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Miley Cyrus Defends Her Use Of Little People On Stage! Plus, Why Does She Identify With Tom Cruise Over Nicole Kidman? Vid HERE!

miley cyrus interview ronan farrow little people controversy tom cruise days of thunder video watch here

Miley Cyrus going a day without controversy almost feels as absurd as a fish going a day without water, doesn't it?

Our beloved Bangerz bella just sat down with MSNBC's Ronan Farrow and really opened up, though!

The interview started off focusing on why she identifies more with Tom Cruise's Days of Thunder character than she does Nicole Kidman's, but it quickly took a turn for the scandalous!

Miley wound up defending herself against charges of mistreating her backup dancers!!!

Remember Hollis Jane? The woman who danced backup for MileyBird during the VMAs and complained because she felt "degraded" and treated like a "prop"? Well, she got to speak her mind, too!

Ch-ch-check out both of their candid interviews with Ronan…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Miley Cyrus On How Her Parents Raised Her: "I Never Had, Like, A Nanny"

miley cyrus talks about how her parents raised her

Lovin' the insight!

Miley Cyrus gave us an up close look at her body in her new W magazine interview, but that's not all she revealed!

She also shared some revelations about her parents, and how she was raised as a child!

And it's obvious from the way she talks about them that she loves her poppa Billy Ray Cyrus and her momma Tish!

Ronan Farrow, who has famous parents, got the chance to interview her, where she said:

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Ronan Farrow Gets Politically HOT On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon! Watch It HERE!

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ronan farrow jimmy

Oh my!

My oh my!!!!

Ronan Farrow appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon looking as yummy as ever.

We've already enlisted him as our dream man, but the Hollywood royal got even MORE attractive when he opened his mouth!

Turns out, Ronan really does want to change the world!!! *SIGH*

Ch-ch-check out the swoon-worthy interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Seth Rogen Called Justin Bieber A "Piece Of S**t" After DUI Arrest! See What He And 12 Other Celebs Tweeted!

justin bieber mug shot 1

Justin Bieber's DUI arrest is the biggest story of the day, and everyone is reacting differently to it.

Probably the harshest words we've heard are from funny man Seth Rogen, who decided to get serious instead! He tweeted:

Well, not all celebs went the, let's say "tough love" route like Seth. See what the rest of Hollywood has to say about Justin Bieber's arrest …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Ronan Farrow P*ssed Off His New Bosses At NBC With His Anti Woody Allen Tweet During Golden Globes?!

ronan farrow woody allen sbs doodle

Uh oh…

The Peacock is angry!!!

Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show hasn’t even aired yet but we hear he’s already angered his new network!

As we reported earlier, the supposed son of Woody Allen was live tweeting the Golden Globes on Sunday night. The award show, which was being broadcast on NBC, featured a tribute to Ronan’s legendary director father, who was this year's recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

In case you were wondering what Ronan and Woody’s relationship was like, the 26-year-old cleared up any confusion with this tweet:


There’s been no word from Woody after Ronan’s harsh remarks, but NBC sure is calling foul! Sources say the network’s top brass was LIVID to see what their newest hire had to say on Twitter!

An insider recently explained why execs are so bent out of shape, saying:

"The network has very strict policies on what their talent/employees are able to post on Twitter and Facebook. No-one has said anything directly to Ronan yet about it, but he will certainly be reminded about it now that he is an employee of the network. It just places the network in a terrible position of having to defend airing the Golden Globes, which was a huge ratings bonanza.”

Well, wait a minute…

We get why NBC might be a little weary to see Ronan criminally accusing the same man that the Golden Globes is honoring. But if it’s ratings they’re worried about, then what’s the problem?!

If you want people to tune in to Ronan’s new show, THIS is exactly how to do it! Let your host speak his mind freely and the audience will follow!

Silence him and suddenly you have just another boring cable news show that NO ONE is going to want to watch!

Ronan Farrow has already proven himself to be intelligent, quick-witted, and quite frankly handsome as all hell! And with this riveting little quip, he certainly has us interested in watching his new show when it debuts later this month!

[Images via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Ronan FarrowRonan FarrowRonan Farrow

Ronan Farrow Ruins Woody Allen's Golden Globes Sheen By Calling Him A Child Molester! See The Severe Twitter Slam HERE!

golden globes 2014 ronan farrow woody allen twitter slam child molester

Dayum! We thought Mia Farrow was harsh on Woody Allen during the 2014 Golden Globes!

But her Twitter shade was nothing compared to her son's Twitter SLAM!

Like his mom, Ronan Farrow was also live tweeting the awards, but he didn't go for a subtle diss of the director- he decided on downright criminal accusation! He tweeted:

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Ronan Farrow Will Save Democracy One TV Viewer At A Time! Get Deets On His New Show HERE!

ronan farrow tv show msnbc democracy youth woody allen mia farrow frank sinatra

Say hello to TV's hunkiest new host!

Ronan Farrow is on the tip of everyone's tongue for a variety of reasons. He's dashingly handsome. His mom is Mia Farrow. His dad is Woody Allen. Or maybe his dad is actually Frank Sinatra.

Either way, he's taking his talents to TV!! Earlier this week MSNBC announced Ronan would be hosting his own political-oriented TV show!

If you though the delicious dude was just eye-candy, you clearly haven't been paying attention. In addition to making us all weak in the knees, Mia's baby boy is a Rhodes Scholar, a published author, worked for President Obama on foreign policy, and also advised Hillary Clinton!

His show, in fact, will be super political! He's hoping to get the youth of America interested in the state of their own democracy!

Ronan revealed:

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