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Same-Sex Penguin Couple To Be Split Up At Zoo

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Buddy and Pedro may seem an unlikely match, seeing as they're both male penguins, but they've formed a strong bond anyway.

They even perform mating rituals with each other and sleep together at night.

The problem is that they also happen to be part of an endangered species.

So to ensure the survival of their species, they will be split up and placed with females to mate with.

So even though it's sad, we do understand the importance of keeping these beautiful birds alive and on our planet.

Check out the above video to learn more about the penguins.

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DWTS Execs Considered Pairing Carson Kressley With A Male Partner

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It would have been awesome if they went ahead and did that.

Dancing with the Stars execs said they considered pairing openly-gay Carson Kressley with a male dance partner. But instead,

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Dear Cambridge, MA…This ROCKS!

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This is wonderful!

In Massachusetts, some same-sex couples have to pay a federal income tax that heterosexual married couples aren't subject to, but the city of Cambridge is doing something about it!

Public workers in Cambridge who put same-sex spouses on employer-provided health plans have been forced to pay an unfair tax on the coverage that can cost them $1,500 to $3,000 a year, but the city is going to pay these workers a stipend to offset the tax!

Here's what a city councilor for Cambridge had to say about it:

"Two people who do the exact same job should be paid exactly the same for what they are doing at work."

More from another city councilor:

"This is a city that models what equality really means."

Thank you, Cambridge! Yet another fantastic step in the right direction!


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Hawaii Legalizes Same-Sex Civil Unions!

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Another massive step in the right direction!

Neil Abercrombie, the governor Hawaii, made history yesterday when he approved a measure to legalize same-sex civil unions in the state - the seventh state in the country to do so and the first bill signing of his career!

He explains:

"For me, this bill represents equal rights for everyone in Hawaii — everyone who comes here. This is, to me, the essence of the aloha spirit."

Rep. Blake Oshiro elaborates:

"I think it's amazing that we've joined a small, but ever-growing group of states that are recognizing equality. I'm proud that we've taken that major step forward."

Although it's not marriage, the new law allows same-sex couples the legal status with all of the rights and benefits of one!

Equality Hawaii's co-chairman, Alan Spector, says:

"Civil unions are not marriage, but they at least provide — on a state level — the concrete, tangible, legal rights and responsibilities of marriage. We still don't have the social significance and the social meaning of marriage … but getting us to civil unions — psychologically and legally — is such a major barrier to cross."

Exactly! We think Lady GaGa says it best: You're on the right track, baby!

Congratulations, Hawaii! Your residents should be very proud!

Equality for ALL!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Zach Wahls Talks About His Iowa Speech On Ellen

We love this guy!

Zach Wahls, the inspirational 19-year-old college student who delivered a powerful speech on behalf of same-sex marriage to Iowa's House of Representatives before they approved a constitutional ammendment to ban it, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a personal thank you on her behalf.

He talks with Ellen about his experience preparing, giving, and the reaction to his AMAZING speech on behalf of equality for every Iowa citizen!

We hope Zach gets up to the podium again sometime soon because he is a fantastic speaker with a heart of gold!

This man is our hero and we hope his words affected others as much as they affected us.

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