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Are X Factor Producers STILL Nervous About Britney Spears During Live Shows?!

x factor producers concerned britney spears live shows time delay

Poor Britney Spears just cannot catch a break, can she?

The pop sensation has turned out to be a more than competent judge on this season of The X Factor, but despite proving her critics wrong, new reports are surfacing that claim that due to concern from the reality competition's producers regarding the upcoming live shows, they are requesting that FOX add an additional time delay to the already behind live feed!

As sources explain:

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Britney Spears' Parents Made Him "Depressed, Anxious, and Suicidal!" Says Sam Lufti

sam lufti claims jamie spears punched him lynne made him depressed

Sam Lufti recently took the stand in his libel and battery lawsuits against Lynne and Jamie Spears to assert that despite Britney Spears' increasingly erratic behavior during his time with the pop star - which ultimately led to her 2008 breakdown and subsequent conservatorship - he was NOT giving her drugs!

And now, as the case continued yesterday, he's claiming that the behavior of Brit Brit's parents really hurt his feelings — and his chest!

According to Lufti's testimony, despite being thrown out repeatedly by security, Jamie kept showing up at his daughter's house attempting to physically assault him!

He explains:

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Britney Spears On Trial: Sam Lufti Talks Alleged Drug Use!!


Oh BritBrit, we're sorry you ever met this snake of a man!!

Britney Spears' "ex-manager" Sam Lufti — Brit's camp is claiming he was never officially her manager — took the stand in his lawsuit against the popstar and her family Tuesday, and described Britney's alleged drug addiction he claims to have witnessed during their professional relationship 5 years ago.

Sam stated:

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Britney Spears On Trial: Sam Lufti Denies Feeding Popstar Adderall

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Britney Spears' so-called ex-manager Sam Lufti took the stand in his trial against BritBrit and her family today…

And in response to Brit's mother Lynne's accusations that Lufti used drugs to control her daughter, Sam claimed he NEVER fed Britney his prescribed Adderall pills during their professional relationship.

Sam has

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Britney Spears Gets A Break! Sam Lufti Was LYING About Shaving Her Head To Hide Drug Use!

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Ten points to GryffinSpears!

After Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lufti dropped some pretty craycray allegations against her, claiming she shaved her head to hide any evidence that she had been abusing drugs (specifically meth, as Lufti claims), it turns out he was lying all along.

Oh yes, Mz. BritBrit gets a break with this one because a video has surfaced from 2010 where Sam is seen casually talking about the infamous head-shaving incident, saying that he actually thought it was "cool" that she took off all her locks.

Not only does he not mention drugs AT ALL, but he goes on to say:

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Britney Spears' Lawyers Claiming Sam Lufti Pushed Drugs To Control Her?!

Filed under: DrugsBritney SpearsLegal Matters


Sweet legal justice!

Rumor has it Britney Spears' legal team are totally gonna f*ck up her ex 'manager' Sam Lufti, shark attack lawyer style!

Sam is suing the sassy country chitlin and her entire family for defamation and assault. The sketchy dude also claims Britney signed a contract making him her manager AND that BritBrit was using and squirreling away meth in her house! He's also saying that he just wanted to HELP, and tried rehabilitating Britney during the entire extent of their 'professional' relationship.

Of course, BritBrit's lawyers are calling BULLSH*T on Lufti, pointing out that IF Britney really was on so many drugs, how could she have been legally fit to sign a contract?! And why would Lufti wish to enter into a business deal with someone riding the meth dragon to wonderland?!

The lawyers will also reportedly allege that Sam was the one feeding drugs

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Britney Spears To BUST Courtney Love In Court!

Britney Spears' To BUST Courtney Love In Court!

Has Sam "Osama" Lufti brainwashed another famous blonde?!

Defending Sam and talking trash about Britney Spears' upcoming court case on Twitter has earned Courtney Love a one-way ticket to the courtroom!

According to sources, Brit Brit's lawyers insist on questioning Osama's client / lover about her bitter tweets against the poppy princess.

In one of her Brit-hatting twitter rants the rocker shared her opinion on whether Spears should be forced to take the stand during Sam's libel trial, writing:

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