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Man Linked To Ronni Chasen's Murder May Have Been A Drug Dealer

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This story just gets more twisted.

The man linked to publicist Ronni Chasen's murder may have been a drug dealer, says some of his neighbors.

Harold Smith, who committed suicide in front of investigators at the Harvey Apartments in Los Angeles, was said to have "kept to himself" and was "involved in dubious behavior."

A neighbor who lived in the same apartment building, described Smith:

"Harold probably got caught up in something or someone snitched on him. He come by my apartment and we be smoking weed together. He sold drugs too. He was a cool cat and kept to himself and really didn't say much."

Despite reports that Smith was getting evicted, the neighbor says otherwise, continuing:

"Naw man, he wasn't gettin' evicted. That fool sold drugs and had some other sh-t going on too. He had money or was getting money. Think about it homie, what weed dealer you know gone stay strapped with a gun. He was definitely into some other sh-t and that's all I’m gonna say."

Other residents of the building, including Sammy Zamorano, who runs a business out of the building, says that he thought there was something strange about Smith. He told sources that he thought he need cash and he needed it fast. He added:

"This Harold guy was kind of a nut. I heard he had a gun in his apartment and needed money and would always be talking about robbing somebody. Do I think he killed that publicist woman? Who knows. But I do know he needed money and wanted to rob someone. That's a fact! No one would just up and shoot them self when the cops are trying to ask you questions. He probably had a guilty conscience."

So sad.

Let's just hope police can find more clues that will give us more information about her unfortunate death.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Man Linked To Hollywood Publicist Murder Commits Suicide!

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This case has reached yet ANOTHER level of awful!

While being served a warrant by Beverly Hills police, a man who was linked to Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen's murder took out a pistol and fatally shot himself in the head.

The man in question, Harold, had spoken to neighbors about having gone to prison AND being hired for a $10,000 hit man job.

Here's what a neighbor of Harold's, Terri Gilpin, had to say about the man:

"He would talk crazy stuff. He kept always bragging about having a gun."

More from Terri on Harold's refusal to return to prison:

"If they try to come back and get him and take him to prison he was going up in a big blaze and he said he wasn't going out without a fight."

Sounds seriously mentally unstable to us. It's definitely possible that he's responsible for Ronni Chasen's murder.

Guess we'll see what happens as police investigate further.


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Slain Hollywood Publicist Thought She Was Being Followed Before Her Death

This just keeps getting more and more awful.

New details are emerging about murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, some of which support the belief that she may have been slain by a contract killer!

Sources close to Chasen revealed that she suspected that she was being followed - since last year's Academy Awards!

Insiders explain:

"Ronni said in March she suspected she was being followed, but didn't know by whom. She said she was scared. Some people close to her believe it was a hit, but nobody knows why."

Former LAPD chief William J. Bratton continues:

"This is a real Hollywood whodunnit. Four days in we still have no idea [what happened]. Nobody seems to have come up with anything substantive as far as motive goes. Beverly Hills has very few homicides, so every resource they have will be focused on this."

Meanwhile, Lt. Tony Lee of the Beverly Hills police department maintains:

"People are coming out with all types of theories. But we will not rule out anything until the perpetrator is found."

Unbelievable, tragic, and honestly, we have no idea what to believe at all.

We just hope that whomever's responsible for such a disgusting act will be discovered and brought to justice.

May Ronni rest in peace.

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Burlesque Gets A Good Review….From Jane Fonda!


Hey! For the most part she's made pretty good flicks, so we're gonna trust her judgment!

Jane Fonda was lucky enough to be at the premiere of Burlesque the other night, and took the time to give the readers of her blog her thoughts on the film - as well as pay tribute to the recently deceased publicist Ronni Chasen, with whom she spoke the night at of her tragic passing!

She writes:

I really enjoyed the movie. I was revved up because I was so looking forward to seeing Cher again on the big screen and she didn’t disappoint. It could have been done very differently, an older, former beauty and dancer who’s desperately trying to keep from losing her club to a developer. That wouldn’t have worked with Cher cause she’s still glam and can carry it off. Her voice is still really good and strong, and, as I said in the Twitters I sent that evening, the two opening numbers, hers and Christina’s, were knockout!

Then there is Christina. I have not followed her closely before but, wow, she was spectacular: the way she looked, the way she sang, the way she danced and the way she acted. She came across, to me anyway, as likeable. You root for her. I found her poignant. I got all teary several times. I thought there was real chemistry between her and her (really sexy, handsome) love interest.

I had a chance to hug Cher and chat a moment with Christina. But forgot to take any more photos. My bad!

Who knows what the critics will say. It would be easy to pick the movie apart for being too like an extended music video. But when you have Aguilera and Cher and all that dancing and songs, why not. It made for a good evening. A good date flick.

During the evening I sat and spoke with PR maven, Ronni Chasen. She did the PR for “On Golden Pond.” You can imagine the shock and heartbreak when we learned the next morning that she had been shot 5 times in the chest and killed while driving down an exclusive street in Beverly Hills coming home from the premiere. No one knows who or why—yet.

IT give us pause, yes? How fragile life is. We never know, so we need to make it matter while we can.

Such lovely words at the end! And so true!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about the movie, bb! We'll have to wait until we see it ourselves, but we imagine that we're going to share your exact sentiments!


[Image via WENN.]

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Memorial For Deceased Publicist Being Held Tonight In Manhattan

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We still can't believe that this happened. So horrifically tragic.

Ronni Chasen, the publicist who was gunned down yesterday morning in Beverly Hills, will be honored tonight at a memorial at Michael's Restaurant in Manhattan.

According to reports, a small group of her close friends already met together at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last night to pay tribute to the native New Yorker.

Our sincerest condolences go out to all of her family and loved ones. We can't even begin to express how sincerely sorry we are for your loss.

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Hollywood Publicist Murdered!

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OMG, how awful!

Respected Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, was shot five times before she crashed her Mercedes-Benz in Beverly Hills early Tuesday.

Authorities have not released the name of the victim but an employee of Chasen's public relations/marketing firm revealed that the victim was indeed Ronni.

She was shot while driving and crashed into a light-pole around 12:30 a.m.

Police described the victim as a woman in her 60s, who was "in and out of consciousness but breathing.” Firefighters noticed that she'd been shot multiple times and was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Sad. Chasen had worked as a publicist since 1973 and was named senior vice president of worldwide publicity at MGM in 1993.

MGM exec Ashley Boone called Chasen "one of the most respected publicity executives in the business" with "strength and expertise in developing, positioning and executing productive motion picture campaigns."

Ugh. Such a shame.

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