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Mel Gibson Loses HALF His Fortune To Ex-Wife In Divorce Settlement!

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Sucks to be Mel Gibson!

The actor's divorce from ex-wife Robyn, with whom he was married for 30 years and had seven children, was finalized yesterday in El Lay, and she was rewarded with half of his estimated $850 million fortune, mainly due to them having no prenuptial agreement, which made her legally entitled to half of everything he earned during their time together!

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Mel Gibson's Divorce Is Settled

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At least one of his exes has settled her differences with him quietly.

Robyn Gibson is soon-to-be the ex-wife of Mel Gibson as the pair settled their divorce case today. Robyn's lawyer appeared before the judge this morning to announce that the pair have reached a full agreement on the terms of their divorce, including a property settlement.

Now, all that is left is for the lawyers to draft and review the final paperwork. By the end of August, their divorce will be official.

Alls well that ends well, especially for Mel!

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Mel Begins Community Service!

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Let's hope he can put some positivity back into the world after all of the grief he's caused!

Mel Gibson got one lucky break when he pled no contest to simple battery - linked to his abuse of baby mama Oksana Grigorieva last year - and was sentenced to 16 hours of community service, which he is choosing to do at his ex-wife Robyn Gibson's charity, Mending Kids International, but it appears that some of the parents associated with the organization are more than supportive of his presence there!

One parent, James Nicol, has revealed that Mel was essential in aiding their Ethiopian-born son Berhanu get an expensive series of medical procedures to help fix severe spinal issues over the past few years, and is thrilled with any future assistance the actor can provide the charity!

He concludes:

"If Mel was coming over to our house to play ball with my son, I would not be the least bit concerned."

Wow. Here's hoping that we continue to hear such positive stories like this about the actor as he begins his community service.

He's getting off much more easy than he probably should, so we'd love to see him truly take advantage of this and make a sincere, conscious effort to better himself.

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Mel Gibson To Do His Community Service At Wife's Charity

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Well, well, well. Isn't that convenient??

Mel Gibson wasn't sentenced to any jail time in his case against Oksana, however, he was ordered to do 16 hours of community service.

Seems like he's getting off pretty easy again as the court has allowed him to choose where to complete his community service.

In fact, they're even allowing him to help out at Mending Kids International, a charity run by his estranged wife, Robyn Gibson.

Don't get us wrong…we're sure Mending Kids International is a great charity and we're happy that Mel will be doing something for others in his court-ordered sentencing, but doesn't this seem just a little too convenient??

What do U think? Is Mel getting off a little too easy??

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Mel Gibson And Ex-Wife Robin Close To Divorce Settlement

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This is the least of his problems!

Mel Gibson and his wife of 30-years Robyn are close to a settlement regarding their divorce case.

Lance Spiegel, Mel's Lawyer, has submitted a property settlement proposal to Robyn's attorney, Laura Wasser.

Wasser says that she will know next month if Robyn accepts the offer, but she is "optimistic" as the divorce was amicable.

Can't say that about Oksana!

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MELtdown Gibson Threw A TV At His Ex-Wife!

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The stories keep getting worse and worse!

Oksana Grigorieva says that Mel Gibson told her that he once threw a television at his ex-wife Robyn!

Oksana also said that Mel was violent towards his children, citing an incident with his son Tommy.

A source reveals:

“Oksana told authorities about Mel’s ‘angry outbursts’ toward his own family and friends. She said that Mel, in her presence, hit Tommy, in the head, while they were in a box watching a hockey game. She said Tommy started crying and whimpered for the remainder of the game, choosing to sit by himself, away from his father…

"Mel was telling several times how he threw a TV into her (Robyn) once when they were arguing. Thank god he missed and the TV fell out a second story window.

So awful!

Another story is surfacing that Mel got insanely jealous when Leonardo DiCaprio kissed Oksana's hand at an event! Mel then told Oksana, "You are my property."

No wonder Leo dropped out of the movie!

A source adds:

“Oksana kept silent for a long time, she felt sorry for Mel. She was begging him to seek professional help for his fits of anger… but she had no choice but to start protecting herself.”

Sounds like Mel needs to be committed already!

[Image via WENN.]

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Brit Brit Returns The Favor, Reaches Out To MELtdown Gibson!


We understand why she's doing it, but we really wish she wouldn't! That poor girl has had enough crazy in her life!

While the mere thought of Mel Gibson sends most people running for the hills these days, our most beloved Britney Jean Spears has apparently reached out to him!

If you remember what we like to call 'The Dark Days,' AKA when Brit Brit was melting down faster than the weave glue on her scalp, Mel and his ex-wife Robyn were extremely supportive of the pop star, and even vacationed with her in Costa Rica!

Now Brit Brit is returning the favor!

A source explains:

“Mel has been talking to her a lot, they speak on the phone. Mel was one of the only people who reached out to help Britney when she was at her lowest point, and she believes that demonstrates what a loving and wonderful man he is. She wants people to give him a second chance — just like he gave her one when everyone else turned away.”

What a sweet gesture!

Unfortunately, we think she needs to realize that what she was going through was EXTREMELY different than the mess he's gotten himself into, and we hope she's careful!

That's a lot of hate and a lot of explosive anger to involve yourself with! Don't let him drag you down with him, bb!


[Image via WENN.]

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