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Donald Trump Sought To Build A Trump Tower In Moscow WHILE He Was Running For POTUS!

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This doesn't surprise us at all, unfortunately.

While Donald Trump was campaigning to become POTUS in late 2015 and early 2016, he was also campaigning to build a massive Trump Tower in Moscow. This, of course, all comes to light despite the President saying he had "no business dealings" with Russia last summer.

The Washington Post reports Russian-born real estate developer/convicted felon who has longtime ties to the Trump Organization, Felix Sater, reportedly said in a 2015 email that the development of a residential property in the Russian capital and the election of Trump would be two huge upcoming victories.

The project was supposedly abandoned in January of 2016 due to lack of land and permits.

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As you may remember, this was right around the same time Putin and Trump were gushing about each other in the press. Interesting timing, no?

Ch-ch-check out Twitter's response to these findings (below):

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Twitter Reacts To News Of Robert Mueller Impaneling A Grand Jury In Trump Investigation!

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Could this really be it??

If you haven't seen the news yet, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly impaneled a grand jury in his investigation into the Donald Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russia.

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That's one step closer to indictments for Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and maybe even Drumpf himself.

It could still take months for this to happen, but in the world of Twitter, it's a symbol of hope…

See the best reactions to the news (below)!

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Watch Attorney General Jeff Sessions Awkwardly Respond To Donald Trump Saying He Wished He Hadn't Appointed Him!

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How can a man be a leader when all he sees are enemies??

On Wednesday night, The New York Times published its most disturbing piece on Donald Trump yet — an interview with him.

The POTUS' take on being under investigation shows a terrifying lack of self awareness and accountability. And while that may not be new, Drumpf going after his own people is.

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In particular Trump revealed he's upset with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russia investigation after it came out he had lied in his confirmation hearings about having any contact with members of the Russian government (he had met twice with Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak).

The President said of the AG he appointed:

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Donald Trump Voters Are INSANE! And This New Poll Proves It!

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Wow. Just… yeah.

If you were curious just how much Donald Trump's supporters had become brainwashed, Public Policy Polling has the answer.

The week after Donald Trump Jr. himself released the email proof that he took a meeting with someone who wanted to give him damaging material on Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Russian government, a full 32% of Trump supporters say it didn't happen.

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Not that it wasn't as bad as the media is making out, not that it was justified — they're saying they don't even believe it fucking happened. The meeting Trump Jr. openly admitted to.

What will it take for these people to open their eyes? We mean, there's willful ignorance and then there's just flat-out denial!

81% still think no one on Trump's team worked with Russia to help his campaign. Not only that — more Trump supporters think

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Donald Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Claiming Barack Obama Was The One Who 'Colluded Or Obstructed' With Russia!

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Well, Donald Trump is once again trying to get the shitty smell of Russian collusion off his boots.

His tactic this time? To just throw a bunch of media buzzwords in a word blender and hope to somehow flip the Russia narrative on Barack Obama!

On Monday, the President tried to say his predecessor was actually the one who "colluded or obstructed" (take your pick, apparently) because he was aware that Russia had meddled in the election.

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With that, Trump seems to have devolved to a new level of stupidity.

In claiming that the Obama administration ignored Russian meddling because they expected Hillary Clinton to win, the only thing Trump actually accomplished was acknowledging a Russian interference he has REPEATEDLY denied ever happened!

Read the tweets for yourself (below) to see the Cuckoo in Chief expose his hand:

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Stephen Colbert Hypes His Upcoming 2020 Presidential Run — Wait, Really?!

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Will Donald Trump be forced to face off against Stephen Colbert for the Presidency come 2020??

It sure sounds like it — and Colbert is going to all of Trump's favorite places to get votes!!

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The Late Show host is in Russia right now, and on Friday night, during his highly publicized trip to the country, he made some statements about running for President of the United States that have everybody's eyebrows raised!

Appearing on Evening Urgant, a popular Russian late night show hosted by Ivan Urgant, Colbert said, in part, about possibly running for President in 2020 (below):

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Now Donald Trump Is Accusing Hillary Clinton Of Russian 'Dealings' & Obstruction Of Justice!

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Wow. Donald Trump should be the subject of a nature documentary.

"When backed into a corner, the adult male narcissist will lash out, often on Twitter, with wild accusations that draw the predator's attention away from his own investigation."

OK, yes, it sounds cray. But imagine it with narration by Morgan Freeman

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The POTUS' latest tactic to defend against the investigation into his obstruction of justice and possible financial crimes? Blame it all on Hillary Clinton, obvi.

He tweeted on Thursday:

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