN.]

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Boat Captain Says Robert Wagner Is Responsible For Natalie Wood's Death

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What is up with all the Austin Powers actors doing awful things?!?!? And yes, Robert Wagner played Number Two.

Earlier today, we learned that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is reopening Natalie Wood's 1981 death case.

As a reminder, Natalie drowned while boating off Santa Catalina Island, and at the time it was deemed an accident.

Now, the captain of the boat has opened up about Natalie's death (above), and he's claiming that her then-husband Robert Wagner is responsible for it.

Stay tuned. We'll expect to hear more soon…

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