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Rottweiler Attacks Baby! (With Kisses)

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Oh no!!!

That baby is about to die!

…of a laugh attack!

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Fan Pet Of The Day

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Today's Fan Pet of the day is…Cooper!

Teddyhilton.com reader Angela spoils her Rottweiler rotten and who could blame her?

Cooper is absolutely TOO fantabulicious! So CUTEZ!

Cooper reads Teddy Hilton everyday and sends his love from Toronto!

Angela says he's a big, strong fella now; we wonder if he's trying out for any hockey teams!

Check out more cutie pics (below) of Coop as a GORGEOUS pup!

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Top Ten Smartest Dogs

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Many of us think we have the smartest little doggy.

But how does your dog rank on the list of the top ten smartest dogs?

Below are the smartest dogs and some of their other qualities:

10. Australian Cattle Dog - Working dog, protective and loyal

9. Rottweiler - Guard dog, loyal, perceptive

8.Papillon - Athletic, companion, watchdog

7. Labrador Retriever - Affectionate, patient, gentle

6. Shetland Sheepdog - Efficient, devoted

5. Doberman Pinscher - Fearless, energetic, loyal

4. Golden Retriever - Loving, loyal and patient

3. German Shepherd - Courageous and protective

2. Poodle - Trainable, steadfast, sharp

1. Border Collie - Extraordinarily intelligent, highly energetic, fiercely loyal

So is your dog on the list?

Even if they're not, it doesn't mean they're not smart, it just means they've worked extra hard to be your smart little buddy!

Which makes them even more special.

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Five "Bully" Dog Myths Debunked

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When people think about pit bulls and similar breeds, they often associate unprovoked attacks and supernatural strength with these kind, gentle dogs.

So Animal Planet has gathered information and debunked five majorly untrue myths about bully breeds.

Myth #1: "Bully breeds are naturally aggressive and mean."

Truth: The American Humane Association did tests and concluded that many dog breeds were far more aggressive and mean, including beagles and collies.

Myth #2: "Bully breeds attack more humans than any other dog."

Truth: 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S. each year, but the more common breeds of dog in the attacks are actually german shepherds and chow chows.

Myth #3: Bully breeds are prone to locking their jaws, and have a stronger bite than any other dog.

Truth: Bully breeds have no different jaws than any other breed of dog or the ability to "lock" their jaw.

In fact, german shepherds and rottweilers have a stronger bite than pit bulls.

Myth #4: "Bully breed brains grow continuously, causing them to go crazy."

Truth: This myth was originally pinned to dobermans and eventually made its way to the bully breeds.

None of it is true, all dogs' brains grow and stop at about the same rate.

Myth #5: "Bully breeds are not safe to adopt or rescue because of unknown genetic history."

Truth: A dog's recent history and current temperament (easily attainable from any shelter worker) are more relevant than a detailed genetic history.

So when it comes to adoption, bully breeds are actually the most in need of loving homes because of the unfair stigmas surrounding their breed.

Go save a bully dog!

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X Factor's Tulisa And Her Rotty

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Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos was seen taking her Rottweiler for a walk outside of the X Factor house in England.

Taking a break from being a judge on the British X Factor to give her big doggy some exercise, how sweet!

She's lookin' good in her cute yellow dress. The dog is also lookin' good in his standard Rottweiler-colored coat. LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dog Cremation Fail

Filed under: R.I.P.Scary!Dog

Tough week!

A Virginia man who apparently tried to dispose of his dead dog's body by burning it wound up setting his house on fire Tuesday.

The dog's owner couldn't fit the huge deceased Rottweiler in his car or find anyone to pick it up.

So he did what any normal person would do (jk) and decided to burn the dog.

Sadly, the only thing that burnt was the man's home. Srsly, the dog didn't burn at all!

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Adrian Grenier Takes Time Off With His Pooch

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Adrian Grenier Takes Time Off With His Pooch


Adrian Grenier was spotted walking his tiny pooch in El Lay this past weekend.

This little pooch is the opposite of the Rottweiler which Adrian's character, Vinny Chase, owned on his HBo series Entourage.

Last week the actor said goodbye to his on screen dog, Arnold, when the show wrapped its 8th and final season. He seemed a little broken up by it!

We're so glad that Adrian has an at-home pooch to help him get through this!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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